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Galactic Federation – Humanity Is About To Enter An UNEXPECTED Journey Into The 5th Dimension! (17)

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We return dear hearts with much more to discuss with you the ongoing struggle between light
and dark in this realm is approaching a crucial Point.
Many events in the past few weeks have created an opening for the light indeed the comprehensive strategy is to provide our Earth allies much needed benefits.

The Inevitable Defeat of the dark Forces continues one dark Forces strategy after the other is falling
away as the dark Forces weakens its membership diminishes meanwhile the light straightens as the puzzle pieces fall into place that will ensure your freedom peace prosperity and new government mental order are growing closer each day and every day as you know.

Your mainstream media ignores most of the good works achieved by the BR I countries and our Earth
allies this moment in history is a Transcendent turning point for you.

The dark has controlled the reality for nearly 13 Millennia the reality in which you live is transforming
gradually. Our Earth allies are working with extreme diligence to ensure that the wealth of your world is distributed to those who are deeply dedicated to the proper allocation of those funds for humanitarian
Global peace is about the creation of a better reality it is based on an organic network of Consciousness created by an Ever enlarging sense of self and initiated by the inner workings of the life.
The result of this boning awareness is a multi- tiate system designed to energize cooperation peace and cultural reciprocity.

Each nation has an enduring obligation to provide its people with food shelter clothing health care and a
sustainable pollution free environment most importantly they are charged with protecting the freedom and
personal sovereignty of each citizen

These are every person’s an assess liable rights as we have discussed in previous messages you are being prepared for the activation of three new chakras.
The Well of Dreams in the back of your head the thymus located in the upper chest about the heart and the dim just above the solar plexus these new chakras May begin with mild discomfort and the potential for flu like symptoms as well as headaches periodic loss of balance and body temperature fluctuations integration of your physical mental emotional and spiritual hodies is entering in your face the continue flow of higher frequencies bombarding the Earth at this time is accelerating the refinement and integration of your new 13 chakra system.
These alterations to your physical body which prepare you for our arrival are to switch on your natural
telepathic abilities.
Make it much easier for us to streamline our interactions with you.

Greetings we are your ascended masters we come this week to talk to you about communion which we Define as the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings especially when that exchange is on a spiritual level.
Communion creates a sacred community of believers who maintain a common Consciousness about themselves and their lives it allows you to build a collaborative Dynamic field designed to nurture each individual and the collective whole communion allows every participant in the group dynamic to nurture the potential of each member members of this ever groving Community come together and discuss what their inner beliefs truly imply to the society as a whole.

This spiritual accur frees you to renew who and what you are and how you carry out your daily affairs with each other together as your shared Consciousness grows it produces an inner Aura of support and spiritual relaxation this shared energy Dynamic further enlarges the Consciousness field allowing it to achieve its own full and unique potential.

You can understand why communion is such a significant step in the creation of your new Galactic Society this Dynamic field enables an organic system to develop enhancing innovative ways of community problem solving communion involves a daily renewal of the many spiritual perceptions.
The individual and the collective graciously share with one another one way to implement this is through
ritual. However communion is more than simply a spiritual ritual while for many communion may seem slightly out of place to us it is a practice that keeps the community in an ever expanding and spiritually fulfilling practice.

It is a holistic means of expanding your consciousness of watching each member grow in New and Powerful ways when you intend the best for yourself and others only the most positive events can inevitably manifest in your reality today we discuss some of the situations that affect you momentous events are settling into place that will transfigure your world and in doing so turn it away from the horrors of the dog toward the joys and graciousness of the light

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No dear ones that the countless supplies and NeverEnding prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours so be it be one and be in joy mass exodus of parts


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Our sun and effects it has on planet earth currently.


Greetings my dearest children today I am bringing you a message of extreme importance and it is due to the fact that there will be great changes on Earth in the near future.

How ? First because of polar shifts some irreversible processes in the Earth’s crust will start which will change its structure and as a result it might initiate the process of redistribution of the continents as a consequence.

As a result of these changes a significant part of the land on some continents will be flooded which will lead to a mass Exodus of the population from these areas in fact this process has already started and this explains the numerous floods around the world

Secondly; because the movement of the Earth’s crust will also affect the core of the planet that is the plasma core the fire mass will start to escape through the active volcanoes existing on Earth many of which have started to show activity recently that is why it’s necessary to evacuate the population living in close proximity to such volcanoes.

Thirdly; these processes will also affect air masses the air in the areas affected by the pole shifts will
become compressed and as a consequence the Earth’s rocks will become compressed too in other words the air will be sucked into the forming funnels and will then be pushed out by force from them which can cause storms and hurricane winds

Fourthly; as you can see dear ones as a result of the coming changes on your planet the all four elements Earth fire air and water May Rebel why am I telling you about this today of course not to frighten you and provoke the low energies of fear I am addressing you as conscious and mature light workers and my assistants on Earth who learn how to live by the universal laws and create your reality with the power of your thoughts.

I am asking you immediately after reading this message to start working with the natural elements of which I have already told you recently.

It will help harmonize them and minimize the devastating consequences which will save many human lives as well as the animal and plant world.

How should you do this work of course by using The Fifth Element love in your meditations you need to learn how to resonate with each of the natural elements to completely merge with them feel their vibrations and by activating your Crystal of love send the most powerful stream of this Divine energy into the energy body of each of these elements to make your work easier.

You can imagine the elements in any form close to your Consciousness even in the form of a human silhouette believe me you are so powerful that with the power of your thought and intention you can concentrate all the power of the element even in the palm of your hand prove dear ones that you have already become God.

Men who are able to create miracles in in the name of saving your planet and bright human Souls everyone who is ready for the Ascension will leave anyway but you can safe those whose souls are able to go through a quick spiritual growth spurt and transfer together with the renewed Earth into The Fifth Dimension and the time has come to act upon that dear ones.
And I bless you for that in today’s today’s message I’d like to tell you about the planet which plays a very
important role in your life even though you are completely unaware of that I am talking about the planet Gloria which is located on the other side of the Sun and therefore is unseen for you .

It is a remarkable Planet which combines in itself all the best things which has been created on Earth by different civilizations from the time of the very beginning and it is populated by the most pure Souls
who had ever lived on earth.

Why have I decided to speak about it today because Gloria is a prototype of of the earth of the future it is already in the 5D and there Reigns the same atmosphere which would be on your planet after Ascension and intense work is carried out there now because many of the inhabitants of Gloria have voluntarily decided to become your helpers and now develop the new ways of communication with you in order to teach you how to live in the new conditions and utilize New Opportunities.

This is a planet of great workers because it attracts only those Souls who have chosen service for the
people it is characterized by a very active and creative atmosphere everyone is busy working in
their field of work the one his soul has chosen this planet is open for visitors from all civilizations that are friendly to earthlings who wish to contribute to the remarkable project the shift of Earth into the 5D many scientists actors singers those whose Talent beatified the Earth by their presence have moved over to this wonderful planet after their exit from Earth and now they observe with great interest what’s happening on Earth trying with all their means to bring the valuable information to people communication with citizens of Gloria would allow you to become quickly accustomed to the new life because when you see the familiar faces and those who have been loved and respected person on Earth.

It would warm up your soul and it would seem that you returned home after a long business trip difficult and exhausting and now at last you are welcomed by your real home where there is an atmosphere of love and mutual understanding where you see familiar kin faces where you could rest with your soul and could do what you’ve dreamed dreamed about for a long time but could not do for the reasons not depending on you.
Planet Gloria is the mirror image of Earth but only in its ideal variety where Duality does not exist which means any expression of negative energies and emotions is absent.

The nature of Gloria is similar to the natury of Earth but pristine and pure and therefore it seems that the colors are brighter and more intense for a long time Gloria have remained outside of your vision field and now the time has come for you to find out about your sister which is waiting for you impatiently and dreams to have you as peaceful happy and harmonious inhabitants of this beautiful planet.

As soon as Earth would move into the 5D you would be able to easily and freely to visit each other to learn how to live in the magical world to create your world and surrounding you reality with the power of your thoughts and intentions and all of that is very close dear ones.

Today I want to tell you what’s happening with all of us myself and all the living beings on Earth together we are one whole not only only energetically but physically You Are My Flesh and Blood my children because you are born and you die in my energy space.
Our mutual connection is so close that each of your inhalations becomes my own and vice versa and that is how it happens my energy structure consists of myriads of cells like bee Honeycombs Each of which is an individual code for each living being including plants and animals.

The Souls of natural elements also exist in this energy space they are also living beings with their own
consciousnesses who interact with all other inhabitants of the planet and all this energy and physical diversity exists in constant motion flowing from one state to another reacting to every thought emotion and action of each other thus my body feels each of you when you send me your love.

I Blossom and feel blessed when you are sad I feel sad as well when you spill out your anger and aggression I even feel physical pain now imagine how many billions of people live on earth now and each of them is unique those of you who have many children could remotely feel what I feel for I love each of you regardless of your character your way of thinking or your actions.

I rejoice when my children grow spiritually and I am sad when they fall into the abyss of the third dimension I understand that each of you has your own path your own destiny and your own lessons I know who you are where you came from and why you came here in the first place but unlike the higher forces of the Universe I cannot help you much I can only communicate with you through the elements of nature.

My main assistance which can be called indicators of your spiritual State and many of you have already been able to see how responsive they are to your emotional messages.

You have learned how to control them calm them talk to them but the majority of people on Earth stay in complete spiritual emotional and mental ignorance not realizing what pain they inflict on me it is not only that they don’t control their thoughts and emotions but they deliberately create hot beds of grief pain and despair and our creator seeing my unbearable suffering that doesn’t end allowed me to move into another dimension thereby energetically releasing my body.
Body from the energies of low vibrations he allowed me to take with me into this new Divine space those great Souls of light who have come to earth now to help themselves and me to accomplish this great transition we are destined to start a new happy life together having purified ourselves from the low energies of Duality having dissolved all alien programs with the energies of light and love the programs that have been embeded in your consiousness by civilizations hostile to humanity that have enslaved not only you but myself also.

And I believe dear ones that together we will accomplish this father absolute and your mother earth GAA who loves you me sure spoky with you today Channel LED

Dark forces and Antarctica.

❗Dark forces underground bases in Antarctica that are now completely seized.


I greetings my dear earthlings today I have come to you as commander in-chief of space Fleet to talk about the processes that are now in progress in near Earth space perhaps many of you have already realized that the fight between the dark and the light forces on Earth has reached its Supreme stage at present it is conspicuous at all the levels of existence this time the events that are taking place are to draw a final line under the third dimension world on your planet eventually to bury it it is the only way for the new world to come to a effect and for people to start transforming a new high vibration space Not only in terms of energy this time but in practice as well abolishing old institutions of power and creating new centers for society coordination and government right now.

There is being made an attempt to revive those who are potentially ready to awake that is exactly the reason why all the the demands of the deep states marionet have been driven to the point of absurdity who seem to be acting to the detriment of themselves now but as a matter of fact it is part of the Creator’s plan for your beautiful planet’s population Revival that finds herself in the grip of Inhumans who have been at the Helm of the planet for centuries everything has become so apparent that it cannot be seen only by the Blind and thanks to the mass Revival of people our activity is reaching its final stage to believe me my dear.

We are supporting you not only at the subtle level now sending you salvational energies but at the physical level to helping those who are implementing the final stage of their operation on Deliverance of Earth from all the dark Forces represented embodied as humans the number of them is huge indeed since all your Society all the countries of the world are run through by the corrupt net of the Hidden government that almost all the heads of the countries have got into as well as their governments and officials at all the levels of power you see the impudent and unpunished way that all the disliked heads of the states that refused to get under their control are physically got rid of and unfortunately we do not always manage to protect them from danger but what we managed to do is to control the airspace of earth that is closely encircled by our spaceships the last stronghold of the dark Forces on Earth were their underground bases in Antarctica that are now completely seized and purified from all the participants of the projects that they have worked on for many decades so now our attention is mostly
focused on providing support to the light forces’ Alliance from the subtle level tracking all the movements in space so as to prevent any slightest failure in their program of disclosure that is to come to effect in the near time.

These Brave and courageous people need such escort because not only they put their lives at risk but also are objects to unceasing energy attacks for the side of the dark Forces vestige’s that still remain on your planet and who until their last breath do their best to fulfill the orders of their High patrons.

I will not deal with the twist and turns of our work since the aim of my message is to support you and assure that at the subtle level everything is under control now and now you have to do your part of work to show Free Will and make the final decision in favor transition with Earth to a new era of The Fifth Dimension unite in spirit our dear ones.

Show determination and firmness while asserting your interests and rights to dispose of your life and health then we will win a quick and decisive Victory delivering Humanity out of Thousand-Year slavery now it depends on you our dear ones today I have come to you as a representative of the Galaxy Light Federation to tell you about the latest news from the subtle level and it is that there finally has come to an end the last and most complicated part of the operation on our help in rescuing of humanity not only had we to identify all the Deep States henchmen of high rank but also neutralize them in terms of energy since their physical liquidation is inconsistent with our plan being direct intrusion into earthlings policy so now I will explain to you in some detail what this expression neutralize in terms terms of energy means as you know the center for control founded by the dragon reptiles in the near Earth space of global processes coordination on your planet and human conscience control was destroyed several years ago on Earth there remained only its subsidiaries hidden deep underground or in places on the surface hard to reach that went on acting according to the program designed before yet having found themselves deprived of high management direct executors of this program and had to adjust their plan on the go that was first of all aimed at dramatic reduction of Earth’s population.

Being informed about the catastrophe threatening them as increasing vibrations of Earth till the level fat for them they decided to force the issue compressing the realization of the plan that was conceived for decades to several years by the artificially created restrictions they plunged the planet’s population into the low energies of fear for their life and unusual life conditions which considerably decreased the general
vibration parameter of Earth.

Thereby retarding her transition to The Fifth Dimension seeing the despair and incapability of the pure and ancient Souls that have embodied in plenty on Earth to turn the tide by themselves the Galaxy Light Federation made a decision about partial intrusion into the process of Deliverance of Earth from the alien extraterrestrial civilizations influence.

Thus we took certain measures for neutralization of underground and ground objects belonging to the gr and orians who were in close cooperation with the Deep States Representatives by means of pointed energy blows there were destroyed their underground and ground centers for military operations coordination aimed at annihilation of whole cities and countries in case of non-fulfillment of the deep States orders that were implemented by the marionet.

They appointed their field employees thanks to our efforts there was prevented the third world war that was contrived by the top of the Dragon reptiles embodied as humans on earth now.

It depends on you our dear ones now, initiative both at the physical and energy levels should be taken by you yourselves and we are pleased to see more and more people on Earth Reviving who go out of their houses to defend their right for Freedom we see that an increasing number of honest scientists doctors and lawyers step in for health and life of people.

It will Mark the beginning of our collaboration that as long as Earth is moving to The Fifth Dimension will just become extended.

All your Galaxy brothers and sisters are are looking forward to the moment when they will openly be able to appear in front of you and provide feasible support in the development of the high vibration space new to you the one with quite distinct laws holding sway energy physical and moral ones.

I would like to talk to you about your attitude to the events taking place on earth now so controversial and sometimes tragic ones.

I see my dear that many of you are losing patience and it seems to you that everything has reached its extreme boiling point and now I will try to explain to you as much as possible what a true Creator’s plan on Humanity revival on a global scale is before all you should know that nothing wrong can happen to you as long as you live in consistence with your soul soul and follow your intuition in everything not the Absurd instructions of authorities or persistent advice of your close people especially as far as receiving the injections.

Fateful to your soul is concerned it is the power of your spirit an inexorable belief in your success in
moving to The Fifth Dimension that are a guarantee of your being protected by the Light forces.

And now I will explain why as you already know your planet is a unique trial area for gaining the third
dimension world life experience a lot of souls embodied on earth now have come here hundreds and even thousands of times and now they are going to take a final exam in spiritual maturity.

But in this case what is assessed is not your audition wide reading or scholarship but just power of spirit and ability to hear your soul and only those of you who will manage to get this degree of spiritual maturity will be able to move to The Fifth Dimension with Earth.

Bringing to a stop running in circles in the third dimension worlds and will advance to another Spiral turn of their evolution as you see my dear the the criteria applied to one for life in the third and fifth dimensions are absolutely different while in the third dimension world one can reach the top thanks to one’s education and Keen mind even irrespective of spiritual qualities.

Te Fifth Dimension World cannot be moved to without the spiritual component be they a Solomon that huge is the gap between minds and souls vibrations unfortunately in the Dual world the balance between mind and soul is so rare that it is an exception to the rule rather than anything else and on the contrary in the world of The Fifth Dimension such a balance is normal. Since their mind follows soul and develops in the direction and the extern that bring joy to the person themselves and the people around that is what we call to the greater good of all and the plan of the Creator is to bring to the new Earth the people who have become perfectly aware the most valuable what one possesses is one’s pure and unselfish soul.

That is the only one to lead one’s life having got rid of all the bonds to the third dimension world
with all its criteria of wealth and success yet the purity of this soul is not not in weakness or submission but in strength and ability to live according to the laws of the universe not violating them itself and not letting others do it.

The conditions of this spiritual maturity exam are so challenging only because it is for the first time in the universe that its inhabitants are granted with the opportunity to move to a higher dimension keeping conscious and remaining in their physical bodies.

Earth has been chosen for this not by chance for it is your planet that was a school for many and many
representatives of the Extraterrestrial civilizations who came here to acquire invaluable experience of their Soul’s Evolution so at present this great plan of the Creator is almost accomplished.

While you are the immediate part participants of it and it will take you just a little longer to get the
cherished Divine degree the pass to the new world I bless you and love you immensely.

My dear Mother of the universe and Ashtar Sharon spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation channeled
by Marta

Energy & effects

Neutral intentions and energy

How To MASTER ENERGY Manipulation & Make QUANTUM EVENTS In Life & Spiritual World
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In this interesting adventure, we’ll look into the old way of using and guiding life energy, also known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana,’ to make yourself feel better, grow spiritually, and find peace inside.

We will show you different ways and things people have been doing for a really long time to keep this
important energy in balance. People use these techniques for healing, meditation, and getting to know
themselves better.

If you’re just starting to learn about spiritual energy or if you already know a bit and want to learn more,
this video will give you ideas and advice to help you get in touch with your inner energy.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey. As you continue on your path, I extend my sincerest wishes for your growth and fulfillment.

Your support means the world to me, so please remember to share, like, comment, subscribe, and hit the
notifications bell to stay connected and never miss out on our future videos.

Thank you once again for your presence and engagement. May your journey be filled with blessings and
profound enlightenment.

Manifestation & spiritual world

0:00 – 0:20 Introduction
0:20 – 3:10 Discovering Hidden Opportunities
3:10 – 6:00 Redirecting Focus for Manifestation
6:00 – 9:00 Cultivating Equanimity
9:00 – 13:00 Harnessing Imagination for Reality Shaping
13:00 – 15:00 Transformative Journey

15:00 – 16:26 Three-Step Approach to Life Transformation

Thank you for watching! WE APPRECIATE EACH ONE OF YOU!

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Positieve and negative emotions, trauma and fear (Our Reality)

In this interesting adventure, we’ll look into the old way of using and guiding life energy, also known as
‘Chi’ or ‘Prana,’ to make yourself feel better, grow spiritually, and find peace inside.

We will show you different ways and things people have been doing for a really long time to keep this
important energy in balance. People use these techniques for healing, meditation, and getting to know
themselves better.

If you’re just starting to learn about spiritual energy or if you already know a bit and want to learn more,
this video will give you ideas and advice to help you get in touch with your inner energy.

Thank you for joining me on this transformative journey. As you continue on your path, I extend my sincerest wishes for your growth and fulfillment.

I personally like the way in which it is explained in the video link. Energy and attention. E-motion is energy
in motion. Similar to electricity. The current is the energy and magnetism the transporter of that energy
or quanta.


By skilfully use/control attention get unbelievable results. The use of non-polar attention. There are many
others who wrote and make video’s this is one of the best for me.

long ago wise people like yogis and Buddhist monks found out that the way we see things can actually
change how things are they figured out how to do amazing things in their lives by paying really close
attention they showed us new experiences and hidden Opportunities.

That what we focus on can shape our world this journey is all about understanding how powerful our attention is and how it connects to the universe we’ll explore how we can use our Focus to change our lives.
It’s not some secret or mysterious thing it’s about knowing how Focus energy and quantum mechanics work together can our lives really change just by thinking about things this exploration the science of attention and understanding reality aims to answer that question.

Think of a river it represents the flow of energy and attention like a river our attention
moves and directs energy this simple idea shows how what we focus on affects our reality when we concentrate on a goal or desire we bring it into our reality like a moth drawn to a flame have you ever noticed that focusing on a thought or dream can make it come true it’s not luck it’s the power of your attention shaping your life wherever we focus.

We guide the universe to act in our favor we also need to understand when our energy gets stuck and we keep repeating the same patterns it’s like a dam blocking a River’s flow to change this we must shift our focus and allow energy to flow freely Again by doing this we move toward a more fulfilling.


Life as Einstein said energy can’t be created or destroyed only transformed with focused attention we
can transform the energy within us Breaking Free from old patterns and creating new possibilities our universe has contrasts positive and negative love and hate light and darkness similarly our attention can be divided into different types with polar attention being a key aspect polar attention is like shining a mental Spotlight on one end of a spectrum while being aware that the opposite end is also present every situation has two opposing sides like a problem and its solution picture a coin labeled problem on one side and solution on on the other when life throws a challenge your way think about which side of this coin you’re focusing on the aspect you pay attention to gain strength focusing on the problem makes it seem bigger but directing your focus towards Solutions.
Also guides you towards Enlightenment ( understanding/awaress).
It’s not about ignoring problems but changing your Viewpoint to see Solutions problems and solutions are not isolated they are different aspects of the same situation by skillfully directing your your polar attention you can choose to align with the more beneficial end of the spectrum Breaking Free from unproductive cycles resulting due to of energy stagnation.

Leading to remarkable changes in your reality the power of focused redirecting.

An other name Focus for Manifestation attention, the key that unlocks the door to transformative

Let now move from the concept of polar attention to another interesting aspect of our Consciousness
non-polar or neutral attention.
Non-polar attention is a more comprehensive form of focus it goes beyond divisions and contrasts in how we see things with neutral attention.
You become like an observer watching everything unfold without getting emotionally involved imagine yourself as a calm lake. Polar attention is like ripples created by a stone disturbing the water’s surface but with neutral attention you embody the entire Lake watching the ripples without being affected by them.

Accepting both poles of a situation without being drawn in in or pushed away is crucial in breaking down
existing patterns and setting the stage for a new reality observing without judgment or attachment weakens the influence of the current state opening up opportunities for a new reality to take shape.
So how can we use the incredible power of neutral attention to make significant changes in our lives it
involves developing a balanced mind that welcomes experiences as they come and maintains an even
perspective mastering non polar attention helps us transcend the limits of our current circumstances and
empowers us to be the architects of our destiny at the heart of the universe’s Grand Design.

It is a simple Principle; Energy flows in the direction of our attention it’s not just about how much
attention we give but also the nature of that attention whether it’s positive or negative this is a
fundamental aspect of life’s response to our thoughts and feelings when we focus on negative thoughts fear or anger we unknowingly attract situations and experiences that Echo the same emotions.

On the flip side focusing on positive emotions like love joy and gratitude naturally draws experiences
that resonate with those Positive Vibes this concept is the Cornerstone of the Law of Attraction illustrating
how our thoughts and emotions actively shape our reality understanding and applying the Law of Attraction opens up possibilities allowing us to manifest our deepest desires and cultivate a life full of abundance happiness and fulfillment.

Our feelings are like a compass that helps us navigate through many different experiences when we really
like something or really dislike it those strong emotions create a cycle of attraction or wanting more and
repulsion or trying to avoid it for example when we really love something we can’t help but pay a lot of
attention to it.
On the other hand if we strongly dislike something it’s hard to stop thinking about about it in both cases
whether cultivating Equanimity it’s love or hate.

What we focus on sends a clear message to the universe asking for more of the same and shaping our
reality it’s also important to talk about our Natural Instinct for fear and survival fear was essential for
our ancestors to stay safe from dangers but in today’s world this fear response can become a habit and stick around even when there’s no immediate danger this lingering fear Keeps Us in a survival mode where negative thoughts become more common attracting more negativity into our lives to make a change we need to recognize and deal with this ingrained fear.

By being aware of our fears we can choose to shift our Focus from negative to positive thoughts
this deliberate shift starts a chain reaction of positive things happening and changes the course of Our Lives.
The real power to shape our reality is in our hands it’s all about where we put our attention and what we we intend to happen when we understand how positive and negative Focus can impact us we hold the key to creating a reality that matches our biggest dreams and desires.

Now let’s look at how Society influences what we pay attention to and how we see things nowadays media and social platforms have a big influence on us we’re bombarded with a constant stream of information that often focuses on fear and negativity news social media and even everyday conversations are filled with stories of fear tragedy and Scandal.
This exposure to fear-based content shapes our expectations making us unknowingly attract similar experiences into our lives it’s important to notice this pattern and actively look for positive information and stories that promote personal growth and resilience.
Next let’s talk about how intense emotions like anger fear and pride impact Society these strong strong
emotions are often used by political groups and marketing campaigns to influence public opinion they tap into the power of fear the energy of anger and the feeling of unity created by Pride.

However when these emotions are manipulated for certain purposes they can create divisions increase conflicts and make things more hostile making our Collective Journey towards Harmony more complicated our personal relationships also tend to follow patterns based on past trauma.

Our experiences in childhood past relationships and important life events shape how we see love trust and connection if we don’t deal with these patterns they often repeat in our relationships leading us to attract Partners who bring up familiar but painful emotions to break free from these repeating patterns.

It’s important to face and heal our past traumas by doing this we change our focus and in turn change our reality as Albert Einstein wisely said we can’t use Imagination for Reality Shaping.

Solve our problems with the same thinking that created them finally let’s talk about embracing neutral
attention for personal growth in our journey to grow as individuals a really important tool is paying
attention without judging things as good or bad which we call non-polar or neutral attention it’s like
watching events in tough times without immediately deciding if they are good or bad instead we see them as just part of life opportunities for learning and understanding ourselves better when we Face challenges or tough experiences.

They can feel really big and affect our lives a lot but if we look at them neutrally without saying they’re
good or bad we can see them as chances to grow discover ourselves and understand things better when we watch our emotions without judging or fighting against them.
We can deal with tough experiences better and stop them from getting stuck in our minds neutral attention is a powerful way to avoid making negative experiences even stronger sometimes if we think too much about bad things we unintentionally make them have a bigger impact on us but if we look at these experiences neutrally.
We take away their power to make our lives more negative neutral observation also has a big effect it’s like shining a fair light inside us showing our experiences without judging them this neutral light helps us heal and change like the sun melting away morning Frost.

By using this type of attention we can get rid of our fears doubts and pain making a path for a reality full
of growth strength and positive changes now let’s talk about the connection between our feelings and
thoughts kind of like a dance between our heart and mind our thoughts are like the waves on the surface always changing because of our feelings.

These feelings the energy of our our emotions are a strong force that creates Ripples and guides our thoughts this connection is so powerful that it can shape our reality and change how we see and experience things when we focus too much on negative thoughts it’s like a big storm disturbing the pece of a calm lake thinking too much about bad experiences or fears messes up the balance between our heart and mind.

This creates a reality full of confusion and distress like looking at the world through a distorted mirror
but realizing how our heart and mind work together gives us a chance to choose a more positive path by paying attention to our thoughts and feelings carefully.

We can shift our Focus to more positive emotions and thoughts imagine guiding a wild horse with skill and care we can lead it where we want it to go, similarly by focusing on positive things we can change our thoughts and in turn our reality this doesn’t mean ignoring or hiding NE negative thoughts it’s about
choosing to think more positive thoughts.

It’s like planting seeds of joy peace and love in our minds and giving them attention over time these seeds will grow into a beautiful garden creating a reality that reflects the beauty inside us to really use the
power of attention.

We need to accept things as they are without judging them this goes beyond just understanding our current situation it means fully embracing our experiences with without deciding if they are good or bad this important practice is what we call non-polar attention non-polar attention.
It is about observing our lives without saying if things are good or bad it helps us stay grounded.
Like being calm in the middle of a storm zen master shanu Suzuki once said that in The Beginner’s mind there are many possibilities as beginners we can use the power of non-polar attention to stay open to different possibilities.

Acceptance is really important in transformative Journey.
Overcoming resistance which is like a chain that holds us back from moving forward acceptance is the key to Breaking these chains by accepting where we are right now we can let go of resistance and make
room for New Beginnings.

Imagine a river that flows around a big rock the river doesn’t fight the rock it accepts it and finds a
new way in the same way we need to navigate life’s challenges accepting them as important parts of our
journey to grow and change understanding acceptance helps us see hidden opportunities in tough times
it lets us look at events without judging them uncovering the chances for growth and change hidden beneath layers of judgment and resistance.

This new way of looking at things helps us see that every tough situation no matter how hard it seems
has something good in it all we need is the courage to find these hidden chances the next important step is to keep our our attention on the reality we want to make happen.

This means making sure our energy thoughts and feelings focus on making our desired reality come
true instead of getting distracted by small things the first thing to do to stay focused is to be calm and
composed even when things are stressful.

Think of it like a peaceful Lake that doesn’t get disturbed by strong winds being Cal helps us use our
energy to create the reality we want instead of reacting to things k helps us move from just accepting things to actively creating a reality that matches our deepest hopes and dreams imagination is like a key to making our reality.

Albert Einstein a really smart scientist once said that imagination is everything it’s like a sneak peek into
the good things that can happen in life this idea tells us to use our imagination to make the reality we
want turning challenges into steps toward our dreams, we’re like artists creating Our Lives lives with our
thoughts and energy focused attention is three-Step Approach to Life Transformation.
Super important in this creative process it helps us see different parts of our world and make our life
unique this idea is based on both ancient spiritual teachings and modern quantum physics it shows that our focused attention can shape our reality connecting our thoughts with the real world.

To make this happen we need to accept where we are find inner balance and then put our focus on the reality we want to create this powerful three-step approach lets you tell your life story using your thoughts and energy by paying attention staying balanced and making choices that show your true self.
You have the power to shape and change your life embrace your ability to create and change your reality.
Like roomie said;everything you want is already inside you start this journey of discovering and creating
yourself today with imagination and hope sh share your thoughts.

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