Use of symbols?

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Really its got everything to do with the Last book of the Bible the book of revelation,

because its Christ Jesus who is speaking to the Apostle John and he gives revelation of what is going to happen before Jesus comes and that includes the Antichrist and the tribulation and what happens at the end

The antichrist will come from obscurity and will not regard the desire of women….which is children! He won’t have children.

He will probably be sexually perverted such as bi or homosexual but may still be married. He rises out of EU not America or Hawaii or Middle East. He is a prince not a king. He is a military leader. Charles is not. The calculation of his name is 666 which to calculate has roots which refers to electoral votes. He will be called the Assyrian because of ties there as well.

Bible is clear he comes from Rome or a revised Roman Empire which was mortally injured but will rise again….perhaps the deadly wound. Obama is antichrist so is Trump because they are polytheistic and serve other gods and idols.

There have been already many attempts to reduce/genocide by the NWO & Alien connect and did fail so far. Unfortunately getting closer all the time.


Time for battle America 🇺🇸, stand up strong now or bow to your master later!

Med Care, alien development and offer!

f moon is the artificial satellite than through which die or mould or pattern it is almost round in shape? Who is controlling the Gravitational pull of man? And who predicted the locus of moon? Why it is revolving ? I think a question is there in our minds that if our Beloved God has given equal powers to us than how can we come to know about that some power is also above us through which we have originated or gained power? In indian mythology moon is ” brother of sun God” I think. Can artificial things gain energy in the way that the process does not seem to our eyes? If we somehow in future know this than also we will never ever come to know the origin of energy. There is energy behind energy behind energy …. that is responsible for production of energy and process goes on infinitely.One clear example of such energy phenomenon is our brain because when we learn something our whole memory gets activated in storing it but after sometime we feel that we can learn even more and more.How this is possible even supercomputers have memory limits in terms of bytes and our brain does not have any kind of integrated chips installed inside it than how more and more data is stored in our brains without any headaches or problem but data needs some moments to get stored in our brain but where the data goes in our brain? Does Neuralink have an answer to such questions? I think these questions should be raised again Neuralink Scientists and other similar agencies for research including moon and our solar system and cosmos universe to get a better approach.

I already knew that by the Moon’s orbit alone.. also the side facing us has over 90% of its creators. So tell me how she protects us from meteors. Those creators very well may be battle scares

We are multi dimensional thank to our Pineal gland. Main problem it is being calcinated using chemicals including meditation.

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The Redefining of Human Origins The redefining of the human origin story is one of the most dangerous aspects of the New Age and Ufology. In the past we recognized that humanity was a direct microcosm of the macrocosm, a direct embodiment of God and the cosmos. In the esoteric traditions this fundamental understanding was elaborated on to precise degrees. Rituals were created around the different developmental phases of the human being to integrate them and understand the future recapitulations of the basic stages of our early existence. Thus the intricate details of Man’s materialization and metamorphosis from epoch to epoch was clearly outlined and discussed. Not only that, the earths transformation from Spirit to matter, and its rise to Spirit again, was the tenet of all major traditions. Religions emerged specifically to guide humanity through this process of transformation. Today we see that entire teaching lost. Pushed aside by the Alien God Juggernaut that claims that humanity was created as slaves by distant alien gods. After millions of dollars, and decades of aggressive marketing, a new science of creation has now emerged, and the alien god cult takes center stage. Little by little, like a cancer, the true esoteric meaning of spiritual texts was deformed to serve this bizarre materialist ideology. Today many people believe that genetic modification is now the origin of humanity. They believe alien beings are responsible for every megalith, every impressive technological development and every advancement in culture. In worst cases, every planetary body is somehow the workings of alien creator beings and genetic farmers. As a result, all power is drawn outside of humanity to these alien beings who, of course, are one day set to return and lead humanity through their next upgrade. Perhaps the darkest element of this narrative is the long term consequence of redefining human origins as a genetic experiment, which is that if we believe we began as a genetically modified species, we accept the reality that we ultimately must evolve through modifications, or even ‘correct breeding’. Obviously genetic modification and transhumanism become the mechanism for evolution. As a result, the manipulation of the form, and the qualities of ones physicality, become the center of religion, and eventually politics. The glaring problem is that in the Alien God Paradigm the impulse of human metamorphosis no longer stems from the internal ‘I’, or the Christ Force, it stems from external changes to the form. The form itself is no longer sacred and meaningful in its own right. It is not something we honour and harmonize with as an expression of God and ultimately a gift from God, it is something that needs to be constantly upgraded through genetic engineering and computer parts. 

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Weather collapse/manipulation

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88mph Gematria & Easter Sunday Linked to Twin Eclipses, A.I , Texas Super Collider, Seal of Satan

Adrenochrome, Freemasonry and MK-ULTRA (Documentary)…/adrenochrome-freemasonry-and…/

Elon Musk, X, and the Epitome of a Front Man

Disney is freemasonry

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Is the spiritual origin myth of the secret society behind the Third Reich present in Ufology and the New Age?

Doubting Thomas here – what is the literal evidence for the existence of Ms Orsicz and after that what is the reported evidence of her channelings.

I have never heard or seen any supportive evidence of her, or her other long haired sisters nor written reports of vril/thule seances

Where does one look for actual evidence?

It’s their agenda to deceive, divide and destroy America. But GOD has already beaten them and all of their evil plans. They will all pay, some with their lives even. They will loose all of their wealth, health and freedom that they are trying to do to us. As the Bible teaches us they will have to restore everything times 7 for the things that they have stolen. GOD IS moving HIS MIGHTY HAND and there’s going to be a shaking that the world has never seen before. Everything that can b shaken wil be! The earth will shake, governments will be shaken and some will be destroyed. GOD IS Pouring out HIS HOLY SPIRIT upon HIS CHOSEN CHILDREN for HE created us for a time just like this!!! We will be transformed and be filled with the HOLY GHOST so we can go forth and spread HIS WORD of LOVE, FORGIVENESS and MERCY unto the world as it’s written in the Bible of the last days. Once everyone knows who GOD is JESUS WILL RETURN and take us unto HIM to the RIGHT HAND of GOD in HEAVEN. Then the tribulations will begin to unfold as it’s written in the Bible. I pray that you decide that you want JESUS to write your name in the book of Life and join me on that day!

What is going on/who is behind it, most is already documented in a book Agenda 21.

The take-over by the power hungry and greedy one who claim that they are going to save planet earth. Take away almost anything to choice, only the bare minimal in 15 minutes ghetto’s isolated from nature and all communication AI controlled / all communication manipulated and censorship. No real right freedom or so-called freewill which is our birthright. ( Main party being the UN and backed up by global elites and the cabal (Important part formed by the banks).

No matter the name, the goal remains to depopulate earth by 90%. On the way to realizing that goal, we all become slaves to be used by them. Some for breeding (genetic engineering), some for spare organs, and some for “sport”.I leave the rest for others to discover since their agendas are available online for those who care to read them.

i think i will trust your words,for the simple fact you said look to the creator,ask him for guidance,not me, not any human,you are so correct,we are all fallen,it`s in our human condition,it just is,nothing but the lofd can change that….thanx glen ,great post as always..

Fits right in to my nightmare that our meals will be delivered daily based on yearly or so Medicals. We had no kitchen because all utensil’s and dishes are returned when your next delivery arrives. No refrigerator, microwave, stove/range top, BBQ grill or sink because they are not needed. Every meal is proportioned and picked for you. There was no goodies if any kid, no Ali, no cigarettes or cigars, no condiments including salt or sugar ti add to your meals. Every meal proportioned and picked for you including your drink. I also dreamed that showering was controlled as to how often and how long you could take one with all your personal hygiene products given to you and controlled including those for menstrual cycles and toilet paper. Basically we were totally controlled like living robots. They did it by again by delivering your meals and everything electric in your home, gadgets in your home recording both video and voice (including your bedroom and bathroom-no privacy) and digital only currency. Very easy to control by shutting off your power, denying you funds or a combination of both.

Again we are ti be living robots and obey their every command.

By the way I had this nightmare 20 years ago.

God also quickened this Scripture to me, so I began to fill my mouth with praise like an actual language. I woke up praising, I praise throughout the day, and even when I wake up at night I praise the Lord. The Bible says that God lives in my praises. He is Light and as I praise Him, His Light comes down, surrounds me like a force field, and drives the demons of heaviness away. The more I praise the further the demons are kept away from me. Praise also keeps our focus on what God has already done, what He has already brought us through. I wrap my prayer requests in praise like it tells us to in Philippians and the peace that surpasses all understanding protects my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. They can’t get through the Light.

Flesh born rebellious

Every what comes in words is from a demon

God also quickened this Scripture to me, so I began to fill my mouth with praise like an actual language. I woke up praising, I praise throughout the day, and even when I wake up at night I praise the Lord. The Bible says that God lives in my praises. He is Light and as I praise Him, His Light comes down, surrounds me like a force field, and drives the demons of heaviness away. The more I praise the further the demons are kept away from me. Praise also keeps our focus on what God has already done, what He has already brought us through. I wrap my prayer requests in praise like it tells us to in Philippians and the peace that surpasses all understanding protects my heart and mind in Christ Jesus. They can’t get through the Light.

Michio Kaku BREAKS DOWN Into Tears They Lied To Us For 92 Years!

You all Q say. Herd. Q say the promp speaker say. .( C.M.B. ) now you know. Why. Q. South. C.M.B. family. Lil Wayne we shine like that we space traveles. 24Millions years even more we Melionites.

Kan een afbeelding zijn van tekst

Jacob Omar

while non of these are actual footage but computer generated imagery yet masses will be amazed by all the fake things they’ve been shown starting from Buran to Nasa and now even India and Saudi etc are all claiming to be sending their own guys to space and just show you whatever they like and tell you its Mars & Moon

Ukraine has publicly revealed its new sea drone for the first time as it seeks to limit Russia’s operations in the Black Sea. 

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Iff I was the deep state,

Cast to full file click for video here.

The reason why they are trying to fake a alien invasion and what to expect afterwards! All will be revealed

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Use science and technology

Bombshell Study Finds 74% of COVID Vaccine Autopsy Deaths Caused by Vaccine, Censored by Lancet After analyzing 325 autopsy cases, “A total of 240 deaths, which is 73.9%, were independently adjudicated as directly due to or significantly contributed to by COVID-19 vaccination.” BUT…..I’m sure FB fake checkers will find this false…

free energy

  • Wayne Spencethey have free clean energy for decades .but money is more important3
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  • Elizabeth BennetNot the best voice for this. I got stuck on the very first few seconds. Is there a God? IMHO there is a Creative Energy (electro-magnetic energy) running through everything and everyone we know, including the rest of the Universe/Multiverse. Is there something more? I believe there has to be, but none of us know what it is. Most of the so-called facts of the various religions are gleaned from mythology from all over the globe that is far older than we think. Did something. or someone, come from ‘out there’ to create us? It may well be, but there must have been raw material to work with. So are we a hybrid? Possibly. Did we confuse the ‘leader’ of these beings with a god because they were so much more advanced than we were? Somewhat like the South American tribes when the Spanish first arrived on their shores? Quite possibly. We westerners are so arrogantly chuffed with ourselves and ‘being created in the image of God’ that we have returned the favour and ‘created him in our own image’. As long as we keep ignoring the few ‘facts’ we have we will miss the mark every time. IMHO it is time for Religion and Quantum Physics to speak to each AND listen to one another, or we may never know the truth.

After the start of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, Western countries unleashed unprecedented sanctions, diplomatic and information warfare. ‘It was part of their policy of using Ukraine as a vehicle to weaken Russia. So this is what they wanted to happen,’ believes US military expert Scott Ritter. Find out what ‘hybrid warfare’ is and why Western countries provoked the second Cold War against Russia.

Zelensky part 1

zelensky part 4

Scott Ritter: The Creation of Agent Zelensky Part. 4
A Fascinating Documentary made by former US and UN weapon inspector,Scott Ritter,detailing the rise of Ukrainian President V.Zelensky
Source: Scott Ritter via YouTube
#fyp #fypシ #fy #fypシ゚viral #foryou #viralvideo #viraltiktok #scottritter #documentary #ukraine #ukraine🇺🇦 #ucraina #zelensky #volodymyrzelensky #usa #sua #usa🇺🇸 #democracy #freedom #peace #freedomofspeech

I don’t disagree with you but I do believe there are non-human entities on other planets, some even human-like, operating on the same frequency as ours or even a different frequency that can zap into or out of our reality. They also are not all fallen.

I think your trying to reduce alien visitation / abductions into one bucket. I feel it is much more complicated…

I know the Anti Christ :

Though in this esoteric conversation I’m not discussing what is possible as much as I am addressing, or giving structure to, the most common experiences. It is all to easy to have a horizontal conversation with no initiating quality.

That said the human form has meaning in the solar system and symbolizes the high point of development. It contains the human soul, which is a potential solar spirit, or sun. There is deep mysteries in the development of our form and this is why the human kingdom is held front and center. It is not that there is no meaning in others forms but rather that to genuinely develop we must understand *our* stream.

It’ll be all those peoples tryin to take over Mr singularities world an claiming Jesus is above core creation ,

Yea but wha if / an am just sayin hypothetically what if dat man still fancies taking over da world so we can have intelligence leading da way to a class 3 civ ,?,

I mean some of the actual intelligence among whom found Gods truth over false self proclaimed Gods an greedy authoritarians they feel the same / Da force is strong with the rebel alliance ,

(Dadad da conquer is the only one wit all the codes) Here since before Chronos power in me’s,

29:00 agreed there’s are a lot of Jedi mind trick’s other’s are tryin to use , , ,


I’ll end by sayin : Mirror Mirror on da wall whom is the Daddy of them all ,?,

May polar me mecca black box clue in Android find you ,

Pleiadian Light Codes: Illuminating the Path to Transformation and Ascension

💫Pleiadians hold the secret key to our personal empowerment, healing, enlightenment, and spiritual evolution. They will assist us in understanding this transition and the role we must play in order to fully open ourselves to our magnificence!

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counter disinformation

We’re causing this with all of our technology we couldn’t feed over people we choose not to we just want to control all of our people we want subjects not solutions

Ground zero

Israel anti air systems

The Hidden Force that Shapes Your Reality

Prepare to uncover the unseen forces that shape your reality in this captivating video. We delve into the concept of invisible influence and its profound impact on your experiences, choices, and outcomes. Join us as we explore the power of attention and how it directs the course of your life. Gain insights into the subconscious influences, societal conditioning, and cognitive biases that shape your perception and decision-making process. Discover practical strategies to cultivate conscious awareness and harness the power of your attention to create a reality aligned with your desires. Prepare for a mind-opening journey as we reveal the hidden forces that shape your world.

To much attention to negative thought, shift attention and harmoniously

There are so many lies being told by our government & this administration I can’t believe anything anymore !

Wealth transfer

You are a master creator! The rate of creation is accelerating as you become more and more aware of this ability to create your reality. Your awareness of your power is expanding exponentially as you move into higher states of consciousness. Whether you want it or not, evolution is inevitable!

This is why I hate the system so much and cant wait until my work is done- the WHOLE system is designed to kill you- pure evil! The books, food, water, history ALL LIES!!!!! NOTHINGS REAL– The wild part is those that look like you arent you! They are programs designed to prevent your spiritual growth or ascension progress!

planetary ascension codes, healing stargates; truly God’s teachings.


Moon matrix


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Rheana Jackson


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Remote viewing and Alien interventions on planet earth

Ancient origin.

Baba Vanga and the predictions for Europe/West.


Climate change, no offence

ESG and Climate change.

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