The big ( Privat) Central Banks.

Ray Dalio- The World’s Greatest Wealth Transfer Has Begun.

 We’re in an era where the lines between corporations and governments blur. The very institutions meant to protect us seem compromised.

The globalists’ plan is to bring all of the national currencies under the control of an international body in the new financial system (to “stop all of the undisciplined money printing and currency wars”: a problem they created so they could offer this solution), then they’ll slowly transition us to a common currency (still controlled by the banksters from behind the scenes of the supposedly “transparent” new system).

Our food, air, water, and even our minds are under siege by entities prioritizing profit over people. It’s more than just environmental harm; it’s an assault on our very essence. Let’s awaken, unite, and reclaim our rights. 🌍✊ #CorporateTakeover #ReclaimOurRights #awaken

US dollar kept as international currency and now changing. Please click on link for additional info.

I noticed that all these videos I’m seeing now all have very low numbers of views, likes & shares 🤔

Seems there may be something to this thing called The (dead net/Web)

What is that you ask?… Well the way I understand it is. Only a few of us get to see these videos and only being shared amongst the few of us


Free reeling, beyond any control and allowed to create money from thin air. No control, oversight nor can do as they see fit and at the basis of all what is going wrong. Trying to take over the world and creation of a digital prison, god like including right on life.

Behind the NWO?WEF one world one party government and the absolute owner of planet earth and anything associated with it.

Fighting ongoing for the alternativo the multi-polar construct the BRICS countries want for themselves. Resulting in the current wars and their drive for power and control of the so-called international order is such and more of us are willing to sacrifice and desire/need to be friends and work together as real humans. Individualistic, social, creative. Against these great and centralized organizations with no freewill. They the collectivist will go for it all, will stop at nothing nor have they done so in the past. Have capture most of the political élite in the WEST and control it. (WEF)

Like FED, WORLDBANK, IMF to name a few and use of the negative beast based energies.

The new digital money and a bonus being 2000 euro month if you let them implant chip in your hand and other conditions. Click on link for the video and more information.

The dollar going down so the big international banks decide to create more money and use it to buy valuables like gold, silver to cover themselves now but can/will result in increase of inflation.

And the real value of the new digital currencies in the near future. Please click on this link of an online video explaining it all.

In which our so-called democracy is not more than a dressing.

first: Banks, BIS and Central banks.

second: Organizations as WEF, CFR, Rockefellers

Third: Policy Distributers like UN, IMF,IPCC NGO’s

Policy Enforcers: or political puppets like Governments

Policy Propagandists: and finely The electorate/Public.

Please watch this video and showing the value at the top and happening. Last week I think the Fed did buy 58 tons of gold on Friday and for us in the end an emptied digital currency.

EVIL world we live in. We the People want peace,. The cabal/master puppets want WAR. God help us.

Please watch this video. Click on link.

Bye bye pensions, bonds, investments, a worthless digital currency and total control by these banks over the users. A win win situation situation for them.

I’m quite surprised that the big multinationals the big corporates and so-called the non-profit organizations were able to a buy up the all the valuable assets of the people in their countries.

WEF Young Global Leader Admits Ultimate Goal Is ‘CBDC Under the Skin’| BREAKING NEWS – AUGUST 21, 2023 Another link, please click on the above link.

to such an extent by a huge amounts of property that are around by the people those countries we’ve seen the biggest transfer of wealth to the 1% and the elites in the history .

Every man woman and child in the Western countries in to death signing over their livelihoods even if any country forecloses on another one and putting their people up as an asset who can be drawn upon if they cannot pay their debt the true for the matter

The system being collapsed on purpose in favor of the 1% mainly the international banks and their proxies. All planned or the great reset like they call it and even you preppers you will own nothing.

Not even right on your own life, wife and children. Not your own home we’re not own your own land even the new created digital money will be yours. They intend to create a voucher system, already signed it away behind closed doors, soon to be implemented by our master puppets.

Do not forgot Africa. France is not happy with their eviction and the UN is not happy about Russia’s support of Africa’s quest for emancipation. The UN now being part of the cabal as well. Power hungry/control/greed.

Pre programmed, collectivists and HIVE mind, no individuality and hate for nature, and an infinite size ego. The best.

Yep this is the plan and the events they create will have people begging for it. ( their so-called solution.

News & Analysis
Euro bank notes to embed RFID chips by 2005
Euro bank notes to embed RFID chips by 2005

Junko Yoshida12/19/2001 10:14 AM EST
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like.php?api_key=133355186775047& MATEO, Calif. — The European Central Bank is working with technology partners on a hush-hush project to embed radio frequency identification tags into the very fibers of euro bank notes by 2005, EE Times has learned. Intended to foil counterfeiters, the project is developing as Europe prepares for a massive changeover to the euro, and would create an instant mass market for RFID chips, which have long sought profitable application.
The banking community and chip suppliers say the integration of an RFID antenna and chip on a
bank note is technically possible, but no bank notes in the world today employ such a technology.
Critics say it’s unclear if the technology can be implemented at a cost that can justify the effort, and
question whether it is robust enough to survive the rough-and-tumble life span of paper money.

A spokesman for the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt, Germany confirmed the existence of a
project, but was careful not to comment on its technologies.
At least two European semiconductor makers contacted by EE Times, Philips Semiconductors and
Infineon Technologies, acknowledged their awareness of the ECB project but said they are under
strict nondisclosure agreements. The euro will become “the most common currency in the world”
at midnight on Jan. 1, when 12 nations embrace it, according to Ingo Susemihl, vice president and
general manager of RFID group at Infineon.
The ECB and criminal investigators in Europe are already on high alert, worried not only about
counterfeiting of a currency most people haven’t seen, but also of a possible increase in money
laundering, given the euro’s broad cross-border reach.

The ECB said 14.5 billion bank notes are being produced, 10 billion of which will go into circulation at
once in January, with 4.5 billion being held in reserve to accommodate potential leaps in demand.

Thwarting underworld popularity
Although euro bank notes already include such security features as holograms, foil stripes, special
threads, microprinting, special inks and watermarks, the ECB believes it must add further protection
to keep the euro from becoming the currency of choice in the criminal underworld, where the U.S.
dollar is now the world’s most counterfeited currency.

The ECB spokesman said his organization has contacted various central banks worldwide — not just
in Europe — to discuss added security measures for the currency.In theory, an RFID tag’s ability to
read and write information to a bank note could make it very difficult, for example, for kidnappers
to ask for “unmarked” bills. Further, a tag would give governments and law enforcement agencies a
means to literally “follow the money” in illegal transactions.

“The RFID allows money to carry its own history,” by recording information about where it has been,
said Paul Saffo, director of Institute for the Future (Menlo Park, Calif.).

The embedding of an RFID tag on a bank note is “a fundamental departure” from the conventional
security measures applied to currency, Saffo said.
“Most currency security today is based on a false premise that people would look at the money to
see if it is counterfeit,” he said. But “nobody does that.
The RFID chip is an important advance because it no longer depends on humans” to spot funny

RFID basics
The basic technology building blocks for RFID on bank notes are similar to those required for today’s
smart labels or contactless cards. They require a contactless data link that can automatically collect
information about a product, place, time or transaction. Smart labels produced by companies such as
Philips Semiconductors, Infineon, STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments are already used in such
applications as smart airline luggage tags, library books and for supply chain management of various
“Two minimum elements you need for RFID are a chip and an antenna,” according to Gordon Kenneth
Andrew Oswald, associate director at Arthur D. Little Inc., a technology consulting firm based in
Cambridge, Mass. When a bank note passes through reader equipment, the antenna on the note
collects energy and converts it to electric energy to activates the chip, he said.
The antenna then “provides a communication path between a chip on the bank note and the rest of
the world,” said Tres Wiley, emerging markets strategy manager for RFID Systems at TI.

For its part, the chip “is a dedicated processor to handle protocols, to carry out data encoding to send
and receive data and address memory” embedded on the chip.
Although the industry is “well down the road with the smart label technology,” Wiley said he was “a
bit surprised to learn that someone goes to that extent — to embed RFID into bank notes — to
combat counterfeit money.
“A number of challenges must be overcome before RFID tags can be embedded on bills, said Kevin
Ashton, executive director of the Auto ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
“The most obvious one is the price,” he said. Today’s RFID tags cost between 20 cents to $1.00, and
“that’s not economic enough for most bills,” Ashton said. “We’ve absolutely got to get the cost way
down.” The goal of the Auto ID Center is to find an application that requires billions of RFID chips to
bring their cost as low as 5 cents, he added. While most chip companies with RFID expertise are
keeping their plans for money applications close to their chest, Hitachi Ltd. announced plans last July
for a chip designed for paper money that would pack RF circuitry and ROM in a 0.4-mm square circuit
measuring 60 microns thick. Although the chip features no rewritable capability, Ryo Imura, chief
executive of Hitachi’s Mew Solutions venture, said at the time of announcement, “We’ll consider them
for the next generation of products.” Hitachi’s chip stores encrypted ID information in ROM during
the manufacturing process, presumably to replace the serial number of each bank note.
Even without writable memory, Hitachi’s chip is said to be fairly costly. Hitachi declined to be interview
ed for this article.

While the size of the rewritable memory embedded on an RFID chip will determine the kinds of
information it can store, it also affects the chip’s cost.
Affordable with bigger bills
It is unclear whether the ECB will incorporate RFID chips into all euro bank notes or just on the larger
bills. The EUR 200 and EUR 500 bank notes in particular — equivalent to roughly $200 and $500 in
value — are expected to be popular in the “informal” economy.
Embedding a 30 cents chip into a EUR 500 bill would make more sense than putting it into a European
buck, several industry sources said.
Manufacturing processes are also considered a major hurdle to embedding a low-cost antenna and
chip onto bank notes. “The chip is already so small,” MIT’s Ashton said. “To connect the two ends of a
coil — an antenna — at precisely the right place on a chip could present a major problem.
“A printing process is an option, Ashton said, but “you need a breakthrough in the high-volume
manufacturing process.” Such a technology does not exist today, he said.
Size and thickness are key attributes of an RFID chip for paper currency, said Karsten Ottenberg,
senior vice president and general manager of business unit identification at Philips Semiconductors.
“For putting chips into documents, they need to be very small — less than a square millimeter —
and thin such that they are not cracking under mechanical stress of the document. Thinning down to
50 micron and below is a key challenge.” That would require advanced mechanical and chemical
techniques, he said.
Bank notes present “an interesting future application for us,” said Tom Pounds, vice president of RFID
projects at Alien Technology, which holds the rights to a fabrication process that suspends tiny
semiconductor devices in a liquid that’s deposited over a substrate containing holes of corresponding
The devices settle on the substrate and self-align. Rather than working on the interconnection to an
RF antenna one chip at a time, “we can do a massively parallel interconnection,” Pounds said.
Bank notes are not Alien’s primary focus at present, he said.


Aliens and planet Earth

Ashtar Sharon gfl W Asar Sharon & New Earth.


Carbon dioxide and Health

If our selected leaders would be more careful in choosing their words, life would more be like heaven.

Religions, The State/Media and humanity.

Remote viewing and Alien interventions on planet earth

Ancient origin.

Baba Vanga and the predictions for Europe/West.


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