Many of our natural and fundamental rights including Freewill are not being respected by governments.

The killing fields, part 2

Document of 1954 proves the planning of a genocide by the deep State/Cabal and others.

Freemasons and the govern of our reality

Link explains a lot about what is happening her and now and the role of the free masons. ( Video/symbols)

Humberto Sandoval

ongeveer een uur geleden

Dr. Steven Greer It’s happening again and I got it on film… PREPARE NOW!

Interface with directed though and influences and quanta and field consciousness. Click for link with information here!


The earth and the increase of the DR Schuman frequency, now taking place.

Your bodies are between two realities, one part of you is still bound to the 3D Third Dimension and the other is reaching for the 5D Fifth Dimension realms and higher.

Many of you no longer wish to be in the illusion of a holographic reality that was created eons ago. A part of humanity continues to believe that what they see around them is real and they trust the imposters who have stolen their wealth and freedom.

Darkness has deliberately created a money system to control every aspect of everyone’s life. Your governments no longer exist, they have been collapsing for some time.

The world system is organized by holographic images that have no truth or substance.

People are so worried about their lives and worries that they don’t even realize that they make believe the reality around them.Remember that no one will marry you

during these changes unless

you will engage in the process by listening

of his soul through the silence which you achieve by meditating.

Millions of people are struggling to understand their true identity, that they are more than the human body, and by eating meat they continue to consume the consciousness of the animal kingdom and the ocean kingdom.

Your world was made like a movie and everyone is so distracted and follows the written script without questioning it.

Now is the time to look around and see everything as it appears without the cover.

The information you read or listen to is completely false unless it comes from reputable sources, only some of which represent the truth. Your number one task is to stay in the high frequencies if you want to survive this transition and move into high density, otherwise you will be transferred to a Third Dimensional 3D planet similar to Mother Gaia. Nothing and no one can stop what is coming in the near future.

Details cannot be disclosed at this time and a small group of Galactic Light Forces are aware of the coming events.

Darkness is about to disappear from the earth. The desperation of the Dark Souls will not save them from their inevitable extinction.

Each episode you are experiencing now is not an accident, it is a process of cleansing from the impurities collected from the holographic reality. Please be strong and focus on the present.

My team and I are ready to meet everyone after stepping into New Earth.

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#TheGreatFreeSet is an opportunity to set ourselves free by truly knowing the freedom and rights that come with being human.

But aren’t we already free?

We’re not as free as we think.

Many of our natural and fundamental rights are not being respected by governments.

Nor are we being respected by unelected, unaccountable international organisations, corporations and private stakeholders to whom more undue power is being handed every day. 

At the same time, our behaviour is being influenced in a sophisticated manner via the information we receive, posing questions as to who controls what we do. 

The Great FreeSet aims to reclaim our freedoms and powers that are being violated without us even noticing.

The Great FreeSet is a joint project of the World Council for Health and Children’s Health Defense.

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Our freedom is under attack

Our rights are being disrespected and encroached on in front of our eyes.

Government ‘by the people and for the people’ via elected representatives is mutating into government by and for unelected, unaccountable special interests.

Some examples of these are:

Loss of Privacy

The right to privacy is an essential pillar of democratic systems. However, digital giants are cynically mining and sharing our personal information removing the safety of privacy. They treat fines with contempt.

Multinationals Dominate

Multinationals achieve their power by exploiting people, buying influence and destroying the environment. They squeeze out smaller businesses making it harder for people to earn a living.

Food Being Tampered With

Profit-orientated international corporations and other private stakeholders use toxic additives and pesticides which make people sick. They also aim to achieve full control over the food supply by introducing harmful, biotechnologically manipulated GM foods and patenting seeds. Also fluoride is added to water despite evidence of harm.

Free Speech Silenced

Legitimate science, the flow of information and political free debate are being stifled with the assistance of big tech algorithms. 

Potentially Harmful Tech Imposed

Satellites and electromagnetic technologies (5G+) are being installed widely without our consent and disregarding international scientists who have called for a moratorium.

Political representatives appear unable and unwilling to act!

Power Grabs are all around

Right now, we need to be vigilant to unelected multinational organisations who are hastily crafting treaties and agreements to snatch powers away from individual countries.  Their unelected and unaccountable executives seem to favour their commercial and political allies rather than the general public.

These alarming pacts rapidly erode many of our fundamental rights that unquestionably should be held by nations and accountable by us, the public.

 We are never consulted and our political leaders appear complicit or too weak to resist this unrelenting power grab.

World Health Warning

A particularly disturbing development is how the World Health Organisation is trying to seize nations’ powers on matters of our health. 

Most concerning are proposed changes to the International Health Regulations (IHR) and the WHO Pandemic Treaty/Accord.

These amendments will grant the right by unelected executives at WHO to declare a health emergency. They would have the power to force health policies onto individual states –  suppressing any objections the country and its people might have.

WHO will demand that countries impose medicines and other health measures regardless of whether they are safe or even suitable for that nation or its individuals. Compliance would be enforced through an intrusive digital surveillance network.

Our freedom of choice is being stripped away by unaccountable people and organisations. 

We seriously question if the WHO is acting for our benefit.

National interests tied to corporations and private stakeholders, such as the Gates Foundation, provide the bulk of funding and dictate how 80% of the WHO’s budget must be spent.

This results in money being directed back to those special interest groups. This does not benefit the health of people worldwide.  In fact, it harms us. 

Find out more on the links at the bottom of the page

Are we powerless to do anything about all of this?

Absolutely Not!!

We can fix this together!

The Great FreeSet is a people-powered movement with lots of simple and practical ideas to help us say ‘no’ to these power grabs. The Great FreeSet also offers a vision of a world that is better for our physical and mental health and for our families and communities.

Turn a bitter world into a better world.

Join The Great FreeSet Today

When you subscribe, we will send you a fortnightly series emails with practical tips of how you can make a positive change in small ways and larger ways. 

You can even take on some of the challenge ideas!


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Small steps to re-take big freedoms

As with any change, it takes many small steps to make large gains.

Let’s put one foot in front of the other, join with others and together we can protect our rights, our health, the natural environment and ensure that our children live in a free and better world.

What you can do now

1. Subscribe to our free mailing list

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2. Shop locally, support your community

Wherever possible, shop locally and try to avoid the retailing giants whose ethics are questionable.

3. Use cash, reduce digital profiling

If you shop locally with cash you are starting to make a difference to yours and others’ lives.

4. Switch off your phone (or leave at home)

The less you use your mobile phone, the less you are exposed to mental and physical harms. Start by switching off for an hour once a week and find yourself refreshed!

And lots more suggestions when you subscribe

So, what’s in the name?

#TheGreatFreeset is our constructive reaction to the worrying implications of ‘The Great Reset‘, a wide-reaching global plan announced in 2020 by the World Economic Forum.

WEF’s stated intention is to ‘re-form’ and ‘rebuild’ the world following the disruption of Covid. Many of its plans have provoked deep rooted concerns of how even more powers and rights will be siphoned off to corporations, international bodies and wealthy and powerful individuals.

#TheGreatFreeset, is a wholly positive response to this to assert our powers and rights and prevent them being stolen. Most of all, we are campaigning to keep our freedom.


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The Great FreeSet is a joint project of the World Council for Health and Children’s Health Defense.

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