The coming Chaos

By altering our consciousness modify our external reality. Click here for the video/link please.

It is getting freaking bad.

The economic crises and role of the fed in it. Click on link for the video/link discussing alternatives/effect.


How is the best way to travel to a climate change conference? Click on link for the video

Death and destruction, depopulation and for the ones left/survive slavery.

The existence of non-humans being involved/taking control/destroy. The so-called Great reset. Collectivist and the opposite of individualist/ individuality /creativity.

The collectivist or hive mind set are centrally controlled by a super intelligent being/hive and basically like our Bees.

It are human predators and ongoing for millions of years.

Planet earth is a big human far and produces life based substances/products being very valuable/need by many of the reptilian races. As drug life elixir.

We are being conned by our so-called elected leader but the system rigged.

Every one we can choose of or elect is already pre-selected. Making sure that who-ever wins under their control. NWO/WEF/Illuminati & alien connect. The so-called puppet Masters. Media/propaganda play an important role as such/owners.

Most of the substances they are after get secreted in our blood during strong emotions.

Unfortunately for us humans it are negative beings and feed on us and use the secretions produced as a result of low frequencies like fear, anger, suffering, illness and preferable a slow death increases the accumulation of residue in our blood.

Our environment has to be toxic to produce it.

Living in under stress, duress and fear. Being drugged adding substances to food, water, soil, air/environment.


Cell towers,

They love kids the younger the better for most uses.

Printing money

The south pursuing their own sovereignty despite the Cabal/West.

Kissinger’s assertion that “Nothing important can come from the South” has been relegated to the proverbial dustbin of history, as a new era, defined by nations standing up for their sovereign economic right to development, has arrived. Will governments of nations of the Global North come to their senses, and recognize that it is in their interests to accept this change? Or will they commit suicide, by launching new destabilizations and wars to keep the Unipolar Order alive?

This was a central theme of my weekly dialogue with Helga Zepp-LaRouche, which you can view at this link:

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Money controls the world and most, almost all problems start their and the US is not going to let that happen if they can.

Click here for video/information.

Pirola panic

Pirola, BA.2.86. An asteroid that hangs out by Jupiter click for the video please.

World Health Organization, BA.2.86 a “variant under monitoring”…/sars-cov-2-genome-sequence…

First monitoring 14 August 2023, (horizon scanning)

34 amino acid differences compared with BA.2

All in spike protein…/whats-new/covid-19-variant.html

36 amino acid changes compared with the 2023 circulating XBB.1.5

The outcome is already decided and the Bric’s countries will become win and stronger stronger just a matter of numbers and as planned by the Rockefellers/élite some time ago but well documented.

Before a war start they the governments need the OK from the central banks. In this case they are the owners of the West but also the Bric’s and the winner take all.( Hedge against losses and a steep profit doing so). The banks can create money from air and payee an interest over it.

It is called wealth transfer and in the end the banks take most.

The players are not in control but lackies and have to do what they are told. Everything is planned and controlled and we the West/Europe going to be stripped of all assets/value, any rights not even our own life, children, freewill. Our situation will be soon comparable too that of Germany after WW2.

Young Global leader or the future Master race

Please click on the link here for the video please

Well we will fight. We have to fight. Many will fight and the Almighty God will fight for His people . Bring in the Armageddon.

It will be booked as Victory over colonialism/us and worldwide celebrated. We the people did not do anything really, it is the cabal ( international Banks) media including google, security services cabal/element within some of our organizations. Have a close look on the diagram below.

Not do we have any influence nor asked about all just pushed upon us. What they will try to do however make us all feel guilty and easy to manipulate. The same media who have been blinding us from what was happening in other world parts.

It is not really difficult because all of the decision making positions and members of the Government do know most of each others being members of the WEF/Illuminati and standard praxis.

WEF warning; click here for the video. First they create the problems and than offer to solve it and signed on to become a slave. WEF just issued their biggest CRISIS warning yet – Redacted with Clayton Morris.mp4

If you look at 2020/21 and 2022 you can see the degrading of the EU/US and Russia going from red to black.

We humans have a individualized soul structure and free will others working here on earth a collective structure and hive mind which is controlled by a centralized type of intelligence and no free will. The so-called master puppies or WEF puppies.

Using telepathic communication and need approval/agreement from this central organized structure.

Bit like the Bees do have with the queen.

The detail however is in the tail. The end objective is and has been a one world government that legally control and owns the total world our planet earth. In its united form has value and part or in totally can be sold to aliens/civilizations. The new king being Marduk an Alien ET who wants Africa for themselves and his family.

When the celebration about the unexpected victories in Africa and be very happy and full of joy but do not realize that the next set-up has already be in preponement.

91 world leaders attended Nelson Mandela’s so-called “Funeral” were their to crown and pledge allegiance to the new King of Africa being Marduk. Leader of the NWO & alien connect.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was notably absent. At the time this seemed somewhat strange, since almost every other nation was represented by their top leader. In addition and also absent were the top leaders of China and Israel.

This article will present what are perhaps were the actual reasons for these peculiar absences. First however there is a Secret Space War now occurring over Planet Earth and battles fought.

Why because Mandela died many months earlier than the date of his Funeral and it has been alleged by insiders that his so-called funeral was cover for the secret crowning ceremony of Marduk, the Alien ET leader, believed to be the head Draco a Reptilians race and have positioned themselves in Space and her on earth underground.

It is believed by some that Marduk was perhaps driven away from Planet Earth during earlier times by a major earth catastrophe or as a direct judgment of ‘God.’ Others believe that another alien ET leader from the Tall White Nordics forced him to leave in some kind of major cosmic warfare victory.

It is very difficult to get a handle on Marduk, why he suddenly appeared in Africa, why he was crowned King of Africa and what he is trying to accomplish if these claims are true. Obviously the average person on the street is never supposed to find out about the Alien ET connection, Marduk and what he represents which is believed to be the Third Force.

It is believed by some that the Dracos are shape shifting inter-dimensional lizard-beings, evil to the core and thrive on promoting human suffering, and mass painful deaths of humans.

Thus they have been labeled negative energy vampires that induce their servants, the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) to induce as much human suffering and mass painful death as possible to keep their energy status high.

Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous and impossible, but good and credible Intel sources from deep inside the American Space War System have provided this information so it is not that easy to simply discount.


Example: How would you use a digital card in a power outage or during a catastrophic disaster .. no power no money..

US, We will keep our Banks. Take the digital crap and cram in in the Brits backsides. As long as we have our Banks and our FDIC we have people to hold responsible. D.C. will be losing funding and businesses that have been unlawfully diverted. Watch Video please.

Bric’s going to win this now world wide war as planned and set-up by the Rockefellers and published previously including theme’s slogans and outcome ( Cabal) and the demise of the West. All planned and executed

Artificial meat.

WEF- This is E.V.I.L – New World Economic Forum Plans Revealed Under Great Reset

Artificial meat using gene technology:

UK climate rapport Net zero, click here for video.

  • The Govt don’t care. They gave the go ahead to expand Bristol airport….. but what about carbon foot prints and climate change? Anyone seen the battery electric plane yet? A lot of double standards when it comes to policy eh. Part of the great reset or economic ( destruction)

Declaration of Independence make sure you have the real

Sharon Watkins
  · 11 augustus om 23:17  · 

Click here to start video/explanation please

Use of brainwaves to control/set them against each others.

Meer video’s in Video

Video opnieuw afspelen


Dan Smith31 juli om 06:16  · Dr Pierre Gilbert Warns In 1995 About Magnetic Vaccines.RWANDA Mind Control ~ Operation Crimson Mist

One they are all in our Libraries with their Unions now too . They were never suppose to be allowed to do that too .

Subterranean Bases


The Coming Chaos

POSTED ONAuthoradmin

group consensus
group consensus (Photo credit: Will Lion)

The plan is to unleash elemental forces of chaos that transcend government philosophy. The primitive mandate for political/social structure seems to be the protection of the person from crime and disease, protection of property, a system of justice to enforce those protections, and organization for economic gain.

All these refinements we’ve developed – democracy, fascism, communism, monarchy – come after the primitive mandates have been met. The theory is that if you remove enough of those basic protections the government will fall because it is not performing the more important, elementary functions.

Interfering with our food supply / production

The higher the CO2 the higher the yield, please click on link for video.


This subject is an enormous one which I could not begin to describe in such a short piece as this. The reader will have to fill in the blanks left by the following examples:

DISEASE: The Group developed the AIDS virus principally at Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg in Brisgau. It seems that Dr. Strecker and the London Times [5/11/87] were correct in suspecting that the epidemic was man-made and connected with the World Health Organization’s smallpox eradication program in Africa [My source identified the names of a senior member of the Global Commission in 1979, who handled at least Ethiopia and Somalia, and W.H.O. representatives for Central Africa, where the AIDS virus is taking the largest toll, and for Western Africa] and the 1978-79 hepatitis B vaccine experiments among homosexuals in the U.S. [My source identified the name of one member of the NY City team.

I could not obtain the names of the team members for S.F.] They chose homosexuals because they believed that few would care what happened to them and hoped the disease would spread throughout the country before anyone realized that it would kill ANYONE — not just gays. During the “incubation period” [1995-2000] the Group plans to introduce new diseases that will be “far more aggressive, far more vicious” than AIDS. (Apparently, we must assume that if they release a disease, they will already have developed an antidote in case one of ‘them’ gets infected – Branton)

English: Network diagram showing interlocks be...
English: Network diagram showing interlocks between various U.S. corporations and institutions and the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2004 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CRIME AND DRUGS: …Crime and illegal drugs go hand-in-hand. Drug traffic has been fostered under the covert aegis of the Group’s massive apparatus within the CIA since at least Vietnam. My informant states that “Mr. Halloran” as a “contract” CIA operative in Saigon was running hard drugs from Laos and Cambodia to Bien Hoa to the US aboard military aircraft for use on American streets. It went on for years and is probably still going on, but now from other points of origin. There are alliances between the Group’s agents in the CIA and the military and drug lords in South America. My informant identified the names of most DEA agent-in-charge of major US offices & many US Coast Guard and Navy officers ON drug interdiction duty.

Link to video about economic collapse?

Well we will fight. We have to fight. Many will fight and the Almighty God will fight for His people . Bring in the Armageddon.

Related: Chapter 25 – Germans Economic MIRACLE

ECONOMIC DEPRESSION: The plan is for there to be a disastrous [but short-lived] depression, precipitated by a stock crash. The Group’s members in the financial community certainly have the muscle to do it. My informant has identified [current=1994] either the presidents or chairmen of five of the six largest banks in NYC, many of the key officials in the NY Federal Reserve, most of the major London merchant banks, four of the largest GERMAN banks, and five of the 11 largest US stock brokerage firms.


CIVIL/RACE WAR; THE MILITARY; THE ASSASSINATION LIST: The Group’s plan is to covertly foster and finance a civil war on race lines through their agents in black and Hispanic ghettoes in major cities. Once they are successful in gun control legislation the Group will ARM the minority insurgents with attack weapons to be used against essentially weapon-less minority and non-minority individuals. The local police departments will be out-gunned. The military will be called in, but will be unable to control the situation due to an artificial “breakdown in the chain of command.”

[The percentage of senior US Army, Navy and Air Force general officers — brigadier general through general, rear admiral through admiral — identified by my informant has been astoundingly high. The rate of identification among generals and admirals in the military is equaled in only two other organizations: the State Department and the Council on Foreign Relations.]

European Council on Foreign Relations
European Council on Foreign Relations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the midst of the societal chaos, after the war begins, the Group will conduct systematic assassinations of key American civilian and military leaders who have not supported the Group’s policies or its key agents.

That list is referred to by my main informant and by the woman I first interviewed in 1983-84 as “all the king’s men.” The civil war fostered covertly by the Group will frighten “middle America” into the adoption of the Group’s government.

After the year 2000, the civil war will be used by the Group as the excuse for genocide against the Black and Hispanic races. The genocide of the black races will be global. There are also large-scale genocide plans for Hispanics and Chinese. Literally hundreds of smaller races also targeted. This will take place over a much longer period than [the] German experiment in WWII.

Related: Chapter 34 – The Federal Emergency Management Agency

(Remember that the ‘root‘ of the ‘New World Order‘ agenda can be traced back to the secret occulted societies connected to Bavaria, Germany — the Illuminati, Thule, Nazis, Vril, Rosicrucian, Black Gnostics, Skull & Bones, Cult of the Serpent, Templars, Babylon Mystery Cult, O.T.O., Golden Dawn, Jesuits, and all of the many lesser-known inter-locking secret societies which grew out of the occult-military core of the early Roman Empire and the later Holy Roman Empire‘ [HO.R.E.] — a core that had its center of power not only in Rome but also in Germany. – Branton)


Aliens and planet Earth

Ashtar Sharon gfl W Asar Sharon & New Earth.


Carbon dioxide and Health

If our selected leaders would be more careful in choosing their words, life would more be like heaven.

Religions, The State/Media and humanity.

Remote viewing and Alien interventions on planet earth

Ancient origin.

Baba Vanga and the predictions for Europe/West.


Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

Climate change no offence mend

War on the people

Eu parliament in action

Human trafficking

Enemies of humanity

ESG and Climate change.

Pfizer and Data.

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