Translation: China is building 368 coal using plants to produce electricity and planning another 803. In addition, receives from Germany 630 million Euro a year development aid and the population have to pay carbon tax.

The end of Europe. The power grab in Brussels. The political elite/members signing up for WEF membership and trying to implement/push their globalist agenda.

The once Souverain State, reduced to a steppingstone. Every current position of any importance in Europe but also the US/West taken over by WEF/Freemasons/Cabal or alien connect. All in clear view but with the Cabal/Globalist in control of the main media, banks corrupted institutions like Health, Education, CDC, Military, FDA just name it. I am not talking about any democratic control and turned into a digital prison and complete info control.

Cabal or deep State& Alien connection. Stranger science fiction.



added my personal note pushing the climate change agenda.

Here’s a secret: This writer is not much of a fan of Viktor Orban, or his government. That statement puts me at odds, of course, with much of the contemporary “dissident right”, both in Ireland and in the rest of the western world. There are good reasons why many conservatives cheer the Hungarian Government, and these are often overlooked by progressives expressing a form of unthinking tribal disdain for “Europe’s Trump”.

I am not a fan of Viktor Orban, on the principle best articulated by the fictionalized Sir Thomas More in

“A man for all seasons”: “I would give the devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake”.

Orban deserves credit on several fronts: In terms of Europe’s reaction to the various migrant crises that have afflicted it over the last decade, he has been almost alone in his conviction that that there is no automatic right to migrate to another country for economic reasons. His people have rewarded him for that with successive terms in office. On the family, and cultural issues, he may be the only senior European leader to recognize the inherent value of tradition, and of children – consistently introducing policies to encourage and support people who want to start a family. On matters of climate and security, he has served the needs of the Hungarian people – as both he, and apparently, they see it – before the “agreed common agenda” of the European Union. For a fellow leading a small country, he has consistently chosen a different path to that of the Irish Government when it comes to asserting national interest in Brussels. It is not a coincidence that he is much more popular in Hungary than Messrs. Martin and Varadkar are here.

But for all of that, there is, too, the downside: Many nationalists and conservatives have come to see progressivism as such an existential threat to civilization that they will cheer almost any and every effort to repress those ideas, even when doing so sets a precedent that they would call tyrannical if progressive Governments did it to them. Imagine, for example, if the Irish Government passed a series of laws restricting media ownership, resulting directly in Gript, or other critical outlets, passing into the control of Government supporters, and people like me being compelled to write about how great the latest idea from the National Women’s Council is. We would howl in anger. As we should.

But that is almost precisely what Orban has done to progressive media outlets in Hungary. Imagine further if the Irish Government started appointing Judges based not on their qualifications, but on their support for the Government. And imagine if politically sensitive cases were then referred quietly to panels of loyal Judges who heard them in secret. That is what is happening in Hungary.

If it was happening here, I might suggest that some readers would be howling about evidence of corruption of justice. And they would be right to.

So no, I am not a fan of Viktor Orban, on the principle best articulated by the fictionalized Sir Thomas More in “A man for all seasons”: “I would give the devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake”.

Mr Orban, it is fair to say, is more Thomas Cromwell than he is Thomas More.

But the European Union’s dispute with Hungary should raise questions for the left, as well as the right. If there’s one thing, we all agree on these days, after all, it is that Imperialism is deeply wrong.

The British Empire was evil, as was that of the Belgians, and the Germans, and the French. Why? Because those Empires suppressed local customs and languages and cultures and practices in favor of the idea that their own civilization was inherently superior.

Is this not also the idea of the European Union, as expressed in its conflict with Hungary?

Much of what gets done in Brussels these days is effectively cultural imperialism. It is the expressed view of the European Parliament, after all, on timeless occasions, that there is only one accepted EU position on just about every cultural controversy one might think of.

There is one acceptable immigration policy. There is one acceptable foreign policy. The EU is much more of an Empire, these days, than the British Commonwealth is. And when it comes to Hungary, it is deploying all the financial power at its command to ensure that the Hungarians get back in line with “European values”.

As I type this, I already hear in my ear my good friend and ardent Europhile, Jason O’Mahony, saying that “if they don’t like it, they can always follow the British out the door”. To which the correct response is, I think, “be careful what you wish for”.

The idea of an ever-growing European cultural imperium is entirely threatened by Brussels itself. And there is danger in the fact that Brussels is becoming ever more dogmatic in support of a progressive ideological settlement at the precise time that consent for that settlement is waning right across the continent.

If Brussels makes sharing the values of Brussels a precondition for continued membership of the club, then, like every Empire that did so before it, it will find itself slowly shrinking. In addition, there is real imperialism and they in Brussels behaving as mandarins.

Other are Covid and additional example Climate change.

Climate change predictions in Europe/US/and the ongoing interferences.

The CO2 gas present in our air worldwide is about 0.04%. Almost nothing but responsible for 90% of warmth/energy rejected outward send back. Ridicules! Imposible. It is at the base of all plant growth and result in the production of carbohydras build from it and combining it with water, releasing oxygen.

The main source of warm/heat/radiation comes from the Sun. Look around you it is everywhere plants, scrubs, trees, seaweed just name it. It is exactly doing what nature intended and not steering the climate.

“Most of the energy in the Earth’s atmosphere comes from the Sun. It has long been recognized that changes in the so-called “total solar irradiance” (TSI), i.e., the amount of energy emitted by the Sun, over the last few centuries, could have contributed substantially to recent climate change. However, this new study found that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) only considered a small subset of the published TSI datasets when they were assessing the role of the Sun in climate change and that this subset only included “low solar variability” datasets. As a result, the IPCC was premature in ruling out a substantial role for the Sun in recent climate change.”

They’ve ruled out gravity, planetary orbits, centrifugal force from the earths spin and electromagnetic energy from the earths iron core as well.

Trying to play for “GOD” in the name of ‘Climate Change’

According to a Sky News report, Scientists have outlined a controversial plan to refreeze the North and South Poles in order to “dial down the global thermostat.”

They say high-flying jets could spray microscopic aerosol particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight
and cool the melting icecaps.

Around 175,000 flights a year would be needed, releasing millions of Tonnes of carbon dioxide.
Under the plan, a fleet of 125 military air-to-air refueling tankers would release a cloud of microscopic
Sulphur dioxide particles at an altitude of 43,000ft (13km) and latitude of 60 degrees in both hemispheres, roughly equivalent to the Shetland Islands in the north, and the Falklands in the south.

The particles would slowly drift towards the poles on high-altitude winds, slightly shading the Earth’s surface beneath.

The concern expressed by scientists is that the large number of flights – equivalent to more than two days of global air traffic in 2021 – would release greenhouse gases into the upper atmosphere where they are more damaging.

Other scientists also expressed concern regarding unleashing solar shading because it could have unintended consequences, such as reducing crop yields.
Of course, this does not mean that the globalist agenda and drive to control our way of living will be curtailed.

The new study was led by Wake Smith from Yale University in the United States.
“He warned the plan would treat an important symptom of climate change, not the cause.”
“It’s aspirin, not penicillin. It’s not a substitute for decarbonization,” he said.

Make no mistake. The ‘Climate Change Agenda’ is being ramped up by seemingly insane globalists, somewhat like past attempts to dupe people into believing their ludicrous predictions of Doomsday.
albeit on a much larger scale.

Remember the big “acid rain” scare during the 1970s and 1980s, attributing damage to lakes and forests to emissions from Midwestern utilities. We have never heard the results of a more than half-billion-dollar, 10-year-long national Acid Precipitation Assessment Program study that was initiated in 1980 to research the matter, and that is because that scare proved to be largely unfounded, since only one species of tree at a high elevation suffered any notable effect, and acidity in lakes was traced to natural causes.

Remember the heir to the British throne’s 2009 warning that we had only “96 months to save the world”.

Remember UK PM Gordon Brown’s 2009 warning that we had 50 days to “save the planet from catastrophe”.

Remember Al Gore’s 2008 warning that the Arctic would be “ice-free” by 2013.

In 2004, the Guardian published an article which warned that Britain was to have a “Siberian Climate” by 2020.

In 1989, U.N. officials warned that rising seas would “obliterate” nations by 2000.

In 1988, the world was told that the Maldives would be completely under water within 30 years.

Even in 1974, The Guardian warned that the “new ice age” was “coming fast”.

These are all things that humanity is expected to forget, however, more and more thinking people are awakening to this continuing attack on our fundamental rights and will not stand for it.
We must act now against it. We must call out the globalists’ attempts to “play God” with our lives and our planet.

For the cost is too high.

Back to the cultural aspect and Orban.

Because Orban, much to the consternation of his critics, is much more popular in Hungary than Brussels is, just about anywhere. Even if, perhaps, he should not be.

The digital prison.

The newly created digital prison.

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‘Paving a Digital Road to Hell’: Digital ID Systems Could Lead to Severe, Irreversible Human Rights Violations

The authors of a New York University’s Center for Human Rights and Global Justice report on digital identity systems warned of “severe and potentially irreversible” human rights violations and argued for open debate “with full transparency and involving all relevant stakeholders.”

Posts of


Building a digital prison?


Chessboard of deception.

Last Step, Martial law will be introduced.

Climate change no offence mend

War on the people

Eu parliament in action

Human trafficking

Enemies of humanity

ESG and Climate change.

Pfizer and Data.

“We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. Your race will be assimilated and service to us.”

NWO and WEF plus free energy.

“A Covenant With Death”, by Bill Cooper.

WHO attempted power Grab!

The great Awakening, Plandemic 3 Video, please click on link:

The Great Awakening (Full, Unedited Movie) (

Cabal or deep State& Alien connection. Stranger science fiction.

‘The world’s gone mad!’

A conspiracy against god and man! 

Slavery, Power/Greed! 

Humans reduced to a commodity! 

Can the West still turn the tide of tyranny? 

Conspiracy and the coming witch hunt. 

By Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

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MarkTwain2020 • 3 months ago
Catherine Austin Fitts brought it home with this hypothetical, with some embellishments: Let’s say you want to go buy some pizza and a beer, but cash no longer exists and you must use your digital wallet…
1. New Covid restrictions mean your digital wallet is turned off outside a five-mile range.
2. New “green” policies also turn off your digital wallet outside five miles.
3. New “green” policies demand that your pizza no longer has real cheese or meat.
4. New Monkeypox restrictions turn your car off within a two-mile range.
5. Your car is not charged anyway.
6. You lapsed your mandatory donation to the DNC, therefore your digital wallet is under review.
7. Your recent post on Defender bumped your social credit score below 5.0, the limit for an active digital wallet. (It was lowered earlier in the day by your misuse of pronouns).32  1ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  MarkTwain2020 • 3 months agoThis is truly what is in our near future and yet people continue to sit idly by and allow the tyrants to gain more and more control over their lives. It really pisses me off because I work so hard to keep my online presence to a minimum and to not rely on digital devices or appliances to complete my daily tasks. Gee, thanks Americans who prefer convenience more than freedom and who prefer to be led instead of leading.22 ReplyShare ›
DistantViews  Beatrice • 3 months agoI understand your frustration. I agree with you that too many people are sitting idly by, allowing bureaucrats and the media to dis-empower them and make decisions for them. i have experienced this kind of resignation and overwhelming inability to make a choice with many people I have met, especially over the past two to three years.
One recent encounter with an elderly woman in the grocery typifies this ‘choice/decision’ exhaustion.
While looking at the selection of items in the deli, this woman commented, “Don’t you just want someone to make a decision for you so you don’t have to do it yourself?” My immediate response, which startled her was, “no way, that is one freedom I will never give up”!The thought of surrendering my basic freedom to choose what I want to eat, what to pay for it and where to eat it is may seem like an insignificant choice to some, but to me it is a basic right of living freely. Those who think their lives would be so much simpler to be chipped, surveilled and hounded by some anonymous AI system are a threat to the freedom and liberty for ALL of us….including the them.17 ReplyShare ›
Mavis  DistantViews • 3 months agoI remember being shocked when out to dinner with friends and an old lady (who was once wonderfully independent) said to her husband (a control freak), on scanning the menu, “Why don’t you tell them what I’d like…” That is what these depraved WEF narcissists, who will nearly destroy the Earth before they’re stopped, are doing to the rest of us. We must always resist them.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  DistantViews • 3 months agoIt’s truly unreal how dependent so many people are. I’m sick of having to live with stupid laws and rules that were implemented because someone was too lazy or stupid to be accountable for their own choices and behaviors. I have a crossover vehicle that is supposed to be dog friendly but thanks to the door checks, the rear back doors barely open enough for anyone to comfortably get in and out of much less, a dog. Why can’t people learn how to open car doors properly without hitting the car next to them? That eyesight technology is the most unreliable nonsense. I mean, if you don’t know how to drive in your own lane, you shouldn’t have a license. The rear cargo hatch is so slow to close and open – making it unsafe as someone could rob me in a parking lot or my dog could attempt to jump out before it closes. All these technologies were designed by people who don’t want to be leaders in their own lives. This learned helplessness and lack of accountability is epidemic in all walks of life now. Everyone makes excuses for their psychological laziness and bad character.ReplyShare ›
eeva12  Beatrice • 3 months agoThat’s why I’m perfectly happy with my 22 year old car. I don’t see, for example, rear view cameras as anything other than something that puts me one step closer to having my car remotely controlled by some authority.ReplyShare ›
MarkTwain2020  eeva12 • 3 months agoYes exactly! The best thing about my car is you have to roll the windows up yourself….but you can do that whenever, if the car’s off, if the electricity wigs out, etc. Nobody is remote controlling *my* windows lol.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  MarkTwain2020 • 3 months agoFiggers that Twain would have analog windows! I’ve always wondered how people manage to climb out of their tiny squinty electric windows when they accidentally drive into a pond or lake or get caught in a flash flood due to the blind spot created by the windows. For one thing it seems like most people are too large for the window opening but even worse, not having the ability to open it is frightening. Probably a good idea for new car owners to keep a few heavy bricks under the front seats just in case.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  eeva12 • 3 months agoI hear ya!! I too have a 22 year old Honda that I love. It’s like riding in a fish tank. The windows are so large and I can see everything around me. The taxes are minimal thoughthey increased this year ‘ due to the value of used cars increasing due to demand’. ArgggReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoGlad I’m not the only one with an older car. It’s also a stick so I can get out or through of just about anything; slippery, icy roads are a problem for anyone though. And it really sips gas. I’ve looked at newer models but haven’t seen any worth even a test drive.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoI would not recommend any new car. They are all made with junk parts, hoses made of veggie oil (soy) that the squirrels love to gnaw on, technology/computers that have to be updated and can be remotely controlled, LED lights that provide very little distance lighting. I was thinking about saving for an antique Mercedes or other vintage car. Keep your eyes open for those. A lot of old folks keep them garaged and in perfect condition.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoOh, I’m hanging on to my old car. It was in the shop a few weeks ago for tires, battery, etc. maintenance. The guys love working on it and then test driving it; there’s always one of them begging to buy it. It is a fun little car.ReplyShare ›
Janko  Beatrice • 2 months agoall those will be the first one to DIE,as plannedReplyShare ›
AvatarThis comment was deleted.
Sandy P  Guest • 3 months agoIt doesn’t seem like it’s cars that cause the greatest problem but the plastics that are everywhere. There’s also a good bit of waste and pollution from the fashion industry due to clothing that lasts for only a season (two if you’re careful), overuse of synthetic materials (essentially plastics that don’t break down), poor disposal of these goods (even the Third World can’t use much of it), and even the manufacturing process itself (long list of horrors there from people to chemicals to…ugh). I grew up without plastics everywhere so it can be done and live well. And, yes, I sew as many of my own garments as possible using natural goods. And I cook my own meals because I don’t like take-out because it always comes in a one-use container, often plastic that leaks anyway.Think further about the causes of pollution. Whatever an SUV or some other behemoth
vehicle produces is nothing compared to simple waste. What happens to solar panels or lithium batteries when they are spent; are they easily reused or just landfill? And producing them isn’t very earth friendly either.I could go on and on about waste and how it contributes to the problems the world now faces. I’m just asking you to consider more than just cars which are but a small part of the situation.And I don’t like loud music either. I prefer paying attention to my driving instead dancing in the driver’s seat. Or lazy, narcissistic jerks because they don’t want to bother thinking about anything but their own pleasure. Glad to see that you are thinking.see moreReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoRight on!! Good points about the lifecycle of waste. Plastic trash, including all the disposable spandex-laden clothing, furniture, appliances, etc… drives me mad. I can’t stand it and will NOT purchase most new things that contain disposable plastic. I can’t always avoid it but if I must purchase, I purchase used. The damage that our plastic has done to marine life and third world countries is obscene.Like you, I don’t eat in restaurants unless it’s a very formal event in a very high end restaurant which rarely happens in my life anymore. I also whittled my wardrobe down to 90 percent wool and cotton. I have quite a few white cotton blouses/shirts now LOL I may even start sewing again because frankly, anything I could make would look a whole lot better than most fast fashion today. At least I know not to place rear pockets on jeans where the thigh and bum meet. Do women ever look at their rear view anymore?ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoToo true about fashion. Seems like an awful lot looks like it’s been pulled right out of the rag bin plus they lack sufficient modesty for me. I’ve been finding some really nice clothing patterns online from indie type designers. These often have all sizes included so no guessing if it’s right and also include several things–more than just a couple different sleeves or hem lengths which are too easy to do anyway. Or if it’s only say a dress or tunic, the price is adjusted down vice the same price for the envelope. Many also have PDF downloads which is convenient for those that have printing capabilities at home.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Guest • 3 months agoYeah the music is a real issue around here too. I hate it. I don’t blast my classical music at anyone. I think it’s downright rude. I also agree that it is best to ride share if possible but unfortunately, people are too self involved to coordinate such activities.I don’t think it’s fair to say that people don’t need a car. Most people I know who live in cities and work in cities don’t own one and use public trans. I need a car and am glad to have one but I do get annoyed that most households today have a car for every person ( teens). But this is a symptom of our economy and everyone’s need to work and why the progressives want us all to live in smart city centers. No thank you. I like my freedom and my backyard.Idiocracy is when people jog in traffic or behind pesticide spraying trucks. That is one I’ll never understand. Ideally, if I had my way, I would own a horse with my ten acres out in no man’s land and ride into my small town to shop and visit with the locals. That would be my utopia.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoGood answer to Tina. I’m still looking for the 10 acres I’d like to have. Have you watched Off Grid with Doug & Stacy? They are in MO and do use a horse or horse and buggy for trips into town, but do use a gas powered vehicle for longer trips.Personally, when I do leave home, as many errands as possible are combined. Other things are just as easy to order online such as embroidery or needlepoint supplies that can be sent via USPS.The simple life is fine by me.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoLove to watch Doug and Stacy! What a team they are and what a brilliant setup they have. I love their dogs too 😀 I didn’t know that they had a horse but I did see Stacy in their RV or truck once.You make a good point about using your vehicle and your time wisely. Do you remember the oil embargo crisis in the 70’s and how Carter tried to educate people on how to drive efficiently? You may be too young but I can tell you that his words stuck to me then and have ever since. I rarely use my brakes and I never speed or waste fuel. I also feel guilty if I have my thermostat set too low or too high ( because of Carter).ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoOh, the flattery of thinking I’m so young. LOL I do remember the oil embargo crisis all too well. My husband at the time (deceased now) and I lived in the northern area of MI where there was plenty of fuel oddly enough. The bad part was that as a mechanic there wasn’t enough tourist or traveler breakdowns to keep him busy; back then shops paid by the job, not hourly so things were mighty lean. As for sweaters, that was the way of life in MI during the winter so when Carter blithely said just put on a sweater, we all thought he was nuts because for people living in the north that was nothing new.Yes, Doug and Stacy have been working on their place for a good many years. Like anyone who loves their home, there’s always one more project to do. I only have a little townhouse and the little yard that goes with it. But I’m always thinking of some way to make it better. this year it’s getting the grapevine out of the crab apple tree. I hate to pull it out now because it’s loaded with grapes but if I don’t it might break the tree which suffered terribly with many broken branches in the heavy snow we had this past winter in the mid-Atlantic so not much fruit this year.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoI’m in the mid-atlantic too! But snow? I don’t remember getting any snow last winter. You must be more north or west of me. I’m on the Bay where we don’t get ‘ bay snows’. The water has to be cold enough for us to get a good snow.That’s really interesting about Michigan during the crisis. I had no idea. During the crisis, I traveled to Maine with my grandparents Imagine traveling during those days when odd license plates could only purchase fuel on odd days and so forth. It was fun though. But I do find it remarkable that Jimmy Carter was the only president in my life that had such a positive influence on my life. Today’s commanders in chiefs are truly shameful and an embarrassment.Sounds like you have a nice garden at your town house. I’ve designed many gardens for town homes. When I lived in a townhouse, my back garden was tiny compared to many today. I’m feeling that urge to downsize now. Funny how that suddenly happens. I only live in a 900 sqft home but my lot and gardens are huge and full and too much for me to deal with anymore. As far as fruit trees go…well, I’m taking all mine down this fall because I haven’t had fruit in 3 years now due to the late spring frosts that kill all the buds and if any manage to survive and produce, I’m in a constant race to harvest before the squirrels or the birds get them first.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoI’m in Northern Virginia where there was some snow. It wasn’t a lot (by MI standards) but it was around 5″ of very heavy, wet snow. I do recall that the bay got no snow; can’t recall if there was rain your way or maybe ice. It sounds like we aren’t that far apart.As for my garden, it’s more like a collection of odds and ends that grow on their own…well, except for the beans and tomatoes sort of things. For those, I have a vertical planter on my patio; it’s called the Green Stalk. Yes, it’s plastic but with so many layers and pockets to grow things, it seems worth it. I don’t have the space to build a wood on on a similar scale plus that would be outrageously expensive at the moment. It’s also fun to have fresh from the garden broccoli in November. Now with a frost cover, I’ll see how far I can push things. the other in ground things I try to focus on perennial types things so I’m not constantly buy plants since there’s not a good place to really start my own seedlings.As for fruit trees, I’ve given some thought to the miniature kind. They wouldn’t take up much room and it would be simple enough to toss nets over them as varmint and bird deterrents.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoI grew up in Arlington and then Bluemont. I came here in 79 after graduation. So yes, we’re probably only 3 hours apart 😀 We could meet in Fredericksburg for lunch! I always stopped in F’burg on my way up to NOVA. I haven’t sewn in years but at one time I was a good seamstress and made those Gunne Sax dresses. I still love them.I’ve always wanted a Green Stalk or something similar. Do you watch Garden Answer on utube? She had one but I don’t know if she still uses it. You should be able to grow broccoli well into the spring. My broccoli gets snowed on, iced and it still thrives. I ordered some interesting seeds from Johnny Seeds recently for including broccoli Raab. The Raab would do well in your garden and it’s easier to grow than broccoli and it lasts until early summer here. Miniature fruit trees? Well, I ordered dwarf if that is what you mean and they were NOT dwarf! The only ones I’m keeping are my Asian pears and my two columnar apple trees that I have flanking my back door.I wish your son lived close by. Having a truly handy man around is invaluable. I’ve been dealing with the most incompetent idiots lately..sorry but I’m so fed up with trusting bozos that I have to micromanage and pay!ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Beatrice • 2 months agoI just had to jump in, and say how easy it is to buy a few different variety’s of blueberry bushes, and grow them. I started with two bushes, and in just a few years, their full grown, and have hundreds of blueberries on them! The best part though, is the babies that off-shoot from the parent. I have dug those up, and replanted them, and now I’m up to 6 bushes now. And are still getting more and more baby off-shoots, but as much as I love healthy, delicious, no pesticides, blueberries, and eat so many of them, well there’s a time when I have to decide if I really need anymore, as I try to give the babies away.
Anyway, just sayin’ this, to let people know about all their different choices, of fruit trees/bushes that they could think about, as they really should, because have you seen the price of ORGANIC blueberries, in your grocery stores? Robbery, that’s what I’d call it! It feels good, knowing that my bushes will never see the poisons of pesticides. Of course, they do also make organic pesticides, and you can learn how to make something like that yourself, by watching Youtube! The educational videos on there, are enough to make anyone a genius, on practically any subject. They have tons and tons of How-To videos, when it comes to gardening, from planting a seed, to harvesting any size crop you might have. There’s no excuse for not educating yourself, when there’s THAT MANY videos, for free!ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Joan C. • 2 months agoHi Joan, that is amazing about your blueberries! I know a man who uses blueberries as a hedge around his property. They make a wonderful hedge ( the taller varieties). Sounds like you have enough to share with the wildlife! I tried growing kiwis one year but I had a very playful Golden Retriever that broke the stems at the base of the plants. Oh well.Utube University is what I call it. I’ve learned everything from repairing my car to plumbing, dry wall and electrical work. There are plenty of gardeners on there too. The prepper homesteaders are always sharing valuable info from their experiences.ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Beatrice • 2 months agoGood to see someone else that likes to educate themselves….and yeah, I just signed up for that website’s newsletter, that Sandy P gave about that prepper website, who you were commenting to her about? Doug and Stacy….I’m sure I’m going to enjoy learning from them!
Another thing I like about others who like to learn about many topics, is something I feel, that goes hand and hand, with always self-educating, and that is, always having an open mind.And when facts are being given, to look at all sides the situation, and feeling positive about the choice(s) that are made on the matter. And I love that saying about, “you never to old to learn”….! Oh, my motto is, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat”….lol….(hoping all cats forgive me, but if they can’t take a motto, then their taking life too serious, lol)ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Joan C. • 2 months agoHahaha…if the cat is ‘ woke’ then they may have to dial the bias hotline and report that you offended them. My gosh, having a sense of humor is a crime these days. I have to be very careful what I say as I’m always making fun of humans. Doug and Stacy have utube videos frequently that I watch. I haven’t seen their newsletter. They have a fabulous place but I’m older now and not as ambitious as they are. I wish I would have planned for homesteading about 30 years ago.Educate for tomorrow has always been my motto. Obviously, there hasn’t been much need for education in the past 20 years since AI has become the nanny for too many.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoI found a couple places in Fredericksburg that would make a good spot for lunch. I like Bonefish but there are others in the same area.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoWow, I was wondering what places were there. I haven’t been up there in a few years. beehugger at protonmail dot comReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoLook for a kitty Katz email from me.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoMy son does lives nearby, however, he is licensed and bonded for Virginia only. He has said that he keeps way too busy to even consider expanding to another state. I can confirm he is busy; unless I have a real emergency, I have to get worked into his schedule. Most of his business is around NOVA.I can watch for sales for Green Stalk. I get email from them from time to time announcing them or the occasional new product. I haven’t come across Garden Answer on YT, but will look for that channel. I have seen this planter on Rain Country also on YT.There is a difference between dwarf and miniature fruit trees. A quick search online will show the difference. As for broccoli, I think my problem is that my planter is on my patio and receives no winter sun whatsoever. If I moved my planter out to the fence out back (or got another one), then it would get sunshine and actually grow. My experiment with broccoli did keep it alive until spring, but didn’t really produce much aside from a few leaves. I have some broccoli raab seeds so I’m definitely looking forward to giving them a try in fall.Oh, that would be fun to meet for lunch. Not sure how to exchange information without exposing it to the world. Let me know what you think.ReplyShare ›
CastleConnell  DistantViews • 3 months agoEven travelling is misery now, having to stand in your socks on dirty ground (I wear two pairs and throw away the outer), and put your case on a moving belt that I don’t think is sprayed down. And, the regimentation of the whole experience, it starts a vacation off on the wrong and dirty foot.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  CastleConnell • 3 months agoYou bring up a good point Castle. I believe that all these ‘ safety’ measures were instituted not to actually protect us but to ‘ soften’ us to their control. It begins with socks and ends with? I just learned that the FBI is now visiting LEGAL gun owners homes and requesting to see their guns. This is illegal but how many people know that? How many will tremble under authority and give them what they want? One Missouri Sheriff refused and said he would die before cooperating with such illegal tactics. Missouri Attorney General also refused to comply.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  CastleConnell • 3 months agoYes, it’s one reason I quit flying. I seldom have reason to anymore but I feel sorry for those that must do that and try to bear up under the boorish behaviors of fellow passengers.ReplyShare ›
Janko  DistantViews • 2 months agoalso decided how long you will LIVE,as wellReplyShare ›
CastleConnell  Beatrice • 3 months agoI think it is natural to prefer convenience, but it shouldn’t be at the price of freedom. I really believe we can have both. That energy pattern is taking form and will become more defined over time. You can only hold a beach ball under water so long. I avoid social media except for sites like this, and wouldn’t dream of using Alexa.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  CastleConnell • 3 months agoWhen it comes to convenience, I’m always a skeptic. I live by the mantra that nothing good comes easy and that evil always seeks the path of least resistance. Maybe I’m a martyr but that mindset has always kept me safe and strong. A convenience will also lead to a more aggressive or controlling convenience that cost us more in the long run. So, for example, I love having a washing machine but I’ve always just stuck with the tried and true ‘commercial’ style and never fell for those trendy problematic front loaders. Who needs a pretty washing machine? I’m not planning on marrying it. I just want it to get my clothes clean 😀 Eh? I still use a 100 foot tape measure when I survey properties. No digital for me! Besides, I trust my own analog measurements and that tape measure was my grandfather’s when he was a surveyor and engineer. I know I’m different than most and I get a lot of shaming for being so but I am quite content being me:DReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoI feel the same way. I worked in high tech for many years so realize its positives as well as its faults. Yeah, my TV is even an old tube style. As you said, we don’t have to marry our appliances; they just need to get a job done. Electronics are too prone to failure and are too hard to fix as a DIY project. And too often it’s the main board that goes out leaving one with essentially a big piece of debris because it’s too hard, impossible or too expensive to repair.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Sandy P • 3 months agoI have customers who have replaced their ‘smart’ refrigerators, washer and dryers almost every year. No wonder so many people are grumpy! You should see my stove and frig. Oh my gosh. My stove is very old and I love her. She even has hand painted dials now. She was made in Cleveland Ohio about 50 years ago. My frig isn’t as old but I refuse to replace it until it becomes DNR status. Duct tape and cookie sheets create one of the shelves. The truth is, I actually fear having to replace anything I have with something new because I know it’s going to cost me a lot of money in the future and a lot of inconvenience.ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Beatrice • 3 months agoOne has to look very hard to discover the reliability of an appliance. Most don’t last past a decade and some really cannot be repaired properly due to the electronics. I like the sound of your old stove. Those old models have a certain grace and beauty about them. As for the fridge, cookie sheets would be great. No leaks to the shelf below.My son, who has a home repair/remodeling business, had a customer that wanted to get rid of a washing machine because some small thing had failed so she preferred to just get a new one. He took it home, fixed it in his garage, and then asked if I wanted a “new” machine. I accepted his offer and have loved the top-loading, no electronics just as my old (and about to expire with all the noise it made) machine. He loves fixing instead of replacing. He one time got a rebuild kit for the seat in his car; he said it came out pretty good.ReplyShare ›
Bubba Gump  Beatrice • 3 months agoWhat do we do about it though? You see the nonsense that people call government. The only way to stop them is to kill them. Strong words but isn’t that really what they have planned for us?ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Bubba Gump • 2 months agoThink their bad now? Wait for the “coming soon” 7 year Tribulation period, but when a person does a lot of studying bible prophecy, and KNOW what’s coming, it makes it just a little easier to bear.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Bubba Gump • 3 months agoAll around the world people are rising up against their governments. As this happens, the governments become even more aggressive but they can’t possibly win if there are more of us than them. We must muster in our troops and form our own military against them. I think actually most of our current military would join us since they are fed up as well.ReplyShare ›
Suzanne Graf Slupesky Beck  Bubba Gump • 3 months agoI don’t see how that will stop them, they would all just be replaced. The root has to be destroyed.ReplyShare ›
Brian Collecott  Suzanne Graf Slupesky Beck • 3 months agoMainstream media control is a huge part of this problem although in the UK the BBC has lost a lot of crediblity (around 50% I think) since covid and its cover-up of a huge number vaccine-related injuries.ReplyShare ›
orangputeh  Brian Collecott • 3 months ago…Some of the top Hollywood film directors are of interest to the Bilderberg Group. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is also a member. Amazon is building out a digital streaming system for television and films as well as producing their own content. Being able to guide global culture is a form of subtle mind control that can be very effective…ReplyShare ›
Sandy P  Bubba Gump • 3 months agoBut how much is government and how much is outside influence on said government.ReplyShare ›
eeva12  Beatrice • 3 months agoYes, I miss the days when technological advances were for our convenience and betterment. After Covid, it’s all been revealed to be solely for “their” power plays.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  eeva12 • 3 months agoThe truth is that even in the 50’s and 60’s our government was planning on exploiting technology to be used against us and for their benefit. It was always about controlling the population as a measure of national and global security. That’s why I’ve always been a skeptic and never trusted that anything digital would be safe. How do you know what a ‘ forced’ update to your computer or device contains? Smart autos can be controlled without your consent. We are all being covertly controlled in some fashion and congress isn’t even bothering to protect us.ReplyShare ›
Brian Collecott  Beatrice • 3 months agoI think the audacity of it all is not at all credible to most people still living fairly comfortable lives, trusting their Doc, and bank and the news media.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Brian Collecott • 3 months agoProlly so! Quite frightening actually because they will ultimately become our enemies…the informers who turn in their neighbors and own family members.ReplyShare ›
Janko  Beatrice • 2 months agothis leads to absolute slavery,as part of the NWOReplyShare ›
Felicity Grossman  Beatrice • 3 months agoAre you kidding? You didn’t notice the parade around America? Just one little monkey trying to tell the controllers to GET LOST. But the now, overly tyrannical, green-screeners of America are *deeply* embedded in the fabric and they aren’t letting it go. They say “when pigs fly” but better when a monkey does. Flee Babylon before they get you to believe they’re “God’s people” and coming for your privacy, money, lives, homes, and kids. FLEE before they make you captive too. You have to read the prophecies of Habakkuk to understand….heaping up prisoners like sand.ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Felicity Grossman • 2 months agoSorry, I’d rather study the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, and to know what’s coming in the 7 year Tribulation period, wrote about in Revelation. Seems like every, or most, of the the signs, that we are told to watch for, are practically upon us.
We are told, that these “prophecies”, will be like a woman in childbirth, as the “pains” are coming closer, and faster than ever! I see many, if not all, the signs we were given to watch for, increasing faster and faster today, don’t you?
When Trump got those Middle East countries to sign up for peace with Israel, he had to stop, and not get anymore “signatures”, as he had to step down/leave office. I believe we were given from the time of those signatures, till the time Trump gets re-elected, we were given that much more time, to warn people, educate people, etc.
Did the name that Trump gave that “peace agreement”, say anything to you? It very well should of woke every believer up! Another question for you is, why has every president, since Carter days, have such a strong urge, to get a peace treaty, between Israel and Palestine, signed, before they left office? Well, what Trump did, hit me hard, when this Non-Christian got those few countries to sign up for peace with Israel.
(why did he name the peace treaty HE started, from a name in the bible, when he could of named it ANYTHING ELSE)??
I could see the plan RIGHT then, of EXACTLY how the 7 year Tribulation will get started, and it’s so SIMPLE.
But one man cannot do it, get the golden ring, or a 7 year peace treaty signed….as seen by every president since Carter days. BUT….one man CAN get it started, and then step back, and let it happen, of what WILL happen, on just it’s own. And since no one has been interested or curious of how this 7 year treaty gets signed, and how that brings on the 7 year Tribulation, I stop here.
But I’m putting all my money on Trump getting elected again! But reading the news every day, of Trump getting into some bad situations….is making my faith shake a little, on how I feel, I’ve been shown, how the near future is going to happen….see moreReplyShare ›
eeva12  MarkTwain2020 • 3 months agoThank you for the specifics! I was so disappointed to read through this entire article and just see a bunch of generalities–no specifics at all. Most people would be quick to say, “Well, we need digital identities to eliminate fraud! It’s for our protection!” But most likely, this is exactly how this thing would work.ReplyShare ›
bjo59 • 3 months agoMost of us have been reading about this since 2020 (or before) but no one is doing anything to stop it (digital ids were being widely discussed around the time of the N1N1 “scare” in 2009 too). How do you stop it? The fact that no one can find any way to stop it indicates that we’ve been subjects of authoritarian governments in the west for much longer than we imagine. I guess we can only feel thankful for the number of days of relative freedom we enjoyed during our lifetimes up to 2020. Well, we all knew we had a huge number of freedoms were taken away beginning in 2001 but learned not only to live with it but to not notice it too. It appears that the majority in the US have decided that they can only passively accept whatever the government decides to do, legal or not.11 ReplyShare ›
MargeGuill  bjo59 • 3 months agoWhat if the majority do not see what underlies the flood of bloviating debate on the topic? As if such ID’s were still in the “proposal” stage!! They aren’t. Furthermore, the designers, creators, and purveyors of this most enslaving of all inventions are never part of governments: they are enmeshed in supra- and trans-national organizationsand the enshrined “public-private partnerships’; they’re neither elected nor appointed, and if you’re not on one roster or another of those, you’re just in the chute. Would that he or she who apprehends what is now transpiring and opposes it, let them advocate. The holy grail “sustainable development,” development of what, exactly, and for whom? Readers know the answer to that. And if human rights are in such overt dire need of protection—protection from what and by which actors?? To frame the question as whether or not “digital” ID’s “could” violate human rights seems disingenuous at best: a priori they do. We might start there instead.
I said to my teacher, “But it says here all men are created equal.” He replied, “Some are more equal than others,” tongue in cheek.ReplyShare ›
Bubba Gump • 3 months agoThis is what most Christians have been dreading.ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Bubba Gump • 2 months agoIf your thinking about this ID’ing, as the “mark” of some sort, you shouldn’t worry or dread, because that comes in the halfway mark of the 7 year Tribulation period, or at the 3 1/2 year mark of the 7 year Trib, and that hasn’t started yet, but is VERY close. I have commented in many places, and over and over again, of “WHEN” it begins, but no one cares to hear anything about that, so I quit telling what I feel, I’ve been shown. I do believe that since Trump did that amazing “thing”, right before he had to leave office, and the space of time when he gets re-elected again, that we have only that much time left, or a little while after that, depending on how fast Trump gets to finishing what he started, once he’s back in office. And I sure wish many were getting ready, for the “beginning of the end”, but everyone has a lot going on in their lives, and watching all the “things”, happening in the news, but aren’t realizing what a short time we all have! But I’m only one person, and can only send out the warning.
And besides, the article doesn’t mention, at all, that it’s the size of a grain of rice, and is a quick, out-patient implant procedure. But if anyone wanted to know the truth about the “mark”, they should look at the two little words, “ON”, and “IN”, and notice that those two words, are VERY different, and mean two different things.
I mention that, because so many people, bible prophecy teachers, and so many others, are so misguided about the Mark. I stick with only one original bible, the King James Version, and no other, because “man” (with satan’s backing, of course) made all those different bibles, and changed God’s Word in many verses, and God very much WARNED everyone for that to NOT happen.
And so, back to the “mark”, the verse says that it is IN the right hand or forehead, not ON. Some people say it’s a tattoo, since they’ve been brought up only knowing that it’s “ON the right hand”. Imagine if they are misguided on THAT one verse, how many more are they not knowing the truth on?ReplyShare ›
Christiana et Fidelis • 3 months agoIt’s a total nightmare 🌃 🌉 when government entities micromanage and track the activities of its citizenry; that includes the requirement of intrusive digital IDs for people to justify their own existence and/or to peaceably and freely associate.ReplyShare ›
Ektor57 • 3 months agoAnd most people thought their smart phones were really smart. So smart as to make a permanent slave in the progressive new world order.ReplyShare ›
Pat Ormsby • 3 months agoI have to wonder what happens to people who cannot tolerate cellphone radiation. These days, governments assume you have a smartphone that will accept their app. I just wrote off to the Japanese government asking if they have any way to accommodate people with the functional impairment of electrosensitivity who for any reason need to travel. I am awaiting their reply, but I’ll bet they haven’t even thought of it. I was denied the ability to send a Christmas package to my mother last fall because I didn’t have a smartphone. My mother in the US, who likewise does not have a cellphone, says she is finding a lot of services unavailable to her now too.
They talk of “digital discrimination.” This is an aspect that needs to be addressed as well. People like me were happy to live quietly at the edge of society and let others have fun with technology, but now we are being squeezed off the edges.
Tyrannies destroy diversity. Monocultures are vulnerable to parasites and illness.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Pat Ormsby • 3 months agoPat, I just tell anyone who expects me to have a cell phone that I don’t have one. Period. Yes, they are squeezing us off the edge but until I’m absolutely forced to, I will continue to just say no. Another thing you can say is that once 5G was installed, your phone no longer worked…” Oh Bummer”ReplyShare ›
Ron Hollis • 3 months ago • editedOne only needs to look no further than China:
“ Is the West Starting to Adopt China’s Orwellian Social Credit System and Internet Firewall?”, Robert Destro.
https://www.theepochtimes.c…What may sound like a dystopian vision of the future is already happening in China. And it’s making and breaking lives.
The Communist Party calls it “social credit” and says it will be fully operational by 2020.…ReplyShare ›
Brian Collecott  Ron Hollis • 3 months agoI’m betting there will be massive damage from body-worn comms unfortunately. You can’t wander around with an always-on radio transmitter and not suffer injury, as we’ve seen with cellphones kept under straps and belts.ReplyShare ›
Voyt Regnal • 3 months agoMajority of people in countries that are under WEF influence, working people..just do not have a slightest clue what is coming. People are too busy with kids and workload. And this is exactly what Elite psychopaths are counting on.ReplyShare ›
Brian Collecott  Voyt Regnal • 3 months agoWell it’s interesting – most have not the slightest clue what is coming. The shock when it hits them, hopefully will turn to outrage and massive protest, regardless, as people insist on protecting their families at all costs.ReplyShare ›
Joan C.  Brian Collecott • 2 months agoSo, give up your mystery, and tell us what is coming….because I know that, my idea of what’s coming, is more than likely, quite different than yours….? And there might even a third person, who has another idea, of what their idea is, of what’s coming…lol.
Mine? Can be cashed at the bank, so to speak…ReplyShare ›
Captain_Obvious • 3 months agoA few suggestions for the next response from the feckless World Bank. Some sure fire legislative proposal trigger words:
1. Government will NEVER be able to either define or legislate morality.
2. Try some proven words like “98% of scientists agree”, “science based”, “gender neutral”.
3, We don’t want diversity, we want identity. You know, like “I’m from the USA and fought to free the globe for individual rights – not governmental rights”, where we welcome more immigrants than any other country in the world and founded in Judeo-Christian values (you know the morality the government could never create).
4. I mean “green” and “climate neutral”. Are people that gullible or are those at the world bank that stupid? Answer is obvious I assume.ReplyShare ›
orangputeh • 3 months ago19 Shocking Facts And Theories About The Bilderberg Group
Apr 26, 2017
The Bilderberg Group meets once every year. The last meeting, at the time of this writing, was held in June 2016 at the Taschenbergpalais hotel that is located in Dresden. Up to 150 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful political leaders attend the annual event. The attendees include royalty, presidents, prime ministers, chief executives of major international conglomerates, media moguls, and world bankers.The first Bilderberg meeting was held during 1954. The organization was founded with the intent to create powerful connections between European countries and North Americans. The meeting is a secretive, informal discussion about global trends with open communication between the elite members of the world who have massive influence in world affairs.
No statements of any kind are allowed to be made to the press regarding the proceedings or what is talked about at the meeting. There are no meeting minutes taken and no reports of the discussions or official statement about the discussions is produced or made. Anything learned at the meeting can be freely used by any of the members; however, no one is permitted to talk about it…….the goal of the Bilderberg Group is one world government with one global marketplace. The people are to be kept in check by a one world army and use a single global currency controlled by a one world bank. The end goal is no less than complete world domination……ReplyShare ›
Ron Hollis • 3 months ago“Artificial intelligence has applications in nearly every human domain, from the instant translation of spoken language to early viral-outbreak detection. But Xi [Xi Jinping, president of China] also wants to use AI’s awesome analytical powers to push China to the cutting edge of surveillance. He wants to build an all-seeing digital system of social control, patrolled by precog algorithms that identify potential dissenters in real time.”
“China already has hundreds of millions of surveillance cameras in place. Xi’s government hopes to soon achieve full video coverage of key public areas. Much of the footage collected by China’s cameras is parsed by algorithms for security threats of one kind or another. In the near future, every person who enters a public space could be identified, instantly, by AI matching them to an ocean of personal data, including their every text communication, and their body’s one-of-a-kind protein-construction schema. In time, algorithms will be able to string together data points from a broad range of sources—travel records, friends and associates, reading habits, purchases—to predict political resistance before it happens. China’s government could soon achieve an unprecedented political stranglehold on more than 1 billion people.”
“China is already developing powerful new surveillance tools, and exporting them to dozens of the world’s actual and would-be autocracies. Over the next few years, those technologies will be refined and integrated into all-encompassing surveillance systems that dictators can plug and play.”ReplyShare ›
SYakoban • 3 months agoReminds me of the phony coin shortage claims that have been going on. That’s the benign way to start pulling physical currency out of circulation with willing participants.Download the report here while you can:…ReplyShare ›
MDskeptic • 3 months agoHuman rights violations with digital IDs? Really? What a paranoid notion. NYU Better check with Art Caplan their resident ethicist stakeholder before ruffling any feathers.1  1ReplyShare ›
Priscilla King • 2 months agoThe guaranteed effect of losing online anonymity would be GOSSIP. For those who’ve not lived in small towns, think a whole world. of middle school. People would want to avoid using the Internet. Internet use would be coerced in a totally Orwellian scenario. Meh. I earned a lot of money typing on real typewriters.ReplyShare ›
Steven Berge • 3 months agoI have great faith that the ID system will be used to enhance elite control and profit. No other conclusion is possible when the history of the new world order is scrutinized. Be active! Resist by boycotting mega corporations, don’t participate in the republicratic party sham, keep your money local and supporting the local economy, maybe even start local/regional “currencies”.ReplyShare ›
emfeinsteininfo • 3 months agoIt’s happening now!ReplyShare ›
Izzy S Sa • 3 months agoNow we can truly see why they had to immobilise Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Ola Bini, WikiLeaks et al. A devious plot indeedReplyShare ›
Anne Can’t Stand It! • 3 months agoI’d like to share a cartoon I did on this very topic: https://annecantstandit.sub…ReplyShare ›
michiganwoman • 3 months agoBad. People are tired to the bone. Public policy has not benefited the people for decades. The stock market exploits the labor market to gain their ever necessary profit. We were sold credit systems of indebtedness instead of given relevant wages that increased to meet the needs of people. Lies are ok in America today..Obama signed law in 2012 approving the use of propaganda on the American people. They all lie. Truth? Facts? One has to be a mental giant to weed through the crap. Very tired. All this time we thought it was for the people.. trust in our institutions, politicians. Gone. Now they are trying to kill us. No one can trust anything. Our future has been hijacked by really evil people. The good guys out here will have to stand up.ReplyShare ›
Jerry Alatalo • 3 months ago • edited…Pushed by international bankers who’ve seen their share of the world’s currency market moving in the wrong direction, and determined to “digitally lock in customers” – the sole option using their digital money “products” – before any further degrading/drop in their market share, potentially massive losses, in the global currency competition… TThis attempt to bring about a new global economic paradigm, this unprecedented Earthly development attempting to bring even more centralized power and control to a small handful (.001%) at the expense of the 99.999%’s remaining freedoms’ obliteration, adds more solid proof that “For the love of money is the root of all evil.”ReplyShare ›
Depswa • 3 months agohttps://thegoodcitizen.subs… – Time to wake, take back our rights, embrace love and live free!ReplyShare ›
Brian Collecott • 3 months ago • editedThe Financial Reset – more scary stuff:…ReplyShare ›
FMHenry • 3 months agoauthors argued for open debate “with full transparency and involving all relevant stakeholders”…..And relevant stakeholder shall mean/include: “…citizens, voters, taxpayers…”.ReplyShare ›
CastleConnell • 3 months agoI think we need a parallel digital, decentralized system. Cash will go whether we like it or not. So we have to find a digitally convenient way to do commerce while maintaining privacy and autonomy. That is why this is all happening, the central banks see decentralized fintech coming down the pipe, and are not only trying to put a stop to its gallop, but usurping these great new technologies to exploit the globe, Voldemort and his minions come to mind. There are loads of opportunities through blockchain to side step their game, as long as the DOJ does its job.ReplyShare ›
Ronald Martono  CastleConnell • 3 months agoA parallel digital, decentralized system will surely made illegal once the digital dollar is rolled out – and then how many people will still dare to trade illegal crypto? Internet access will be even more controlled at that stage and someone needs an ISP to get online so there is a trace track always. They say the blockchain cannot be hacked, even by govts, even if that would be technically correct yet the govt can just put draconian penalties on crypto possession and use and people will stay away. Crypto is not the solution. The people that will survive outside the Brave New World Order will be largely depending on ANALOG means and be skilled in the old fashioned way.ReplyShare ›
Beatrice  Ronald Martono • 3 months agoYou are spot on Ronald. Digital is digital and will always be easy to hack and track…that applies to Crypto and blockchain. The IRS was hacked..hello??? Analog IS the only way. Why can’t people see this? The IRS is already requiring all citizens to report any and all bitcoin. We need to build communities that function on a barter system or some type of scrip like they used in the coal mines.


The Chemtrail mystery?
E.U. Parliament in Action.
Child trafficking.
The silent monetary Revolution.

Two video’s, please click on link!

Bill Cooper illuminati people not able to see their enemy. Adam and Eve where prisoners

If they think overpopulation is a problem, why INSIST that everyone get vaccinated to save lives? Why not just let us die naturally? They are contradicting themselves.

Something is wrong.

Planet earth is hollow at most of it’s inner part. Between inner and utter core.

NASA, would you trust them again after Mars?
The great Awakening & Alien blood users?


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