Hidden Reptilians and others.

Golems stat Aliens, a mix-up

What many people think are ‘aliens’ or ‘extra terrestrials’ are actually something called a golem. A golem is a man made physical form that dark magicians can ensoul with a demonic entity, or an entity from the lower planes.

These creatures have always been created in the dark arts and what we are seeing today with physical ‘aliens’ is just a more institutionalized, sophisticated and scientific expansion of this basic practice.

Thus many of the the physical beings that are seen in abduction cases are not aliens, they’re man made golems being marketed as extra-terrestrials. This is also why many ‘aliens’ appear to have robotic parts — they’re clearly man made ‘things’.

Crypto Terrestrials and Atlantis

Other physical entities that appear in alien lore are actually connected to the earth and would be considered crypto-terrestrials. These are also physical beings that are from a different epoch of the earth, such as the Atlantean.

They look strange because they are essentially devolved humans, or even chimeras from a prior earthly epoch. When we understand Atlantis and what happened after the cataclysms we will understand what many people currently call ‘aliens’.

The reality that many people do not recognize the prior epochs of the earth, and what occurred in those periods, is why we are so confused on this topic. We lazily call any strange being, physical or non-physical, an alien. Everything is an extra-terrestrial today at the expense of any meaningful esoteric examination.


Entities that are inter-dimensional, or appear and disappear at will, are spiritual entities. These beings are not ‘aliens’ and are divided into two basic kinds: Beings from within the angelic hierarchies, or heavenly realms, and beings that are within the abyss, or hell realm.

These spiritual beings have been observed as long as we have had records. They are not new and we already have many esoteric systems to identify them and categorize them. There is no point in reinventing the wheel here.

Important; Higher Beings Don’t Use Technology it is a trap?

Higher spiritual forces, like angels or spiritual masters, do not need to use technology to manifest or perform any task. They have mastered the material plane and can influence the material level of reality with their mind. They even have some mastership of time, depending on their level of integration/initiation.

On the other hand lower beings do need to use technology as they have no mastership over the material plane and need to use external means to create an effect. They are, in fact, trapped in materiality and try to use technology to escape the material level of existence. The obsessions with power/greed.

They depend on technology and technology is a prominent way of asserting their influence. Clearly there is a possessed aspect within society that also adheres to seeing technology as the source of power, evolution and liberation. As above so below.


The conflation of spiritual beings as extra-terrestrial is an attempt to glorify lower, demonic beings by making them seem as through they are foreign rather than fallen. It is also an attempt to spiritualize technology rather than have humanity turn towards the transcendence of the material plane through inner development.

Here is the link to the video/information about what has been going on!

Organizing the guardians to protect the people excess power and greed. To protect freewill

for freedom and against abuse. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=saved&v=270650462453887

This is all so true and I wish We had more fine minds like this Man in every Country, Especially Australia where I live and suffer, under our present political parties! Peace

So my almost 2 year old, River Amrita (river of immortality) who does not usually have access to my iPad or Facebook somehow found her way to this post and started commenting

Have no idea how she would get here except destiny synchronicity

I noticed it had 144 shared

I think the most powerful part. The part that made me cry was that we are Earth. This concept that humans are the embodiment of the Sun. I needed to hear this because this time period has been very oppressive. Scientism has deluded me as an engineer but we have to find common ground between science and spirituality and move towards progress.

You’ve heard of them. You know, the lizard people…the reptilians. The ones with the tricky eyes that run the illuminati and feed on your energy. Yeah, them. Well, we’re gonna talk about ’em. While this topic is controversial, it embodies strong narratives that are at the heart of a manipulative spiritual mythos that claims humans are not the direct embodiment of Gaia and evolved through the hybridization program of alien gods. Time Stamps 0:00 Intro 0:23 Start (Audience Question) 1:16 Lemuria as both a civilization and stage of development 8:05 Human Regression and divergency 11:27 The end of the Lemurian Epoch and the formation of the ape 21:00 Hybridization propaganda and indoctrination 24:22 Our current epochs devolution (transhumanism & gene modification) 29:50 What are the reptilians (classical understanding) 33:35 Where did the reptilian concept come from? 34:53 “The Pleiadian Agenda” (New Age channeling) vs. esoteric science of cosmos 39:25 David Icke and the narrative today 41:05 How do reptilians (lower astral entities) attach and why? 50:55 The conflation of the reptilian idea with sacred symbols 1:11:00 The New Age Galactic lie, the removal of sovereignty and spiritual materialism 1:20:25 Why do ET’s lie about our origins? Are reptilians really a chimera created during Atlantis? 1:26:35 The balance of psychic work: Knowledge (objective) and Creativity (subjective). 1:29:54 Summary/ Conclusion My Links ☾ → WEBSITE: http://gigiyoung.com → INSTAGRAM: @gigi_young → FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/gigiyoungdotcom → TWITTER: @mysticinthemoon → TELEGRAM https://t.me/realgigiyoung → COURSES: https://gigiyoung.com/courses → NEWSLETTER: https://gigiyoung.com/newsletter → DONATE: https://gigiyoung.com/donate ———————————————————————— Support my work and get exclusive content, discounts, forums and live Q&A’ by becoming a premium member —https://gigiyoung.com/premium/ 


You’ve heard of them. You know, the lizard people…the reptilians. The ones with the tricky eyes that run the illuminati and feed on your energy. Yeah, them. Well, we’re gonna talk about ’em. While this topic is controversial, it embodies strong narratives that are at the heart of a manipulative spiritual mythos that claims humans are not the direct embodiment of Gaia and evolved through the hybridization program of alien gods.

0:23 Start (Audience Question)

1:16 Lemuria as both a civilization and stage of development

8:05 Human Regression and divergency

11:27 The end of the Lemurian Epoch and the formation of the ape

Minder weergeven

enjoyed very much this videos. It will create thought processes to connect seemingly un-related knowledge. I have a question lingering. When a decaying time line of evolution is created such as you discussed. Does it decay to non-existence as it experienced by the natural evolution timeline, as it vibrates quite differently and at some point become imperceptible ? It seems that while the organic evolution marches on, the regressive or decaying time line it self evolves as well. It seems that the bifucation of both is vibratory rather disappearance or non-existence. So as souls pass throught experiences of evolution, at some point they will encounter these regressive vibrations and need to learn how to overcome them. They are of our own creation, but a necessary inates experiences needed to fully evolve when encountered. So leads me to wonder that although the decaying time line is always present and evolving on its own path and never fully disappear unless negated by for example a washing by a galactic pure central sun energy.

Well explained and consciously articulated, we are the conscious creator every step of the way literally, we are this life force! WE ARE THE LIFE FORCE PULSE ITSELF ! And yes we are creating our own propaganda which is a major lesson/understanding in itself to see for ourselves through projected thought.. distracting ourselves with all this (all these side stories and ideas!) Thank you, Gigi Young

Shape shifting:

Things are making more and more sense. Sounds like the lower astral / Eighth Sphere is full of lies and disinformation. Certainly anything seen there to be taken with a pinch of salt (or perhaps a circle of it).

Evolution and devolution makes sense to me too. Certain divergent species existing for a period almost like an oxbow lake, removed from source and with no viable path of progression. Much like ‘the greys’ transhumanist path. Until they finally attempt to rejoin the evolutionary flow with abduction, genetic splicing or hybridization. The key message here for me was trust nothing in the lower astral / etheric. That makes sense. I trust no-one these days anyway. Fascinating talk. Indebted for your insight.

As I understand it, Crowley was a coke-head. Quite whether or not he was Barbara Bush’s father remains to be seen but there’s an amazing resemblance.

I keep on learning tons about myself with your videos… Not to mention the help solving the confusion imparted from years of researching into the UFO.

As the saying goes. “So much information but so little wisdom…”

Had a close encounter with a UFO at a early age. This was a blue pill moment. Since then it became evident that the accepted model of reality was and still is grossly incomplete.

Watching this video I realize that the situation is even more complex. If parasitic interdimensional are in deed taking advantage of our ignorance. This is serios and hard topic to address. Materialism been the key tool for them to hide…

We are not in a position to plan ahead for our evolution timeline and blueprint at this point of time and eras, when must remember as most important to our present conditions ,being we are in survival mode, and at verge of extinction, and cant possibly deny the interventions made on our civilization by the other more technologically advanced ,shall we say conquerors/intruders, and the reasons to explain their take over on our higher political and administrative ruling structures ,has gone through via convincing these entities, and promising them with the survival of human race ,and their ruling power, once they are supported and backed up by these invader’s advanced technologies, and if they were not convincing enough they couldn’t possibly infiltrate into our human community, this could also include the repeated cyclic natural extinction threats, with advanced technology and the AI as possible existing savior, mechanisms, even if it is to be at the cost of the big proportion of humankind suffering.

And it also could be the case that these higher entities may indeed have direct roles in influencing the natural cataclysmic events themselves, using their advanced technologies as a control mechanisms for the implementations of their own agendas, as well.

Seemingly we as a just beginners evolving species living also within the so called the 8th sphere or matrix, along side with a group of remanences of reptiles also caught on the middle of another kind of authentic cleansing war, in between the galactic federation and the reptiles, believed to have been living among us and with us on the surface as well as beneath the ground level for many millennia in a cooperative ,none conflicting manner, it is also believed the so called advanced AI is suspected to not to survive and shut down and fail once subjected to some kind of an abrupt natural cataclysmic event, and hence cant be considered to serve as a reliable resilient sustainable savior technology to support human survival.

Link to video

And having said all the above may be as our best remaining chance could evolve the application of the ancient civilization’s technologies as our best and most reliable at least in the short term, but apparently not taken seriously ,and not taken any actions to restore these remanence’s of ancient structures, and similar approaches as yet, and hence

The most probable prospective endgame can be portraited to lead human futuristic civilization to consist of the two different levels, one of highly advanced resumed at a higher realm, of shall we say 5 th dimension, and another at lower realm of 3rd dimension at a much lower level of technological advancements, may be having to restore the ancient technologies as well, as helping means for their, survival , something alike what the Elysium movie tries to portrait, and all that shall also depend on the level of destruction and pollution on the surface of the earth ,associated with a possible horrifying nuclear war, or a very abrupt cataclysm event which may make earth highly none habitable and difficult to survive environment .for a long time ahead, either way human race survivals will be highly threatened and endangered ,in so many ways.

Avoiding a nuclear war could be one the best approaches to minimize the above complications, and off course a nuclear disarmament, can serve humanity as best approach by reducing alien interventions ,concerns and threats, excuses etc. which also can provide new prospective in obtaining alien advanced technologies help to put behind the abrupt cataclysmic events ,impacts on our existing civilization and hence preventing it from a total extinction scenario taking place right friends?

interdimensional beings living of humans connecting and see

or timeline astral when intelligence or entity got trap there and diversity a sfere. Devolution time line to stop us involving

Video please click link here;

The Reptilian Agenda underground Citys were they are Clone us! WATCH NOW BEFORE THEY TAKE it Down!! Full Decode on TommyTruthful.com The links in my BIO. #reptilianshapeshifters #vril #aliensaredemons #alienabduction #rakka #asabovesobelow #paranormal #aliev

I think in Lumera women ruled I have read something similar with this story the men were more or less there slaves! I can’t remember the whole story but some how the cooked up a story to make the women fearful men being stronger in physical strength! That’s when they took over the faith and brought Satan into it Lucifer the God of lust! Like in Wonder Woman when the pilot ended up in there world who was he fighting against the Nazi evil scientist! Can’t remember her name had that mask on her face screwed up face


Aliens and planet Earth

Ashtar Sharon gfl W Asar Sharon & New Earth.


Carbon dioxide and Health

If our selected leaders would be more careful in choosing their words, life would more be like heaven.

Religions, The State/Media and humanity.

Remote viewing and Alien interventions on planet earth

Ancient origin.

Baba Vanga and the predictions for Europe/West.


Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

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War on the people

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Enemies of humanity.

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