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Star Trek: 10 Crazy Worf Theories That Were Actually Confirmed



As a Klingon, Worf is one of the most interesting characters within the Star Trek. He is a fan favorite who has sparked many theories.

While all Star Trek characters have their own corners of the Trekkie fandom, few are as popular as Worf, son of Mogh. As the first official Klingon in Starfleet, he was stationed in the Enterprise under Captain Picard. However, later he moved to Deep Space Nine during the Dominion War.

Starring into two different series, Worf is one of the most prolific Trek characters. For his popularity, though, he still manages to have a lot of holes in his story. That includes the stories of his people. Plot holes always get sci-fi fans theorizing, and few theorize as incessantly as Trek fans.

However, it only gets wilder when some of those theories are proven.

Here are 10 Crazy Worf Theories That Were Actually Confirmed.

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The Writers Hated Worf

There’s a running joke among the Star Trek community that the writers hate Worf. Between the countless jokes at his expense, all the horrible or fatal romances, and his terrible relationship with his son, there’s more than enough tragedy on the screen. Off-screen, though, the theory continues. Michael Dorn, who played Worf, has been lobbying for a “Captain Worf” show for years. While the theory started off as a joke, clearly there’s some merit to it. Despite being a fan-favorite who spanned multiple Trek series, writers chose to revive a Picard series instead of giving “Captain Worf” a shot.

Better luck next time, Mr. Dorn.

Klingons Experimented With Genetic Re-Sequencing

Fans used the genetic manipulation theories to try to explain the countless, differing looks for Klingons over the years. However, Star Trek: Discovery confirmed this with their first season. In it, Ash Tyler passed away and they genetically manipulated the albino Klingon, Voq, to take on his appearance and his place on the Discovery.

With that kind of serious genetics capabilities, of course the Klingons are pretty advanced in that way. It definitely proves that they might have done some genetic enhancements to alter their own people. It can account for a lot of the inconsistencies in Klingon looks, styles, and mannerisms.

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Worf’s Version of Klingon Culture Is Warped

When TNG started, Worf was the only modern window into Klingon culture. However, as time went on, the Enterprise crew interacted more and more with the warrior species. Fans became very aware that Worf revered Klingon culture but didn’t seem to act anything like other Klingons. They theorized that Worf idolized being a Klingon, but for various, probably “raised by humans” reasons, didn’t digest the more fun-loving, revelry side of it.

Eventually, the writers confirmed this in DS9. While on a vacation with Jadzia, fans learned that Worf was more reserved because of a specific childhood experience. Growing up on Earth warped his perception, but breaking another child’s neck on accident because of his Klingon strength made him pull back every Klingon part of himself.

Worf’s An Incarnation of Kahless

Ever since the clone of Kahless was exposed, fans have been creating crazy theories about Worf actually being the the reincarnation of Kahless. Later Star Trek books have even partially confirmed the theory by saying the clone isn’t even Kahless, but his brother.

The theory is rooted in Worf’s past: a son loses his family in a tragedy, he grows up and does things no one else does, and then when he goes back to his people he immediately wins battles and brings people together. Whether he actually is a reincarnation or not isn’t the truest part of the theory, it’s the fact he emulates Kahless’ ideals. Many other Klingons adore and know the legends, but Worf knows every bit of their history by heart and lives them every day.

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L’Rell’s Empire Fell Before He Was Born

By the time that L’Rell took power in Star Trek: Discovery, fans were already perplexed about the different looks that Klingons were sporting. Creators tried to remedy the whole thing by making L’Rell look more like a classic Enterprise era Klingon. However, the true, easy reason that helps explain the phenomenon already laid around in fan theories.

Fans, looking between TOS Klingons and TNG ones, theorized that maybe there were different subsects of the Klingon race that constantly overpowered each other. This would not only explain why TOS Klingons looked so different, but why the ENT Klingons looked like TNG and others didn’t.

Furthermore, it seems these different subsects ignore one another, and the best proof of that is that in TNG, Worf tells Gowron that no one has united the many houses before. However, in Discovery, L’Rell has. Best way to explain that away is with the “superseding subsects” theory (that’d basically been proved, let us have this one).

Worf Isn’t Actually The FIRST Klingon In Starfleet

TNG makes a big deal about Worf being the first Klingon in Starfleet. However, for anyone watching the show, that’s easy to doubt. There are so many people in the universe and it’s hard to believe there’s only one Klingon, and only one raised by humans, that would want to join Starfleet. Fans surely theorized that Worf was the only one the show liked talking about, understandably.

However, Star Trek: Discovery proved any fans wondering about that right.

While it wasn’t exactly in an official capacity, Worf was not the first Klingon in starfleet. The first, actually, was Voq as Lieutenant Ash Tyler. Maybe he wasn’t a good officer, maybe he actually was a shady spy, but he did get there first and he deserved that recognition.

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A Second Chance For Captain Worf

Even though Star Trek creators have been denying Michael Dorn a Captain Worf series for years, fans always theorized that he still has a chance. It seems with the new Picard series, those theories have some merit to them. If the writers are willing to bring back old Trek captains and Seven of Nine, then Captain Worf still definitely has a chance.

Much like before, Michael Dorn is totally still up for the challenge. While fans adore the character, no one seems to love Worf as much as the actor who played him. There’s a fair shot he’ll show up in the Picard series, but even if he doesn’t, his own show seems plausible again.

The Clone Of Kahless Isn’t Kahless At All

When the “Rightful Heir” episode happened, fans were already speculative about the validity of Kahless’ claim. His creators already admitted to him being a clone, but was he even a clone of the right man? After all, the original Kahless was a great fighter who naturally brought people together. This one was a terrible fighter and caused dissent among his people until Worf got involved.

Eventually, the Star Trek continuation books confirmed this wild fan theory. The novel, Kahless, said that the blood found wasn’t actually Kahless’, but his brother, Morath’s. It explains not only all the inconsistencies, but also the flaws in the original plan. How would they have ever known it was really Kahless in the first place?

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Klingons Have Had A Wild Evolution Path (And Worf Doesn’t Want to Talk About It)

Fans have always had serious questions about Klingons, but none raised so many as TNG‘s episode “Genesis”. Between the questions about genetic engineering science, cloning capabilities, and all the different evolutionary paths Klingons have taken, their history has always been a mystery.

Well, TNG all but confirmed the fact that Klingons have a unique, complex, and violent genetic history in Genesis. Like all other crew mates, Worf devolves into a much older version of his species. But unlike the others, Worf’s new form is that of a plated, merciless predator that stalks the halls and destroys anything it finds.

If Troi was just a Betazoid but with gils, there has been some serious, unaccounted for genetic evolution between the Klingons nowadays and that. They must have manipulated their genes in the mean-time.

The Generation-Spanning Feud Wouldn’t Die With Duras

One of Worf’s earliest and most beloved arcs involved K’Ehleyr, a half Klingon woman that he falls in love with. They don’t stay together, but a few years later she reappears with a son (Worf’s) in tow. By this time Worf already learned that the Duras family framed his father for a horrible massacre, to keep their name clean. And that fued only worsened when Duras shot K’Ehleyr, leaving Alexander mother-less. Worf takes revenge by cutting him down, but fans knew that the fued wouldn’t end there.

Their theories were correct and the Mogh/Duras confrontations lasted for years. After Duras, Worf clashed with his sisters and his son. All three of them would do anything for power, and Worf felt obligated to his father and the empire to stop them.


Multiple ‘Galactic Federations’ are Intervening in Human Affairs. New Reality?

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Multiple ‘Galactic Federations’ are Intervening in Human Affairs


In part one of this series, I discussed remote viewing sessions conducted by the Farsight Institute on the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, which has allegedly been intervening on Earth from remote antiquity and even played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity. When examining the work of multiple insiders and ‘contactees’, however, it becomes clear that there is more than one association of human-like interplanetary civilizations using names similar to or adaptions of ‘Galactic Federation’.

For example, in his 1958 Book, The Council of Seven Lights, George Van Tassel talked about the “Adamic Confederation” of space brothers landing on Earth at the dawn of history and mating with the “race of Eve” (primitive humans). In his 1974 book, The Invitation, Peruvian contactee Sixto Paz Wells also spoke about a large interplanetary association called the ‘Confederation’ that was helping humanity’s evolution.  

In 1981, the famous Law of One channeling introduced two main extraterrestrial factions that have historically intervened in human evolution. These were named the ‘Confederation of Planets’ and ‘Orion Crusaders’ by the extraterrestrial group calling itself the Ra Social Memory Complex that belonged to the former.

The Confederation and Orion Crusaders were respectively positive and negative in ethical orientation and attitudes towards human evolution, in ways that are very similar to what the Farsight remote viewers had to say, respectively, about the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’ and the Orion Alliance.

Among the first to publicly discuss three or more rival extraterrestrial interplanetary alliances involved in humanity’s creation and/or vying over human affairs ever since was the contactee, Alex Collier, who publicly emerged around 1991 with lectures about his experiences with a human-looking alliance of extraterrestrials called the Andromeda Council. He said it comprised 139 different star systems, and it had become interested in Earth due to the Andromedans detection of a galactic tyranny 350 years in the future that could be traced to the Earth, Moon, and Mars in the present era.

In his lectures, some of which were compiled in the book Defending Sacred Ground, he described the different extraterrestrial groups that had established a presence on Earth. These included the Draconian (Ciakharr) Empire, a group from the Orion constellation (Grays and Humans), a “Galactic Commonwealth” made up of developing human civilizations, and the Andromeda Council. These are similar negative extraterrestrial groups to those Dr. Brown’s remote viewing team had identified: Draco Reptilians, Grays, and beings from Orion.

Some members of the Galactic Federation, according to Collier, played a role in the genetic engineering of humanity and have ever since been interested in human affairs. Other Federation (aka Commonwealth) members, however, have played no role in human history and have little interest in Earth. Due to time travel technology, however, the Federation can insert their operatives or intervene far into humanity’s past to influence contemporary events to prevent future galactic tyranny.

When seen in the context of the Draco and Orion groups also intervening in human affairs, it becomes clear that current events on Earth are part of a temporal war between the three main extraterrestrial alliances over our destiny. 

Overall, Collier spoke about 22 extraterrestrial civilizations that had genetically intervened in human affairs, and were responsible for the different racial and ethnic groups on Earth, which is not the norm in our galaxy. These 22 groups appeared to be drawn from mostly human-looking races from the three competing extraterrestrial alliances—not just members of the Galactic Federation.

Other notable individuals with relevant information about different interplanetary associations include the whistleblower, Dr. Michael Kruvant Wolf. In the late 1990s, Wolf gave interviews to several notable UFO researchers such as Paola Harris and Dr. Richard Boylan after the publication of his book, The Catchers of Heaven (1996).

Here is a summary of the three main extraterrestrial alliances that Wolf had revealed in his interviews and book:

The MAJESTIC-12 organization was aware of all three MAJOR confederation groups,

  • the joint humanoid-reptiloid CORPORATE/ALLIANCE
  • the mostly humanoid FEDERATION OF WORLDS or FOW
  • the mostly reptiloid UNIFIED RACES OF ORION or URO

The “mostly humanoid Federation of Worlds” corresponds with the “Galactic Federation of Worlds” that Dr. Brown and his remote viewing team were focusing on. The other two groups comprised a significant Reptilian element in their composition. These roughly equate to the Draconian (Reptilian) Empire and Orion Alliance that the Farsight Institute remote viewers were referring to.

In 2015, Corey Goode began to speak of a “Super Federation” comprising between 40-60 extraterrestrial civilizations in charge of up to 22 genetic experiments on Earth. In a Q and A, Goode distinguished between the Super Federation and Galactic Federation:

Q2 How is the Galactic Federation different to the Super Federation?

The Super Federation is made up of 4th-5th Density beings that comprise the “Genetic Farmer” races as well as civilizations that were products of the “grand experiment” that advanced to the point of becoming a part of the group doing the experiments. We are supposed to be graduating to this same point very soon. The Galactic Federation, as stated above, is more responsible for maintaining this Universe/Reality for the One Infinite Creator and exist within what we would consider Other Density or even an Angelic realm. One of the messages I got from the SBA [Sphere Being Alliance] was, “We are the messengers and facilitators of the One Infinite Creator”.

When it came to the relationship between the Sphere Being Alliance and the Galactic Federation, this is what Goode explained in a Q & A:

Q1 What is the Galactic Federation? Who are its members?

I have referenced it as the Galactic Federation, through Tear Eir [Goode’s primary ET contact], while the Anshar [an inner Earth civilization] are calling it the “Galactic Confederation”. The members are highly spiritually and technologically advanced (6th + Density) civilizations that cooperate to facilitate both cosmic law and the various cosmic cycles. The members of the Sphere Being Alliance (Guardians) are members of this Federation.

Clearly, there was an important difference between the ‘Galactic Federation’ (aka Confederation) and the ‘Super Federation’ managing Earth’s 22 genetic experiments. In order to avoid confusion and maintain consistency with earlier sources such as George Van Tassel, the Law of One Material, and Sixto Paz Wells, I will use the term “Galactic Confederation” to denote this higher density advisory body.

While the Galactic Confederation operated as a higher density overseer to maintain “cosmic law”, the Super Federation were direct stakeholders in Earth affairs, having distinct agendas and were rivals that would experience conflicts among themselves and/or with the Draconian and Orion groups.

Consequently, the Galactic Confederation could act as an arbiter of disputes between Super Federation members that were genetically engineering humanity or step in if a violation of cosmic law was happening. This is consistent with Collier’s claim that the Andromeda Council (a 6th + density association) advised the “Galactic Commonwealth” (aka Confederation) of a future galactic tyranny.

In 2018, Goode described a major breakthrough insofar as the Super Federation decided to take a step back and allow humanity to determine its own destiny due to intervention by the 6-9th density Sphere Being Alliance/Galactic (Con)federation.

In response to Professor Haim’s 2020 groundbreaking revelations on the Galactic Federation, Goode reiterated that there are multiple federation groups interested in human affairs, and again emphasizing that the ‘Super Federation’ comprising many Nordic extraterrestrial groups is a local deliberative body that is distinct from the higher density ‘Galactic Confederation’ to which the Sphere Being Alliance belonged.

Goode elaborated further on these different groups in a December 2020 interview:

You hear “Galactic Federation” a lot. Well, that could apply to many different groups, like, you know, the Sphere Being Alliance. They’re a part of this, like, a galactic watcher kind of group that are overwatching higher-density realms and also looking after the lower-density realms to make sure everything’s being done according to Cosmic Law. These are like 6th, 7th density beings—very evolved beings.

And then you go down to 4th and 5th density beings and those include anything from the Reptilians to these tall Nordic races, different types of beings that we lump into what we call the “Grays”.

There’s a whole assortment of these other types of beings . . . Insectoids are extremely into genetics. That’s. . . All of their technology is genetic manipulation. And even the ships they fly in.

And they’re a part of these little federations together. They work with Reptilians sometimes and they have agreements of convenience as well, because some of them have genetic spiritual timeline agendas that conflict with other people in this Super Federation.


This leads to the question of whether the “Galactic Federation of Worlds” that Brown’s Farsight group remote viewed was part of this higher density oversight group that Goode’s Sphere Being Alliance belonged to—the ‘Galactic Confederation’—or one of the other federations that are in conflict with rival associations such as the Draconian Empire or Orion Collective.

It appears clear from the remote viewing sessions that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is a direct party in ongoing conflicts with the Draco and Orion groups, rather than an oversight group applying cosmic law as an impartial arbiter. The Galactic Federation of Worlds conducts military operations, has space fleets battling against the Reptilians/Orions, has undercover operators infiltrating into human society, etc.

The Galactic Federation of Worlds operations described by the Farsight Institute are very similar to what has also been recently revealed by the French contactee and former professional archeologist Elena Danaan. She has publicly released her communications with four individual representatives of the Galactic Federation of Worlds that date from 2018, which is the time she says she was activated and decided to commit herself full-time to her new career.

Significantly, she described a recent decision by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to increase their military operations and interventions on Earth, and nearby celestial bodies such as the Moon and Mars, and support indigenous resistance efforts against Draco and Orion control.  


This is consistent with Collier’s earlier observations about the Andromeda Council contacting the Galactic Confederation to preempt the Earth becoming the epicenter for a future galactic tyranny. Furthermore, this is also consistent with what Brown’s remote viewing team had observed back in February 2021 and suggests that the Galactic Federation of Worlds has taken a very recent decision to intervene in human affairs more vigorously.

It’s worth emphasizing that the Galactic Federation of Worlds appears to be a more activist organization to the higher density “Galactic Confederation” that Goode said the Sphere Being Alliance belonged to and whose recent activities he has described in detail since 2014. While there are some similarities between the Sphere Being Alliance/Galactic Confederation operations described by Goode with what Farsight and Danaan have claimed about the Galactic Federation of Worlds, there are also significant differences.

This suggests that the Galactic Federation of Worlds is working with or under the guidance of the Galactic Confederation in upholding cosmic law when it comes to the future of humanity. This very likely occurs through highly evolved extraterrestrial members such as the Andromedans and Arcturians, who are members of both groups. It’s worth recalling that Edgar Cayce, the famous American psychic, viewed the Arcturians as among the most highly evolved civilizations in our galaxy, as I describe in my 2013 book, Galactic Diplomacy.

In conclusion, it is clear that humanity is being visited by multiple extraterrestrial civilizations, many of which belong to at least three rival extraterrestrial alliances that are competing over human affairs. These rival organizations appear to be a Galactic Federation of Worlds, a Draconian Empire, and an Orion Alliance.

In addition, there appears to be a grouping of extraterrestrials that have been running 22 genetic experiments on Earth, previously called the Super Federation, which is being reconstituted as humanity takes control over its own genetic evolution. Finally, there is a higher density group also called the “Galactic Confederation” to which the Sphere Being Alliance and Andromeda Council belong, and which appears to be an arbiter of cosmic law.

These five distinct associations of extraterrestrial races appear to be the key players in Earth’s current events. The worldwide extraterrestrial coverup has made it very difficult for the general public to ascertain what is happening. Nevertheless, thanks to the collective efforts of the Farsight Institute, individuals such as Corey Goode and Elena Danaan, Alex Collier, and other historical sources,  we can get a more accurate picture of what is currently happening.

Click here for Part 1

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice 

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