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We do know now for some time that the CO2 story is deeply flawed and push by the Cabal/Media. At the same time planet earth is changing and in trouble but differs what they are trying to let us believe.

To push their agenda/objective every one agreeing meaning other believes, interpretations of what was going on being publicly trashed by any means possible and for at ;east a decade a very long time. Planet earth is now in big trouble but instead of mediating and preparing for what is coming trying to monetise/rob the community. From the top down.

Gene Chamson1y

When did you realize that “human-caused climate change” is completely made up and a hoax to scare people into supporting socialism?

I was a devoted “believer” after reading Al Gore’s book and seeing his movie. In those days, I was a card-carrying member of the Sierra Club, and considered myself an environmentalist.

But as I got older, I kept learning more facts that challenged the narrative, and my skepticism gradually increased. Fast forward about 20 years, and I realized that every catastrophic prediction I had grown up with had not occurred.

2022 was the 50th anniversary of the movie Soylent Green and the year in which the story takes place. I saw the film as a young man, at the peak of my fears about environmental catastrophe. Like many of the books and movies of the time, it predicted a world of overpopulation, collapsing food supplies, toxic air and water, dwindling energy supplies, and the imminent extinction of the human race.

Now that 2023 has arrived, I am happy to report that population has more than doubled since then, and despite that, poverty and famine have been dramatically reduced, the air and water are generally cleaner, and by any measure human flourishing has continued to dramatically improve.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is that predictions of imminent doom continue to gain traction.

Then I began to read about Thomas Malthus, the 19th century economist who predicted that human overpopulation would lead to famine, wars, and eventually extinction. He was wrong of course, but in many ways you can trace the modern environmental movement back to him. It turns out that every generation has its variation of Malthusian doomsday scenario. Basically, what these amount to is a fear among (mostly) rich white educated people- the elites of the world- that an unchecked explosion of black and brown people, in their quest to climb out of poverty, will destroy the world for everyone.

These people see the planet as their “lifeboat”. They can live pretty well, as long as they are mindful that resources are scarce, and there isn’t room for everyone in the boat.

So they need to order society in a way that the lifeboat doesn’t get overwhelmed. This mindset leads to all kinds of doomsday fears, with the unconscious root of keeping those scary masses from destroying our paradise.

In previous generations, the threat of overpopulation was the direct danger. But we have, for the most part, solved that problem. So our current existential threat stems from the cheap energy that powers our abundance – fossil fuels. Sure, there is enough for us; and it is not our use that poses a threat. But what if all those other people start burning fossil fuels at the same rates we do? Surely, the planet could not survive that!

This kind of thinking is obvious whenever you see someone like John Kerry get on a private plane to travel to a conference to discuss climate change with other elites who have travelled in their own private planes. It’s clearly not their own CO2 emissions they are concerned about; it’s yours. And the policies they seek to impose aren’t going to negatively impact their lives, but they will severely limit yours.

The actual phenomenon of greenhouse warming via increased CO2 is a rather minor problem. A few degrees of warming over a century is not the end of the world, as nearly every scientist will tell you, and will even bring some beneficial effects. What’s more, we are already on a path to transition from carbon intensive energy sources to more hydrogen based fuels. Basic market forces will likely spur the innovation that will solve this problem within 30–50 years. And for the rest, adaptation seems to be the most efficient common-sense solution for the uncertain effects of a changing climate.

And yet, the possibilities of transforming this change into a potential existential threat were just too tempting to be ignored.

It provides an opportunity to reorder the world in a way that allows the ruling classes to consolidate their power and create a global world order that entrenches their access to wealth and power, while limiting access to it for the masses.

What scares me is that Climate Change has grown into a secular religion, and the fight against it has assumed the legitimacy of a moral crusade.

Role of China;

It is quite obvious that the Rockefellers helped establish and finance the Chicoms, just as they have done with the Bolsheiviks several decades before. After visiting China and surveying its “progress” in 1973, David Rockefeller stated, “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social advances of China have benefited greatly form the singleness of ideology and purpose…. The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in history.”

Reading the above quote and looking at the picture of Rockefeller and Zhou Enlai, I am immediately reminded of George Orwell’s masterful (and prophetic) book, Animal Farm. In the book, a wealthy “Mr. Pilkington” visits a farm operated by communist totalitarian pigs who were supposed to be rebelling against him and everything he represented. Here is a section from the final chapter:

“Too many farmers had assumed, without due enquiry, that on such a farm a spirit of licence and indiscipline would prevail. They had been nervous about the effects upon their own animals, or even upon their human employees. But all such doubts were now dispelled. Today he and his friends had visited Animal Farm and inspected every inch of it with their own eyes, and what did they find? Not only the most up-to-date methods, but a discipline and an orderliness which should be an example to all farmers everywhere. He believed that he was right in saying that the lower animals on Animal Farm did more work and received less food than any animals in the county. Indeed, he and his fellow-visitors today had observed many features which they intended to introduce on their own farms immediately.”

Those words were written in 1945, nearly two decades before David Rockefeller’s trip to China. Today, the Council on Foreign Relations (again, through its nefarious publication, Foreign Affairs) is hyping the preferred “China Model” of state capitalism as the most efficient way of managing economies and societies.

I should also mention that it was George Soros who said that China, by its example, would lead the West into the New World Order.

Orwell was right again.

And so, by racing toward net-zero by 2050, we may be plunging the world into another Dark Age, literally as well as figuratively. It’s becoming clear that humanity will have more to fear from the fight against climate change than from climate change itself.

Will be continued


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