Med Care, alien development and offer!

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A seismic shift is occurring in the world of sound healing, making it one of the fastest-growing, most compelling new professions in health and wellness today.

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Experience a spirited demonstration by Christine Stevens, illustrating the healing power of entrainment — a scientific principle of sound healing. Participate in a rhythm activation using hand drums and discover the three ways to play the heartbeat during a guided visualization. This technique, used during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been proven to increase oxygen levels in the body.

You’ll also learn about a year-long training program that will empower you to deepen your capacity for both self-care and service to others — whether you want to take huge leaps forward in your own healing or incorporate sound into your professional practice.

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Alien offer being MED BED Technology and FREE ENERGY.

Using alien/deep state technology developed and build on the moon?.

Including free energy.

Med Beds Group heeft beperkt wie opmerkingen kan plaatsen bij dit bericht. Click on link for video.

Pineal gland


Poisoning our gland by using drinking water and adding fluoride ( Chemicals) in addition using microwaves and medication. Resulting in dumping down of our third eye affecting health, spiritual development and activities. Humans being multidimensional and not three as they do like us to believe. Being in use now on a very large scale and if the WHO has its way worldwide.


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