Attempt to radically change our economic and social lives?

The globalists’ plan is to bring all of the national currencies under the control of an international body in the new financial system (to “stop all of the undisciplined money printing and currency wars”: a problem they created so they could offer this solution), then they’ll slowly transition us to a common currency (still controlled by the banksters from behind the scenes of the supposedly “transparent” new system).

The Great Reset: The Global Elite’s Plan to Radically Remake Our Economic and Social Lives

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what is the great resetThe Great Reset is upon us…or at least the powers that be are trying to bring it out. What was once a fringe “conspiracy theory” is now on display plain as day for everyone to see. The economic, political, academic, and media elites around the world are leveraging the chaos, confusion, and restrictions on liberty from the COVID-19 lockdowns and using them to try to radically alter society around the world. Comparable to what did happen to the people in the Sovjet Union with the introduction of communist ideology and central planning. Millions upon millions of people lost their lives including malnutrition and created food shortages.

New Real Climate Science

Refounding climate science sans IPCC’s CO2 back radiation & other fake science.

How is it possible that cows, alone, pose a major global warming risk? Aren’t alarmists going way overboard on this one little emissions stream?

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TL WinslowSee parent question

What was happening before Europe invaded North America?

Do you think these guys were responsible for changing the climate. Is that why we wiped them out?

The Climate Change© agenda is an anti-human campaign that attempts to blame human success for a warming planet, an affect which in reality falls well within natural variation. It is more about removing humans than it is about shaking cows from the evolutionary tree. If you pay attention most of the climate solutions involve removing the ability for the human race to feed themselves.

You may have noticed the cost to feed your family continues to rise… (more)

Feed the cows soybeans, with some seaweed thrown in, and I don’t think the problem is nearly as large. It’s not the cows, its the rangeland needed to feed them, that is the problem: specifically all the plants that need to be cut down to support the monoculture of the range. Which means lambs are also the problem. Anyway, there’s a lot of research on reducing the amount of methane that cows produce, so hopefully it will yield fruit (ha ha). Yes, perhaps people have gone a bit overboard on this emissions stream. They just want us to give up eating animals, I think. But I like the bumper sticker “if we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?’

Programmer (Games) (2019–present)Apr 11

It’s not possible as the fear of a climate disaster created by human activity is total bullshit. This is just another ruse to transfer more wealth from the poor to the rich via carbon taxes and other fees.

Climate change is a constant. The climate has constantly changed slowly over time for billions of years. So what caused the climate to change? The SUN.

Or would these criminals that push this agenda that will in fact cause the starvation of half the planet decree that mammoth farts were the cause in the past? A past when humans did not yet exist.

Check out their green save the planet policies and accept the realization that the carbon footprints they want to remove are the people. Once you realize this all their insanity makes much more sense.

Climate change and Covid are both depopulation agendas. I would suggest reading these agendas on the U.N. website. Agenda 21/30 and Agenda 20/50. They sound so nice until you ask the question how will their population goals be achieved? Genocide is how.

What part of this statement is not coming true?

“At least 4 billion “Useless Eaters” shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases, and starvation. Energy, food, and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, starting with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races. The population of Canada, Western Europe, and the United States will be decimated more rapidly than on other continents until the world’s population reaches a manageable level of 1 billion, of which 500 million will consist of Chinese and Japanese races, selected because they are people who have been regimented for centuries and who are accustomed to obeying authority without question.”

Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300. Dr. John Coleman.

Former Architect and Former Hand Model

 · Apr 7

“How?”, he asks. That’s simple: Climate change is nothing more than a POLITICAL FARCE…that’s the WHY that leads to the HOW…any bullshit “story” to support their MARXIST rhetoric. That’s what is all distills into…MARXISM.

The squealing from the leftist enemies of humanity about cow farts is a feint. They make some noise to distract us and while we are distracted they work behind the scenes to sodomize the civilized world.

Lawrence Timothy Phelps · 

Studied much on climate change

 · Apr 5

Of course. Human beings fart 18 times a day. Multiply that by 7 billion.

After covid came climate change and Wars followed by digital prison/CBDC ( Cabal/Central banks)

What will this change look like? The global elites want to create a society of renters who own nothing, while also pushing a social agenda that would be unpopular with the unwashed masses and difficult to implement in a society with a broad, ownership-based middle class. What this means is that you would rent not just your home, but also your phone, computer, car (though you probably will “carshare,” the term for renting a car when you need one for an extended period and summoning one when you need it for a ride), and even the pots and pans you cook with.

The flip side of this will be a radical transformation of the world economy. No longer will you have a job in the sense that it has traditionally been understood. Instead, you will work various and sundry “gigs,” all of which place you in a precarious position at any given time. You will receive a fee for services performed, with no benefits, paid time off, healthcare, or anything else that the middle class in the West has become accustomed to.

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To facilitate the Great Reset, rural populations will have to be coerced into more concentrated population centers since dispersed populations have too high a “carbon footprint.” The suburbs will be a thing of the past as suburbs and exurbs become more like cities. Mixed-use housing, where you and 500 other people live in a mid-rise condo hive with shops and “workshare” spaces (the new version of an office – on your dime, not your employer’s) in the same area.

The short version is that it’s a total end to the American way of life, specifically the way of life of most of the Western middle class. The specifics, including the why, are a longer story that you’re going to want to read if you want to be ready to fight against the Great Reset.

What is the Great Reset?

Knowing what the Great Reset is can be difficult because official sources on the matter – World Economic Forum, the primary mover behind the Great Reset, and its affiliated organizations and individuals – cloak their aims in vague euphemisms like the main slogan for the Great Reset, “build back better.”

We have discussed in our articles on Cultural MarxismCritical Race Theory in public schools, and, George Soros how the enemies of freedom often use vague, non-specifically positive language for their projects. These are generally words that, when taken at face value, no one could possibly disagree with. Who would be against building back better?

These words mean something else and one should not accept at face value the idea that the Great Reset is simply “building back better” any more than one should accept at face value the claim that four out of five doctors smoke Camels.

So what is the Great Reset?

At its core, the Great Reset is an attempt to enforce socialism through private companies rather than only through the government. Think of it as “socialism with Amazon Prime characteristics.” That being said, the government will certainly play a role in the Great Reset by angling for higher taxes, which the wealthy will be able to avoid using armies of lawyers and accountants; adding additional bureaucratic red tape, which the wealthy will avoid using the same armies of lawyers, connections, and special carveouts; and growing big government social programs a la the New Deal, which will disproportionately benefit the wealthy and preferred underclass who will be weaponized against the broad middle class. An excellent example of a Great Reset program in the United States is the proposed Green New Deal, which we will discuss in greater detail later.

move to cities

Here is a glimpses of how the Great Reset will look:

  • “Sharing Economy:” everything is rented and nothing is owned
  • Digital media: it will be easier to ban and suppress books and videos that run contrary to prevailing narratives
  • Social Media Restrictions: the de facto public square, will be restricted to those who tout the latest version of elite narratives.
  • de facto social credit system: those who deviate from the narrative will be financially blacklisted, including loss of their dubious “benefits” which will increasingly become necessary for ordinary life and even survival
  • Centralization of Housing and Land: fewer and fewer Americans will own the property they live in and on
  • “Racial Equity”: some races will be more equal than others, with preferred groups becoming the recipients of generous benefit programs funded by the less preferred groups, who increasingly become tax slaves
  • Climate Change: protection of the environment will be used as an excuse to reduce the standard of living for the middle class, increase restrictions on freedom of movement, and even access to food
  • Ground-level goons will operate with impunity to attack enemies of the system in coordinated outbreaks of violence and intimidation
  • Concentrated Wealth: wealth will be concentrated in the hands of the regime and its allies which will be used as economic leverage to control political discourse and personal freedom

Is The Great Reset Real?

This might all sound a little far-fetched; however, unlike other alleged “conspiracy theories” which require a great amount of research to prove are true, the Great Reset is right out there in the open for everyone to see. The people pushing it brag about it, speak of it openly, craft propaganda campaigns around it, refer to it explicitly by name, and get publicly frustrated and angry when the “dog isn’t going to eat the dog food.”

A video of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of the World Economic Forum, the primary global elite institution pushing for the Great Reset, went viral. It is only about 40 seconds and well worth the time it takes to watch. You’ll see the Great Reset logo right behind Schwab in the same font as the World Economic Forum logo. Additionally, Schwab explicitly speaks of the Great Reset and his frustration with the COVID-19 pandemic in that it has not been as effective as he would like in pushing the Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab isn’t some random guy on Twitter or a blogger with a couple dozen readers, he is an extremely powerful man and head of one of the most important elite globalist organization in the world, the World Economic Forum.

The Great Reset is larger than a single 40-second viral clip. There’s an entire page about it on the World Economic Forum’s website, including a lot of vague language that doesn’t tell you much of what it actually. Time‘s website includes a rather massive cache of articles pushing the subject as unassailably good and beyond question or reproach. A video on the World Economic Forum’s YouTube channel is effectively a five-minute PSA of talking points on the subject.

Alarmingly, the BBC and others are running articles encouraging you not to believe your own lying eyes, insisting that this is a conspiracy theory not rooted in fact. Additionally, Wikipedia includes an entire section assuring you that the “conspiracy theory” of the Great Reset bears no relation to the pure, noble intentions of people like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and Tony Blair.

The Great Reset is clearly real, but how do the powers that be intend to force it on the world?

Grooming for a Police State

Whether one thinks that the COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions were a good faith response to a public health emergency or not is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that it accustomed Americans and Westerners to significant restrictions on their freedoms, including freedom of movement. More than that, it showed those in power that people that if you created enough fear, Americans would tolerate the restrictions.

move to cities

Thus, consciously or not, global elites were grooming the world population for a police state. Fortunately, there has been some pushback and vaccine passports are encountering stiff resistance from both elected officials and the general population at large. For most of 2020 and 2021, the most freedom loving people on earth – Americans – were walking around with dirty, useless masks on to comply with a government mandate. A mandate that after further scrutiny, made no sense. Americans even allowed their children to be subjected to this as a condition of attending school.

The COVID-19 lockdowns were not the first time that Americans were groomed for police state – TSA is the biggest example of this, however, we also see examples of this in our public schools with metal detectors and warrantless searches.

If nothing else, the elites learned that there is just about nothing that America and the world will not tolerate provided that you scare them enough.  The burning question now is how will Americans be scared into further erosions of their liberties?

The Sky Is Falling: Climate Austerity and the Great Reset

The most likely answer is through climate austerity. There have already been musings among the COVID-19 lockdown warriors that one of the best things about the lockdowns is that they significantly reduced carbon emissions, thus saving the planet during the period when people were locked down. The natural conclusion is that climate lockdowns are a viable solution to climate change.

Whether or not one believes that climate change exists and is caused by humans is irrelevant. What is relevant is whether or not the burden of fixing the planet – if such a thing is necessary and possible – ought to be borne by individual consumers and the common man. Perhaps not surprisingly, billionaire plutocrats like Bill Gates (a big booster of COVID-19 lockdowns and the Great Reset) think that it ought to be.

This is the real meaning of “we’re all in this together.” Does anyone honestly believe that Davos attendees like Bill Gates will be living in dense, mixed-use communities or eating cricket patties as their primary source of protein? Of course not. They will continue to live the affluent lifestyles that they currently live in while the rest of us suffer.

move to cities

The idea that you and I ought to bear the burden of climate change is called “climate austerity.” It is the belief that the average man must tighten his belt and lower his standard of living in what might well be a totally Quixotic attempt to save the planet. It is a concept closely tied to the Great Reset and an example of how something other than another pandemic might be used to get Americans and the rest of the world to radically change their notion of what they’re “allowed” to do.

We should all recall back that poorly aged phrase “14 days to stop the spread.” How many times did the goalposts move? Where are we with that as you read this? First we were told that we needed to “flatten the curve.” Then there needed to be a vaccine. Then the vaccine wasn’t enough. The point is, that COVID-19 became a perpetual excuse for the elites to enact whatever “emergency” measures they wanted – all for your own safety, of course.

An integral part of climate austerity is the war on private transportationcommercial flights, and freedom of travel. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg floated a mileage tax and many measures advanced by the Green New Deal that would effectively ban private transportation, due to the high cost – again, you will be impacted by this but the elites will not. It seems that there is almost a weekly outrage against pickup trucks on Twitter.

The real reason for this is to control the free movement of people. The agenda here has nothing to do with stated goals and everything to do with locking you down, reducing your standard of living, abolishing your way of life, and subjecting every aspect of your life to control by powerful elites.

The Great Reset in Action: Blackrock Creates a Nation of Renters

BlackRock is a private equity firm that has been offering absurd prices for residential homes in the suburbs. They don’t plan to flip them and turn a profit. Rather, the plan is to buy homes at 50 percent above asking with the purpose of transforming these homes into rental properties. BlackRock’s acquisition of the suburbs is part of a larger issue that grew out of COVID-19, but is closely related to the Great Reset – the increased centralization of the American economy.

While isolated conservatives such as Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to defend the “free market” principles of venture capital speculating on the market using free money from the Federal Reserve (with full knowledge that they will be bailed out if things go south), most recognized BlackRock’s attempt to corner the housing market for what it is. It was a transparent move to transform America into a society of modern serfs. Renters who own nothing can be moved around at the whims of Big Money or financially blacklisted if they step out of line.

BlackRock is certainly villainous, but they represent a broader trend not just limited to the housing market, the concentration of wealth as a weapon. The Bernie Sanders left focuses on “wealth inequality,” which is simply a fact of life that cannot be done away with. “The poor,” Christ told us, “you will always have with you.” People having more than other people isn’t a social problem, but a few people owning everything is, because it is simply socialism (centralized control) by other means. It also dramatically reduces the number of people with skin in the game making the economic and social atmosphere extremely volatile.

One company, or a handful of them, who dominate the housing market are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Chief among these reasons is the ability to weaponize this control over housing against critics of the regime. Who needs the government to enact a social credit system when the national landlord has one? Of course, the usual dummies will defend this because it’s being done by a private corporation.

It is worth briefly noting that the eviction moratorium favors large landlords who can go months or years without an income over smaller ones, who cannot. The moratorium was enacted by the CDC, which apparently now has the authority to control rental properties in the United States.

Blackrock and ESG’s

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Blackrock’s $8.5 Billion ESG COLLAPSE Just Got Worse…


Black Rock has just been hit by an 8.5 billion crater in their business after getting away with their corrupt ESG scam for well over a decade. Texas is the first state to damage the business where it hurts in its bank account but other US states are following suit and taking fire once again inflation has been heavily spiked over the last few years by this shortsighted obsession with ESG and leftist principles the blackrock used to take control of the financial world.

But the curtain has finally been opened and we are currently witnessing black crot slow but sure demise as more and more Revelations come to light and assets are pulled from the company’s control as a result of how they’ve used ESG to manipulate the markets to do exactly as they wish I’m not expecting for you to sympathize with black rock here I’m merely going to explain this 8 and a half billion dollar bombshell that just exploded and make it clear once and for all why this is all black Rock’s fault and why it’s only going to get worse.

From here on out black rock is the largest asset manager in the entire world dwarfing all other competitors and while they’re often considered to be the company that owns the world the truth is they don’t own it they just control it whilst they are listed as the largest shareholders of almost every single publicly traded company the reality is that they are mainly custodians of these shares holding on to them for their customers and investors but while they don’t own the shares they do own the voting rights that come with the shares.

And Boy the Black Rock like to throw their weight around and use these voting RS to benefit themselves at the expense of not only their customers but also the economy as a whole even though though this is clearly a moral problem it’s also a legal problem for Black Rock and thousands of other institutions who have pushed ESG for so long these corporations have a fiduciary duty to their investors and shareholders they are legally required to do what is in the best interest financially of those parties and ESG is blatantly forcing prices upwards causing inflation and ignore some of the most profitable investments in the world and it isn’t just a case of Black Rock not wanting to invest their own assets into things which go against the ESG ideals.

Isn’t even about Black Rob recommending to people that they take their corrupt ESG scores into account when making their own Investments it is Black Rock literally not allowing other people to invest into those certain industries themselves.

Black Rock have taken it upon themselves to be the moral police with all things investing and this is an
industry where only the biggest players are true options where Ordinary People simply can’t compete on any level so when the entire industry unites behind Black Rock and acts as a car tell and does their best to destroy the investing landscape ordinary people have no true recourse.

Now we are in a transitional period it’s not just Blackstone black rock and all the other Banks it’s even
their founders with Larry think Black Rock CEO himself saying that America’s debt crisis is more urgent than he can ever remember and there is so much uncertainty right now with Bloomberg literally running a million separate simulations on the outcome of this debt crisis and 88% of them show that the debt to GDP ratio of the US is on an unsustainable path.

I talked a couple of weeks ago about looking for investments in different countries but you can reduce risk and still find growth with alternative assets like Contemporary Art now it’s been a while since I’ve talked about Masterworks here directly so if you’re unfamiliar here’s a quick rundown.

Masterworks data shows that as an asset class postwar and contemporary art has a historically low correlation to traditional equities meaning when the stock or bond market is trending down the value of your art investment tends to be less affected.

Masterworks is an award-winning art investment platform that buys Blue Chip paintings securitizes them and allows you to invest in shares since Inception.

They’ve had 21 exits each of them individually delivering a profit not counting Works still in holding they distributed back over 55 million to investor proceeds over 900,000 people have signed up so far and when you’re offering work from artists like Picasso Basia and Banky. Shares can run out in a hurry but in honor of our partnership my subscribers can still skip the wait list and start investing today by using the QR code on screen or going to the link in the description.

As with any investment past performance is not indicative of future returns investing involves risk so see
important regulation A disclosures at to give them more control and influence over the global economy supposedly there’s nothing wrong with ESG sustainable investment is a valuable thing to have in our economies as it ensures our economies and countries can Thrive for decades and centuries to come so short-term priorities don’t overwhelm the long-term reality but in truth ESG doesn’t do that at all and it doesn’t actually aim to do that either the environmental aspect of ESG has really just been used to attack the oil and gas Industries to take investment away from them and fund it into less and more costly green Alternatives.

This alone costs consumers billions every year as Energy prices are more expensive as a result and inflation rates consistently come in higher than we expect because we aren’t using the most coste efficient power sources.

This happened literally just a couple of days ago with the US CPI sitting at a monthly annualized rate
of over 5% and the worst thing about this all is that these disastrous rules only impact the west.

And other countries like China and IND India continue to ramp up their destructive burning of coal whilst we fool ourselves into thinking we’re making a difference.

The social and governance aspect of ESG really just relates to leftist policies intent on changing the political landscape no longer are businesses allowed to focus on the business now.

They have to focus on furthering that leftist agenda to the detriment of not only themselves but their customers and their investors too.

Diversity equity and inclusion is now a work in every major company in the world and it wastes resources it causes bureaucracy and inefficiencies and at the end of the day is equivalent to burning money for no good reason but corporations w’t ever actually allowed to avoid this self-sabotage as companies like Black Rock would ostracize them from the global economy and investment landscape if they dared to think for themselves and put their employees investors and companies first.

Thankfully over the last couple of years and in particular in the wake of the inflation shocks we’ve seen
since Co the world has awoken to how disastrous ESG truly is your struggle to find even 10% of the population that
actually supports this nonsense anymore and as a result of that companies like Black Rock are losing ground and being heavily damaged.

As a result now we already know that Florida has been fighting back against Black Rock ESG and wokeism in general but Texas is on the war path as well Texas has actually just passed two laws that restrict government contracts with companies that take punitive stances towards fossil fuels and Firearm Industries basically when a company decides to attack the oil or gas IND industry or the Firearms industry it is then illegal for Texas State organizations to do business with that Corporation ensuring monsters like Black Rock can’t make a profit from the very State they are attacking and damaging in particular Texas has identified the 350 separate Black Rock funds are boycotting these industries refusing to allow their customers to invest into what they want to instead claim that they know best and now it’s time for Black Rock to pay the piper as they’ve started losing investors because of this well-placed law meaning they can no longer get away with their deceitful business practices while still profiting of the people they are attacking and hurting and that ultimately is why we’ve just seen the Texas schools fund pull $8.5 billion do in assets away from Black Rock and we’ll see plenty more examples like this coming shortly as well not only because Texas has already taken this action and many other Texas organizations will have to follow the school funds Direction but also because there are many other states and governments going the exact same direction unhappy at this company’s refusal to take their customers seriously and to put their best interests at heart

Throughout 2023 as these laws finally came into action Black Rock lost $4 billion in assets and already this singular withdrawal has doubled that for 2024 with much more pain almost certainly on the way for Black Rock and so what is black Rock’s genius plan to win back these billions in Lost assets to defend their reputation and stop their downfall from accelerating while they’re publishing hit pieces against the Texas permanent School fund after they took their $8.5 billion in assets back.

But this letter they’ published is verifiably false not to mention incredibly damaging to Black Rock’s brand their first claim is that black rock has actually done the fund a favor by beating their Benchmark targets and making them loads of money which sounds nice but that Benchmark is literally just an estimation of the growth of the market as a whole and these funds were literally just invested into index funds.

So the idea that black rock was in any way respons responsble for these games or that they’re the only
asset manager capable of achieving them is completely false Black Rob then claimed that they haven’t used their ESG agenda to discriminate against certain industries and they’ve published a list of some of their investments into the oil and gas industry as evidence that they actually love fossil fuels and don’t corrupt the financial markets with ESG.

This is of course completely false because no one is claiming that black rock is boycotting these industries
entirely but what they absolutely are doing is using the voting rights of their customers to redirect literally
thousands of companies across the United States to comply with esg’s scam.

To this reality black frog didn’t say a single word choosing instead to try and misdirect their readers instead and why don’t they try and deny this claim because just a couple of years ago black rock actually used to brag about this fact on their website.

Finally Black Rock are also claiming this is all due to political corruption and that they’re subject to a vicious Witch Hunt by saying that the reasons and process for Texas to withdraw these 8 and a half bill ions in funds happened behind closed doors and smoke and mirrors to hide the truth from everyone this.

Also is categorically false as the process was the Texas legislature passing a law the governor then signing it and the controller generating a list of companies in violation to the law and then the pension fund abiding by that law and removing their funds from Black Rock.

Nothing could be clearer and more above board but that did stop Black Rock from outright refusing to tell the truth instead blaming Shadow governments and Corruption for their own failure and immorality.
Of course Black Rock are running some more expected damage control too they no longer dare say the acronym ESG and have scrubbed all mentions of it off their website but the practices which make ESG are still a reality and so the pain and their downfall is still going to arrive whether they resort to baseless attacks or not.

What should we expect going forward well simply more of the same more investors pulling their capital
from Black Rock more angrily typed Letters from Black Rock claiming they do nothing wrong and more negative press damaging the company standing as the largest asset manager in the world their influence is falling their assets are reducing and the company is in full damage control mode desperate to reverse this catastrophic power grab they orchestrated for so many years it is merely now a matter of time and nothing else.

The Great Reset in Action: Social Credit

The Great Reset is all in on “racial equity,” a term that appeared almost out of nowhere around the 2020 election and has been used unrelentingly since in the mainstream press as if it were a word everyone always used. Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

“Equity” effectively means, not to lean quite too heavily on Orwell, that all races are equal but some races are more equal than others. This is a key goal of the Great Reset. The argument basically goes that the only way to address racial disparities in the United States is by extended special benefits and privileges to allegedly “oppressed” groups.

Because government benefit programs are a zero-sum game, these assistance programs, and special privileges will have to be paid for by someone else. For every dollar of benefit money doled out, a dollar of income is lost by someone else. For every job or university position reserved for a protected class, something is lost by someone else.

A key part of the push for “equity” is attacks on people who oppose it. Equity as an ideology is tied up with a bundle of other ideas pushed by Cultural Marxists and the extremely similar but unrelated phenomenon of George Soros “Open Society” types.

The important part, as far as we are concerned, is that concentrated wealth is better able to enforce the prevailing diktats of ideology. When small business evaporates, it is easier to enforce social programs using the private sector. Similarly, when ownership becomes increasingly concentrated, it is easier to enforce a de facto social credit system. The value system of corporate elites is well known.

Conservatives are already being denied bank accounts because of their beliefs, and the beliefs that warrant financial blacklisting are increasingly expanded. It is not too much to imagine that in the very near future, financial blacklisting and social ostracism, enforced by Big Tech and Big Finance, will come to include any critics of so-called racial equity or any other aspect of regime ideology.

In general, what you’re looking at is a system where there are far fewer poles of financial and social attraction, and that these few remaining poles are increasingly inseparable from the state. This is the essence of fascism in its definition not as anyone’s set of ideological or political principles, but as the system of governance where there is little to no daylight between the corporate sector and the administrative state.

Why the Great Reset?

We cannot speculate as to the internal motives of any man. What we can do is talk about the tangible effects that policies have here in the real world. The primary tangible effect of the Great Reset is an increased amount of power and wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people, all of whom are hostile toward you, your values, and your way of life.

It might have been a happy accident that the greatest wealth transfer in human history happened during the COVID-19 lockdowns, or it might have been by design. Regardless, the upward wealth transfer happened. Success rarely satiates, rather it fuels a hunger for more success. We should see this wealth transfer as a prelude to an even larger wealth transfer that is forthcoming.

Additionally, the Western middle class sits on an enormous reserve of wealth in the form of homeownership and retirement funds. These are the white whales of the global elite. One would be a fool, given all of the evidence, to believe that they would stop at anything to acquire this massive reserve of wealth.

To the extent that it is possible, we must make ourselves more resilient. This means owning land, having your own well, a supply of food to weather the storm, adequate supplies of ammunition, useful skills, and close community bonds. It also means sounding the alarm bells about elite propaganda campaigns, legislative maneuvers, and bureaucratic fiats designed to destroy you.

Prepare to dig in for a long winter.

Sam Jacobs

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Sam Jacobs

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