Globalist fantasies and the EU?

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The economic Destruction of Europe, man made disaster.
Failing upward
Europe is COLLAPSING and they are doing it on purpose | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris


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Terrible European leaders are failing up. Ursula von der Leyen announced that she will for a second term as the president of the European Commission. This would give her another five years in office. Ousted Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte is set to run NATO next. Why aren’t these people ousted for being awful warmongers? European political analyst Ralph Schoellhammer joins us to discuss it.

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Europe is hellbent to collapse under its current rulers and those same rulers are getting promotions it would seem EU president Ursula verion announced that she will run for a second term which would give her another five years in office.

You can tell the way I say that how I feel about it I cannot be neutral.
Mark Rutten former prime minister of the Netherlands is about to be tapped to run NATO after resigning in Failure.
So we did learn nothing , Ralph schimer joined us he predicted. If we rewind the tape when routa resigned you were right here on redacted and said I think he will run NATO would you like to take a Victory lap on that and say I told you so.

Well let’s put it this way uh it’s a victory for me but not necessarily a victory for the broad world.
You can argue if you’re if you’re incapable of running the Netherlands are you sure you’re capable of running the world’s largest military Alliance.

This is how things work in in those bubbles you can only fail upwards. I looked it up before the show if you look at somebody like USA ferine whenever she stood for election in Germany she lost every single one like she has not ever held an office that was truly democratically legitimized.

But once you are in these circles once you have a certain position you can you can never get them out like you cannot vote those people out it’s really like in a in a horror movie you know where you see the the monster die at the end but then there is this one last camera shot whether the hand comes out of the swamp or where the hand comes out of the Grave.

That’s how this these people like with Mark rut.
Right I’m gone and yet here is back again and ferine the same thing like she’s unpopular nobody likes her nobody wants her but she’s just not going away it’s very very frustrating now as an American we at least like to think we have a direct route to our representative leaders.

You live in a place you vote for those leaders but in the European Union it’s the elected leaders in each individual state that then votes into the European commission so European citizens have almost nothing to say about it.

Can can you explain that a little bit well in a sense the European Union lives up to that it was always designed to be which is a kind of a straight jacket on the will of the population.

We should not forget and by the way this is not something I agree with but I think we have to be historically honest the design of the European Union or the project was always to be a safeguard against the supposed darker instincts of the European population.

It was a 1970s solution to a 1940s problem so the idea was if you forcefully by bureaucratic Force most to unify the Europeans something like nationalism fascism than authoritarianism can never emerge again.

The problem now is however that The Cure has has become the disease so in many ways.

The European Union becomes more and more authoritarian in themselves we see this in the treatment of Hungary we see this in the restrictions and the regulations when it comes to information and social media at least what they’re attempting to do.

They’re not fully successful with everything and as you correctly pointed out we see it also in ways in which they try to Shield decision making from the will of the population from Portugal to Poland.

So but this include of course all of them ( MEP’s) and this I think is the core problem it’s a bureaucratic project that was designed in a sense to protect democracy from the will of the people which is a little bit
of a contradiction in itself.

Yes very much so but verion has been plagued by Scandal but she’s slippery why do you think that that is the case and is there any way any European citizen could tell their leaders hey we’d like a real investigation of this lady and how she oh say used our money to buy a bunch of covid vaccines oh that would be wonderful but you have exactly this kind of situation particular with the covid vaccines right all the parties all the politicians with few exceptions have put all their eggs in one basket so they’re all responsible.

With this for funder line he’s kind of just the tip of the iceberg so if you would start that in investigation it
might start with her but it would definitely not end with her I mean we know we know it in Austria we know in Germany in certain areas right certain politicians in the health Ministry.

So there were lots of going on that you know rumors let’s put it this way but nobody’s investigating so we never will fully know what exactly happened but that many decisions have been made that were not entirely sound and even more importantly that in many ways the decisions as they were sold to the public were either lies or a tremendous amount of incompetence or a mixture of both.

This is something they want to avoid this this is the thing if every body is guilty of wrongdoing nobody
wants an investigation and I think this is precisely where we find ourselves.

The frustrating part is um that any kind of means of course correction is increasingly taken away or blocked for the people as you correctly pointed out.

We have these European elections in June whom can you vote for like whom can you vote for and hope that they actually will have a say that in the future.

European Parliament uh will actually have a say in deciding who could be the president of the European commission instead of us.

The line it’s kind of you go to the voting booth you cast your vote but it’s still the same people uh
and the same individuals that run the show and that’s very frustrating for everybody involved so we have no Claire D Daly or Christine Anderson these uh European parliamentarian members who do stand up to Ursula Vander and sometimes to her face but why don’t they have the opportunity to run against her because they are kind of lonely voices in the desert.

If you want and the reason for this is because the problem we have is and I think that’s that’s very similar
to what you see also with the Republican Party in the United States you have the quote unquote so-called conservatives in Europe.

On the European level it would be the European people’s party that are you know they are conservative or right-wing during election times but once election times are over they more or less shift towards left of center.

You see this now so all of a sudden they discover that the green new de New Deal at the green agenda might not be such a good idea.

I’m pretty sure that immediately after the election in June they will not remember that they were criticizing this just two weeks earlier and this is the problem they would not be willing to give any one of these politicians like Christine Anderson or a candidate of they’re choosing a proper chance.

And that is again the problem that the powers that are are so entrenched in the in the institutions they’re so entrenched in the system that it’s very very hard to get them out and of course a little bit of the responsibility also goes to the people because sometimes I feel they’re afraid of their own courage so everybody’s dissatisfied with the current system but then almost too often when it comes to voting they vote for the same candidates.

Right we see this in France so you say you don’t like macron but yet again they vote for macron you
see it in the United Kingdom right they complain about the Tores then they vote for labor even though there would be other Alternatives as well you see pretty much everywhere.

I mean Donald Trump I think Remains the big exception there where the people really said let’s try something entirely new and even there if we are completely honest the reason was that so many people stayed at home so that the small number that actually went to vote in 2016 then ultimately voted for Donald Trump so this is kind of a little bit of blame is also with the electorate.

I have to admit because if you want change you have to vote for it in large numbers right well let’s turn our attention to Nato because if Mark Rutten is in fact tapped to be the new Jen stoltenberg the head of NATO well he resigned in the Netherlands his problems there had to do with immigration and climate policy what does know about defense.

Well I would argue that just like being the president of the European commission being the head of NATO is one of these positions that in many ways are more formal than they are are actually have a significant impact and the reason why I’m saying this within NATO For Better or Worse it depends where one stands politically.

It is still the United States that call the shots um I think the most or let me put it differently Mar is is such a middle of the RO politician that he would not ruffle many feathers if NATO would really be courageous they probably would consider somebody from Eastern Europe.

For example you know somebody from Poland that would be a quite a step um or any other kind of let’s say a figure
with a higher profile but the issue of course with NATO is it’s the same problem is it’s it’s a NATO is as we said before if the EU is a 1970s problem to a 1940s problem right.

Then the NATO is kind of the same thing it’s a 2000 problem to a 1980s a 2000 solution to a 1980s problem.

The Alliance just sticks around because you have these agencies you have high paying jobs um just with the European Union right.

Governments and States they need positions for older politicians I know this sounds very cynical but it’s the truth but ultimately the purpose of the alliance is not really clear uh and I think we see this also in the conflict with Ukraine.

So I would argue this should be a moment to for for deep deep self-reflection and introspection of where the alliance is supposed to go especially given the fact that the United States will turn for good reason their back on Europe in the future their focus is increasingly in the asia-pacific region and the Europeans simply demanding that uh the United States continue to provide protection and and basically all the the military components that are necessary for it indefinitely.

It is not going to happen Donald Trump is just saying what many people are thinking right so it’s interesting because Mark rout this week at the security conference in Munich said that we need to stop whining about Trump because most European leaders are bracing for another Trump Administration and they’re worried that their war games will be up if Donald Trump is elected.

Mark Rutten says oh you know we just need to stop whining about that and get on with it so that seems to be the temperature right now it’s like they’re playing war games for fun with lives and they know that that is going to be up if a Biden Administration ends.

Right yeah and and the Europeans cannot fill that Gap because you cannot have a large military and a large welfare state and it’s impossible for most with the exception again of a few Eastern European countries.

It’s impossible for European states to cut back on welfare in the name of military defense in the fact is if you take look at every poll that has been taken in Europe the people are neither willing nor ready to defend their country by military means.

So so NATO is again it’s interesting as an option to free ride this is how most Europeans use it uh and this is why they’re afraid that the United States will change course and even the United States no longer have the capacity to provide protection.

Europe is to put it very simply Europe is not as important as it was a couple of decades ago now we
did this to ourselves with deindustrialization with playing a smaller and smaller and smaller role in
the in the global economy right.

And Asia becoming more and more important the attention of the US is Shifting to Asia we did Europe did this to itself and now we have to live with the consequences right.

Well these are fascinating I hadn’t considered that that the shift of the United States to Asia would then
lead to some sort of collapse and I guess a reduction in relevancy of NATO um I I mean I personally would love to see that because I was watching the Munich security conference this week with uh Yen stoltenberg and the prime minister of Estonia and a US senator and I was so angry that they were just sort of playing poker with who’s going to put down more money for Ukraine as a game based on lies.

Just they’re all demons so um that’s I appreciate your we can agree on that at least.

Right yeah no I mean this is just as a quick note I mean you and this is just the next thing you
see mean the Europeans have entirely which is absurd because you could argue historically they invented it they’ have completely lost the ability to think long-term strategically.

I mean whatever you hear what whatever one thinks morally or emotionally or or even for good reasons what the fair or just outcome should be in the war in Ukraine.

You have to deal with the facts on the ground and the idea just recently read another article that said so every risk must be accepted in the name of Ukraine.

Again I get the sentiment from a moral perspective but to explain to Western Europeans Germans in particular that you have to sacrifice your economy for the sake of Crimea remaining Ukrainian you will not have many.

Take us for that I mean this is just the reality and the country needs reconstruction can Europe afford this even if the war would end tomorrow.

Does Europe still have the economic means to reconstruct the country so the the again the long game on this is is something that doesn’t look too good for Ukraine it doesn’t look too good for Europe.

And saying this to be clear does not make you a Putin bootlicker that’s an analysis like we only have advocates in politics.

But nobody who does analytics and I think that’s the most important thing the the current borders as they are between Russia and Ukraine will remain one way or another like there will be be no Russian retreatment there will be no great Ukrainian offensive that puts their army in front of Moscow.

None of this is going to happen and by the way everybody who said this is going to happen over the last two years they have been proven wrong.

Now once again I’m not saying this because I’m cheering it on but at some point diplomacy is meant to
look at the facts on the ground and say how can we get the best outcome or kind of the best exit ramp from this from this situation.

I think we delude ourselves at the moment still and this is I think very boresome because as corly point out um platitudes are easy but actual policy significantly more difficult right so we’ll be stuck with these new leaders or promoted leaders.

There Leander liion and maruta and they will die on these swords they will not retract and come back and say we were wrong let’s rebuild up our economy uh that’s my prediction anyway.

Well to to put it brutally it’s to to pick up what you just said it’s not them who are going to die on the swords right as so often it’s going to be somebody right yeah they’ll drag us all down with them so that’s what it feels like to me.

Thank you so much for your analysis it’s
always a pleasure can follow Ralph on X and do you have anything else you want to tell us.

Thank you so much for having me this was great.
I really hope you enjoyed watching this video.

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Refugees from reality: How globalist fantasies have colonized the West

Reality is offensive to these people. It is you who will face consequences for trifling actions, whilst their large-scale devastation and plunder goes unpunished.

Featured ImageKlaus Schwab speaks as part of SWITCH GREEN during day 1 of the Greentech Festival at Kraftwerk Mitte aired on September 16, 2020 in Berlin, Germany.Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images for Greentech Festival

Universal vaccination or gene editing and embed slavery into out DNA. Please click on video link for info.

David Martin connects the dots from mRNA to CRISPR & gene editing. He says Big Pharma used media hype & pandemic fears to coerce the public into accepting a new technology and enrich their investors. David’s evidence? Direct quotes from EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak.

” ‘To sustain the funding base beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding for the need of MCMs (medical counter measures) such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine, ‘ ” David Martin quotes Peter Daszak from 2015. “A key driver is the media, and the economics follow the hype. We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.”

“The part of that quote from Peter Daszak that I find chilling is the word ‘hype’,” Dr. Kelly Victory adds. “It is the fear mongering… It’s the hype that will drive this.”

“It’s not just about money,” says David Martin. “This is about ultimately editing genes in the long plane… This is about ultimately getting the public to accept CRISPR and shutting up the Catholic Church, which was the largest opposition to gene editing up until COVID.

“This is a crime that was admitted to being perpetrated on America and the world by the people who perpetrated the crime,” David Martin continues. “This is criminals acting in a criminal fashion to harm people. It is not an accident.”

Dr. David Martin is the founding chairman of M Cam Asset Management Company and an expert on patent auditing. He is the creator of the world’s first quantitative public equity index – the CNBC IQ100 powered by M·CAM. He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments. Dr. Martin received his undergraduate (BA) from Goshen College, his Masters of Science from Ball State University, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Virginia.


  • 6

Tue Jun 6, 2023 – 7:00 am EDT

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0:00 / 8:201X


(LifeSiteNews) — I have investigated many themes to do with government and the international bureaucracy which wishes to supplant its sovereignty. The result for me has been one perspective on the fact that when man ceases to believe in God, he proceeds to believe in anything but.

There is a common thread to the World Economic Forum, the neoconservatives, the techno-futurists, and their transgender post-human bedfellows. That thread is the projection of personal fantasy into the world, assuming political and legal power – including coercion, humiliation, and force. 

It was my good fortune to be contacted by Prof. Mikko Paunio, who indicated with precision the degree to which leading environmental and global governance figures were animated by bizarre fantasies

Illustration from Mikko Paunio’s book “Climate Revolution by the Nuthouse Folks” (Cartoon Credit: Mika Rantanen)

The founder of the Club of Rome, Maurice Strong, shares with John Kerry a messianic self-belief. These beliefs, as in Strong’s case, are infused with New Age fantasies. Klaus Schwab has his “Magic Mountain” at Davos, and his homosexual acolyte Yuval Noah Harari peddles some of the most fantastical science fiction in the public domain.

These people believe in themselves and nothing much else. A fervent conviction that their fantasies are a manifesto for human emancipation, they look to technology for the means of realizing their make-believe. These people are grandiose. Their manifesto is a delusion combined with the power to destroy. Ultimately, they have contempt for anything that is not themselves.

Fashionable nonsense

This equally applies to the transgender cult, as it does to those “liberal interventionists” whose unshakable dogma justifies the destruction of disagreement. Both factions combine especial violence with self-belief, and both advance their agendas of destruction in the name of rights. These people consider themselves the authors of reality, and therefore exempt from the rules they prescribe for others.

Bloated obscenity Robert Kagan, death cult leader

Attachment to and defense of fantasy explains the complete detachment from reality we see in the packaging of the war against Russia. The economic sanctions have devastated European economies. No one talks about the fact that forever war drives mass migration. It is obvious that Ukraine cannot “win,” as this would mean the defeat of the world’s greatest nuclear power. 

In every regard, the ruling ideology is a contradiction of the real. These lies they tell about diversity, about equality, about the planet, and the people on it are fact-like products for the fashion-conscious.

Factions of fantasy 

What unites the factions of today is the fusion of personal desire and political power. This factor, always present, shows how far the time is out of joint. It is the fact it is so extreme that it requires the total exclusion of contradiction. 

Contradiction is prohibited by law and custom. Hate speech is simply disagreement based on experience, for example. Under lockdown, contradiction was conspiracy. With the West at war in Ukraine, contradiction is now Russian propaganda. The slur of Russian propaganda is marshaled against any emergent reality which threatens to embarrass the management. A specter is raised to spook the population when their attention is menaced by the facts. 


Russian propaganda has been cited as an influence on Brexit, on the 2016 U.S. presidential election, on Hunter Biden’s laptop, on the person and policies of Donald Trump. The Russians have reportedly blown up their own pipeline and sent a spy whale to Norway. According to Fairyland News, Vladimir Putin is the most powerful man in the world. This despite him being reported as dying of leprosy, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, as well as being already dead. 

Information which closely corresponds to reality is filtered out of the fairy tale. This is the reason you can lose your job because of spicy memes, and it also explains why our political class is committed to the war policy of escalation.

Refugees from reality 

Reality is offensive to these people. It is you who will face consequences for trifling actions, whilst their large-scale devastation and plunder goes unpunished. 

To the managerial class in the Empire of Lies, politics is a belief system. These beliefs are replacements for reality. The beliefs have no connection to one another, but are presented as a vision of harmony. If you seek their monument, look around your local city. 

These immoral fables can only survive if protected from reality. The function of hate speech laws and the knowledge that speaking truth to power will end your career are two means by which the bubble is preserved. An extreme, remote and comfortable parallel world is entertained by people who have no contact with the world outside their narrow Overton window.

“Blank lives matter”

Every captured institution is a sanatorium – a place of safety for the differently-sane. Your schools, colleges, workplaces, social media platforms, and public services are political asylums, staffed with refugees from reality. 

Safe space! Safe space! 

“Asylum” means “place of safety.” Our institutions have been turned into safe spaces for the unstable. Upset by reality, they require refuge and recuperation from the shock of contact with the real. 

Under lockdown, our lives were suspended in safety’s name. The damage was enormous, and included plunder, propaganda, and bitter division. Its toxic legacy is still unfolding.  

Profits indemnified from loss saw novel injections promoted with impossible guarantees, for which no one was held to account. A jamboree without risk of prosecution, a bonanza for a powerful political lobby of vast corporations fueled by propaganda. Big Pharma had a very good war.   

The miraculous claims of “100% safe and effective” were pushed by a governing class of technocrats – whose only unifying principle is their fantastical belief in technology. It is to the machine that the godless man turns his admiration. The dogma of Techianity – the cult of human emancipation by means of science and technology – has made them captives to fantasy. This is the fantasy which made captives of us all under lockdown.

The virtues of vice 

The post-human fantasy is to make the condition of capture permanent and not temporary, by means of the melding of man with machine. It is a fairy tale so vile and far-fetched that it beggars belief. Yet this is the vision of the tech giants who own your social media.

It is inspired by the techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, and it drives the promotion of transgender transhumanism in the bizarre religion of Martin (“Martine”) Rothblatt.

Martin Rothblatt: “God is technology.” In his case, the technology of mutilation.

Every narrative of fantasy, from climate doom to the COVID fiasco, is identified with the good and the great.  

To ally with these symbols, to internalize and project them as identical with your identity, is to participate in a spectacle of heroic struggle – against the people who do not.  

This technique divides societies into antagonistic factions. Making hysterical compliance the highest good, it dehumanizes those best fit to resist the process of mental colonization. 

Article from Nature on the global pandemic of hatred for the unvaccinated. Lessons have been learned.

Mental discipline produces an immune response to this contagion. This was punished with licensed hatred in the case of vaccine resistance, leading to worldwide prejudice against the prudent.

It designates dissent as enemy propaganda. It is righteous to demonize people who disagree with these bizarre fables. 

The political role of fantasy is to stigmatize the sane.

Part two will consider how reality, being a theocracy, has the best arguments – and when and how it can be restored to public life. Stay tuned.


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