Humanity and planet earth.


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Humanity birth-rights now under attack. by the NWO?UN?WEF

Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments

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The Matrix reality and the Alien war on Earth/the Spiritual War

Because of the free will of earthlings that aliens are forced to respect, the real war between aliens on Earth is actually a spiritual war that happens inside the hearts and minds of each Neutral individual living on Earth. Everything else is just a consequence of this fact. Aliens do not recognize the structure of power on Earth, so that each human being is important: each heart, each mind. It is the will of each one of the inhabitants of the Earth that represents Earth’s will in order to define which of the sides Earth will join: Nirvana or Dragonia.

The choices that each human being living on Earth makes in his or her ordinary life are the core of a matrix reality that shapes happenings produced by characters and that generates strong reverberations into the Backstage reality, including the physical war between Nirvana and Dragonia, with alien guns and alien technology. By exploring the dichotomies that are present in the terrestrial tribes (concepts like right and wrong, rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, famous and anonymous, giving versus receiving, gaining versus losing, success versus failure, sex versus true love, among others), the characters of the aliens on Earth involved in this Cosmic War – either the Confederates or the Consortium of Animals – induce each one of the inhabitants of the Earth to “lose his or her soul”, so as to accelerate the process of defining which one of these alien sides each one of terrestrials prefers, in order to establish an open and definitive contact with Earth in the near future.

For aliens, nothing is intrinsically right or wrong. It depends on the heart and on the beliefs of the person. You cannot lie to the aliens of Nirvana: you can only lie to yourself. This process of accelerating the spiritual choices of Neutral persons is gradual and customized for each Neutral individual.

It is a process that evolves slowly from city to city, from region to region, from terrestrial tribe to terrestrial tribe, till all the Earth is taken by this “spiritual hurricane”. It is actually a Quiet Revolution that evolved simultaneously in several fronts: the Alien Quiet Revolution. The alien influence is carried out secretly in the ordinary lives of everyone: it is present through the performances of characters that are workmates, relatives, friends, classmates, boyfriends or girlfriends, even wives or husbands, of the targeted persons.

The manipulation is so big and so tremendous that virtually nobody is able to survive a situation like this without losing his or her soul.
The key point is that nobody remains a Neutral person after losing his or her soul: indeed, the person makes a choice between one of these alien sides – an involuntary choice, without having previous knowledge of the alien reality on Earth.

After choosing between Nirvana or Dragonia, the former Neutral is no longer considered a Neutral: it is now a member of one of these alien groups.


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US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious


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US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious

US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious
US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious
US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious
US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious

US and China collaborate on making bird flu strains more infectious©Getty Images / USDA

The U.S. government is spending $1million of American taxpayer money to fund gain-of-function experiments on dangerous bird flu viruses in collaboration with Chinese scientists. The research involves infecting ducks and geese with different strains to make them more transmissible and infectious, and study the viruses’ potential to ‘jump into mammalian hosts,’ according to the research documents.

Generally speaking, those ones who regret what they did involuntarily join the aliens of Nirvana. They are taken by surprise, have their brains unexpectedly operated and receive within their minds what is called an alien crystal.

On the other side, those ones who do not regret what they did are generally attracted by the characters of the alien lizards of Dragonia to one of Dragonia’s alien bases on Earth, where they receive one or more alien implants within their bodies.

The new members of Nirvana – now with their alien crystals – receive then a character guideline: they learn how to pretend hypocrisy and at the same time spiritualize themselves out there in the Backstage reality.

The remaining Neutral persons cannot suspect about what is going on until it is their time to lose their souls and choose between the alien sides. After all, their free will must be preserved.
Therefore they can only talk about the reality of the alien presence on Earth in a disguised manner. Everything has to be deliberately reduced into symbolisms, archetypes or small compartments of reality: songs’ lyrics, movies, everything – even propaganda.

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