Push for the NWO, the weaponizing of micro-organisms and use of Fear to further that end.

In 2010, there was controversial GOF research on avian flu viruses where strains of the H5N1 bird flu viruses were intentionally made to be transmissible via respiratory droplets among ferrets. These studies were funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under Dr. Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates has also funded gain-of-function research on H5N1.4

Unfortunately, there is now troubling censorship that was recently instated to better control the narrative. Robert Malone reported that in June of this year, amendments to the WHO IHR (International Health Regulations) were illegally approved and prepared behind closed doors.8

“Although the ‘Article 55’ rules and regulations for amending the IHR explicitly require that ‘the text of any proposed amendment shall be communicated to all States Parties by the Director-General at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration,’ the requirement of four months for review was disregarded in a rush to produce some tangible deliverable from the Assembly …

The IHR amendments retain troubling language regarding censorship. These provisions have been buried in Annex 1,A.2.c., which requires State Parties to ‘develop, strengthen and maintain core capacities … in relation to … surveillance … and risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation.'”9

Bird Flu — Another Attempt to Control the Food System and Make a Profit

Analysis by Ashley Armstrong July 02, 2024

Study Finds Giving Babies Peanut Butter Lowers Their Peanut Allergy Risk — But Should You Do It?

The push for total control of earth population. The covid experience?

bird flu


  • Fearmongering around bird flu mirrors COVID-19 responses, with calls for testing, social distancing, and vaccination in the agricultural sector. New RFID tagging requirements for dairy cows represent potential government overreach, aimed at increased animal tracking and control
  • Development of mRNA vaccines for bird flu in both humans and animals raises concerns about potential mandatory vaccinations and their impact on the food supply
  • FDA warnings against raw milk consumption lack evidence of foodborne transmission of bird flu to humans and may serve to protect industrial dairy interests. The centralization of the food system has led to a 72% decrease in small farms over the last 90 years, emphasizing the need to support small-scale farmers directly
  • The H5N1 virus may have origins in gain-of-function research, potentially emerging from a lab rather than occurring naturally in wild birds
  • Mass culling of poultry in response to outbreaks has led to over 92 million chickens being slaughtered since 2022, often using inhumane methods

Let the fearmongering begin (again)! Propaganda efforts are making people believe humans can die from the bird flu and that we must “do our part” in preventing the next global pandemic. Wear masks, social distance, sanitize everything, get tested, get vaccinated … It’s kind of like “COVID-19,” but now in dairy cows!


Image from imgflip.com

Similar to “wear masks, stay home, practice social distancing and sanitize everything,” the United States Department of Agriculture is now encouraging farmers to regularly test animals, test the milk weekly, register livestock, step up the use of personal protective equipment, limit traffic onto their farms, and increase cleaning and disinfection practices.

“The most important step we can take today is biosecurity. I am calling on producers to use our resources to enhance their biosecurity measures and states and producers to opt in to our support programs and herd monitoring programs, which are designed to limit the spread of this disease in dairy cattle.” — Secretary of the USDA Tom Vilsack.

good biosecurity

Image from www.desmoinesregister.com. Article written by the secretary of the USDA (Tom Vilsack), spreading the message that it is up to the farmers to comply to biosecurity methods to stop the spread.

Similar to “toilet paper shortages,” now there are limitations on number of egg cartons purchased at some stores in Australia as bird flu spreads rapidly across large poultry farms. (Are meat and dairy products next?)

buying limit on eggs

Figure: Coles is one of the two largest supermarket chains in Australia.

Similar to summer event cancellations in 2020 and 2021, state fairs and livestock events are requiring testing1 and some are even being canceled this summer due to the bird flu.2

shiawassee country fair cancellation

What’s next?

  • Lock downs of cows and chickens inside barns to reduce the spread?
  • Mandatory avian influenza testing?
  • Mandatory mRNA vaccination of all livestock to “solve the problem?”
  • Force farm employees to wear personal protective equipment (PPE)?

bird flu spread from poultry to cattle to humans

Image from ncnewsline.com

This is all a little déjà vu, isn’t it? Can you believe they are trying this again? And all of this may be obvious to you, but when you tune into any mainstream media account right now, people ARE buying it! And there is a massive amount of fearmongering and discussions on “why we should be concerned,” “what to do to prevent a spread.”

For example, Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN produced an “Are We Prepared for Bird Flu” fearmongering special.3 The CDC is now predicting that the next pandemic will be from the bird flu.

“Once the virus gains the ability to attach to the human receptor and then go human to human, that’s when you’re going to have the pandemic … I think it’s just a matter of time.” — Dr. Redfield, former CDC director.

News agencies from across the country are saying the exact same thing. So, is that really “news?” Or has it become propaganda again? Reporting what they want us to hear to spread fear. So in this article, let’s discuss how this bird flu “pandemic” is an attempt to obtain complete control of the food system.

“Who controls the food supply controls the people.” — Henry Kissinger

I will also touch on what YOU can do to help stop spread the fearmongering — helping others better understand why these types of events are occurring can hopefully help prevent people from falling for this. (AGAIN!)

What Is ‘Bird Flu’

According to According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “H5N1 is one of several influenza viruses that causes a highly infectious respiratory disease in birds called avian influenza (or ‘bird flu’).” The “bird flu” is not new — it is something agriculture has dealt with for a long time. The CDC actually outlines the history of Avian Influenza from 1880 — 2024 here.

Dr. Mercola wrote about this in 2006 in his book “The Great Bird Flu Hoax:” “The U.S. government is now practically screaming that a new avian super-flu will likely kill millions of Americans. The mainstream media is entirely onboard, as are drug companies and other corporations poised to benefit immensely off the paranoia. But there is NO coming bird flu pandemic.

It’s an elaborate scheme contrived by the government and big business for reasons that boil down to power and money.” Are they really trying this again?

GOF Origins?

While I do not think humans should be concerned, there is no denying that H5N1 can cause problems for birds. Many people say that H5N1 comes from wild birds — but is Nature really something we should be fearing or trying to separate ourselves from? Where did the strain come from and why is it so problematic? Are there other origins?

Gain-of-function (GOF) research seeks to alter the functional characteristics of a virus to “help” public health experts better understand how viruses can spread and better plan for future pandemics.

In 2010, there was controversial GOF research on avian flu viruses where strains of the H5N1 bird flu viruses were intentionally made to be transmissible via respiratory droplets among ferrets. These studies were funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) under Dr. Anthony Fauci. Bill Gates has also funded gain-of-function research on H5N1.4

In 2011, the scientists reported that they were successful in modifying the avian H5N1 virus so that it was transmissible between mammals, making the entire situation riskier for humans.5

After being put on pause for a period of time, federal funding for these controversial research projects quietly resumed in 2019.6 And GOF critics have repeatedly discussed the human risks if the virus escaped (or released) from a lab.

Did the current H5N1 strain come from a lab? Were migrating birds infected, which then traveled across the world and country infecting a number of poultry and livestock facilities around the world? There are individuals investigating potential lab origins of HPAI through gain of function research.7

“Genetic analysis indicates that genotype B3.13 emerged in 2024 and exhibits genetic links to genotype B1.2, which was identified to have originated in Georgia in January 2022 after the start of serial passage research with H5Nx clade in mallard ducks at the USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory (SEPRL) in Athens, Georgia in April 2021.”

bird flu existential choice

Us humans will NEVER win the war against Mother Nature, as She will ALWAYS outsmart us. Image from www.theatlantic.com

Unfortunately, there is now troubling censorship that was recently instated to better control the narrative. Robert Malone reported that in June of this year, amendments to the WHO IHR (International Health Regulations) were illegally approved and prepared behind closed doors.8

“Although the ‘Article 55’ rules and regulations for amending the IHR explicitly require that ‘the text of any proposed amendment shall be communicated to all States Parties by the Director-General at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration,’ the requirement of four months for review was disregarded in a rush to produce some tangible deliverable from the Assembly …

The IHR amendments retain troubling language regarding censorship. These provisions have been buried in Annex 1,A.2.c., which requires State Parties to ‘develop, strengthen and maintain core capacities … in relation to … surveillance … and risk communication, including addressing misinformation and disinformation.'”9

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Now Cows and Humans Get Bird Flu

But the bird flu now involves more than just birds … this year marks the first “bird to cow” and “cow to human” transmission.

A multi-state outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in dairy cows was first reported on March 25, 2024. And according to the CDC, there are now 12 states with outbreaks in dairy cows with a total of 126 dairy herds affected.10

According to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, however, most sick cows recover within a few days.

The first reported human case in the US was a dairy farmer in Texas who developed pinkeye earlier this year. “Swab testing” was used to determine this dairy farmer had the same strain of bird flu, H5N1, that is supposedly circulating in dairy cows.

Altogether, there have been four human cases in the U.S., and none involved person-to-person spread — all were infected after exposure to animals presumed to have bird flu. With the goal of spreading fear, the World Health Organization reported that the first human has died from the avian influenza in Mexico on April 24th.

A few important details they do not include in headlines is that this individual had many pre-existing conditions, had no exposure to poultry or other animals, and was bedridden for three weeks prior to the onset of avian flu symptoms.

This accusation by WHO that this man died from the bird flu was denied by the Mexican Health Secretary Jorge Alcocer.11 Jorge Alcocer said the 59-year-old man died from other causes, mainly kidney and respiratory failure, NOT the bird flu.

“I can point out that the statement made by the World Health Organization is pretty bad, since it speaks of a fatal case (of bird flu), which was not the case.” — Jorge Alcocer

While the individual who died may have tested positive for H5N2, the current “fear” in the U.S. is the spread of the H5N1 strain in dairy cows. In 2008, scientists documented how testing positive for H5N2 may just be a result of seasonal flu vaccines or antiviral medications.

“A history of seasonal influenza vaccination might be associated with H5N2-neutralizing antibody positivity.12 These results suggest that the administration of Tamiflu (an antiviral) may affect the results of HI tests for H5N2 virus.”13

Again, doesn’t all of this sound so familiar? Pre-existing conditions, false positive faulty testing, fear, misinformation …

False Testing

Just like with COVID, government agencies are relying on PCR tests as they ramp up testing for bird flu. But PCR tests are extremely inaccurate and lead to significant levels of false positives.14

PCR testing works by replicating tiny fragments of DNA or RNA until they become large enough to identify. The fragments are replicated in cycles, and each cycle doubles the amount of genetic material in the sample. The number of cycles required to create an identifiable sample is the “cycle threshold” (CT). A high CT means many cycles were required to “detect” a virus.

“A persistent sticking point with the PCR test is that it picks up dead viral debris, and by excessively magnifying those particles with CTs in the 40s, noninfectious individuals are labeled as infectious and told to self-isolate.

In short, media and public health officials have conflated ‘cases’ — positive tests — with the actual illness.” — Dr. Mercola, written about PCR testing with COVID. But now we this can be applied to the current bird flu situation.

In December 2020, even the WHO warned that using a high CT would lead to false-positive results. Moreover, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the PCR test, has said it is inappropriate to use the test as a diagnostic tool to detect a viral infection.15

Yet the government is mass producing and encouraging PCR testing with no reporting on CTs. A big part of the CDCs new $93 million plan to reduce the impact of bird flu involves testing.16 The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) did not respond to “The Defender’s” inquiry about which CTs are used to test animals for bird flu.17

False positives can help them spread fear, encourage vaccinations, and mandate the mass killing of cattle herds of chicken flocks.

Proposed Solutions

Former CDC Director Tom Frieden, outlined how he thinks the US should respond:18

1)Rapid response — Test, isolate, cull livestock

2)Trust the government and comply, with this type of messaging — “It’s up to our farmers to comply and report testing”

3)Coordination amongst state and federal agencies to monitor more farms

The USDA requires that infected farms depopulate (kill) their flocks to better contain the virus and stop the spread. “The virus, however, is fatal to birds, and state and federal officials require all poultry in infected flocks to be killed to prevent its spread.”19 These mass killings (or “depopulations”) are paid for with public dollars through a USDA Program.20

On June 25, the Feds have paid Michigan farms $81 million to recoup the loss of having to cull millions of birds.21 More than $73 million of that $81 million was provided to the state’s largest egg producer, Herbruck’s Poultry Ranch. Nearly 6.5 million chickens (more than 40% of the state’s egg layers) were depopulated in early 2024.

flocks infected by bird flu

Image from www.mlive.com

Roughly $1 billion has been paid out nationwide since the highly pathogenic avian influenza, H5N1, started spreading in January 2022. Nationwide, large corporate egg producers have received some of the biggest payments to cover the cost of culling their flocks. For example, Jennie-O was provided $105 million, Tyson Foods was provided $29 million, and Cal-Main Foods $22 million.22

More than 92 million chickens have been slaughtered since the recent outbreak began in 2022. And in June of this year, 4.2 million birds were killed at a farm in Sioux County, Iowa. (Why were there 4.2 million chickens at a single farm?)

Corporations are compensated for the mass killings despite the utilization of inhumane depopulation methods that are not approved by animal welfare organizations. More than 80% of the mass culling here in the US use VSD+ (ventilation shut down plus), which is a cheaper option and is banned in other countries. Air is closed off to the barns and heat is pumped in until the temps rise above 104 °F, essentially cooking the birds alive.

In a mass killing of 5 million birds in March 2022 at Remembrandt Foods, some employees reported that it took about a month to pull the dead poultry from the cages and dump them into carts before piling the birds into nearby fields and buried in huge pits.

egg factory farm

Image from www.vox.com

Is the massacre of millions of birds really the best way to handle this situation? (It isn’t working, as “avian flu” outbreaks continue to pop up!) What if flocks are massacred due to a single false positive test? What about the concept of “natural immunity?”

The “cull the whole flock with one positive test” approach of approach will just lead to a reduction in the nation’s food supply (or even food shortages) and will lead to even more centralization and regulation in the food supply that is getting worse each year.

Dairy Cow Tracking

The USDA used the H5N1 fearmongering to push a ruling through on April 26th of this year that RFID ear tags are now required for dairy cattle for an “efficient animal disease traceability system.”

Or … is it a way to monitor, track and control the total number of and movement of dairy cows? A way to keep records of mRNA vaccinations, pharmaceuticals and other protocols to maintain in control?

RFID (radio-frequency identification) tagging involves small devices that use radio frequencies to transfer data, mainly to track and identify objects, animals and people.

R-CALF USA is speaking out against this new ruling: “[T]he beneficiaries of this rule are not cattle producers or consumers. Instead, this rule is intended to benefit multinational beef packers and multinational ear tag manufacturers who will profit at the expense of cattle producers and consumers.

In fact, because the rule is cost-prohibitive for independent cattle producers, the agency is using millions of taxpayer dollars to give millions of their unnecessary EID ear tags away … We will fight against the implementation of this disastrous rule that infringes on the freedoms and liberties of our nation’s independent cattle farmers and ranchers. This is government overreach at its worst.” — R-CALF CEO Bill Bullard.

rfid tag rule for cattle

Image from www.lancasterfarming.com


The CDC still says, “the human health risk assessment remains low,” yet there is extensive vaccine development.

Finland is now the first country to roll out the experimental bird flu vaccine and purchased vaccines for 10,000 people in mid-June,23 from manufacturer CSL Seqirus. This first round is intended for those “most at risk,” including farm workers and veterinarians. This purchase is part of the 40 million vaccine deal the EU has secured with CSL Seqirus.

This “Zoonotic Influenza vaccine Seqirus” (a two-dose vaccine, given 3 weeks apart) was authorized by European regulators based on immunogenicity studies showing that it elicited immune responses that scientists THINK would be protective against avian influenza.24 (How is “we think so” enough?)

The flu vaccine is traditionally made with eggs, and this has scientists worried. “A majority of the approved vaccines are created by incubating doses in chicken eggs, but the [bird flu’s] rate of fatality among poultry poses an issue for these vaccines.”25 So, many manufacturers are shifting towards more mRNA vaccine development.

“The bird flu outbreak in U.S. dairy cows is prompting development of new, next-generation mRNA vaccines — akin to COVID-19 shots — that are being tested in both animals and people.”26

The University of Pennsylvania is developing an mRNA vaccines for the bird flu using the same techniques that produced the COVID vaccines. According to a May 28th report from the Global Center for Health Security, “[a]n experimental mRNA vaccine against the H5N1 avian flu is highly effective in preventing severe illness and death in lab animals, researchers report.”27

Moderna and Pfizer are also competing for federal contracts to build a national stockpile of mRNA vaccines targeted toward the new bird flu.28

24 different companies are working towards the development of a bird flu vaccine for cows.29 Mandatory chicken and dairy cow mRNA vaccinations would then mean we are exposed to mRNA vaccines through our food.

We definitely do not need more vaccines, as more and more studies are coming out documenting that health complications skyrocketed shortly after the Covid vaccinations were released in 2020.30,31,32 From Dr. Joseph Sansone:

“Dr. Francis Boyle, the Harvard educated law professor that drafted the 1989 Biological Weapons and Antiterrorism Act, which passed both houses of Congress unanimously, provided an affidavit stating that Covid 19 injections and mRNA nanoparticle injections violate the law he wrote.

Dr. Boyle asserted that ‘COVID 19 injections,’ ‘COVID 19 nanoparticle injections,’ and ‘mRNA nanoparticle injections’ are biological weapons and weapons of mass destruction and violate Biological Weapons 18 USC § 175; Weapons and Firearms § 790.166 Fla. Stat. (2023).”33

War on Raw Milk

There also seems to be a war on raw milk amidst all this fearmongering. The FDA is now encouraging states to discourage and stop sales of raw milk to prevent human bird flu spread.34 If you tune into various news reports from across the country, the message is similar:

“Eggs and pasteurized milk and dairy products from the store are safe to consume. But the FDA warns against the consumption of raw milk.”

The suggestion to avoid raw milk is listed twice on the list of CDC recommendations:

  • People should avoid exposures to sick or dead animals, including wild birds, poultry, other domesticated birds, and other wild or domesticated animals (including cows), if possible.
  • People should also avoid exposures to animal poop, bedding (litter), unpasteurized (“raw”) milk, or materials that have been touched by, or close to, birds or other animals with suspected or confirmed A(H5N1) virus, if possible.
  • People should not drink raw milk. Pasteurization kills A(H5N1) viruses, and pasteurized milk is safe to drink.
  • People who have job-related contact with infected or potentially infected birds or other animals should be aware of the risk of exposure to avian influenza viruses and should take proper precautions. People should wear appropriate and recommended personal protective equipment when exposed to an infected or potentially infected animal(s). CDC has recommendations for worker protection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

There is no evidence supporting foodborne transmission of HPAI to humans. In fact, the FDA and USDA concluded in 2010 that “HPAIV is not considered to be a foodborne pathogen.”35 HPAI in humans is linked to transmission via animal contact, not by foods.36

The only demonstrated transmission is direct contact with animals — not a single human has developed bird flu from milk.

“Recent risk communications from CDC, FDA, and USDA regarding transmission of influenza A sub-type H5N1 (highly pathogenic avian influenza virus or HPAI) to humans via raw milk include no supporting evidence of viral transmission from raw milk to humans in the peer-reviewed literature …

An extensive body of scientific evidence from the peer-reviewed literature introduced herein does not support the assumption by these US government agencies that HPAI transmits to humans via milkborne or foodborne routes and causes disease. Nor does the scientific evidence support the recommendation that consumers should avoid raw milk and raw milk products.”37

And something that the FDA really doesn’t want you to know is that there is no guarantee that pasteurization truly kills the virus.

When explaining why raw milk is not safe, many government agencies use this study with mice, saying heat treatment to the milk significantly reduces the HPAI virus titers. But the conclusion of the study is very, very important “bench-top experiments do not recapitulate commercial pasteurization processes.”

Enter this study that the FDA and mainstream media isn’t talking about which demonstrates that standard pasteurization protocols in the US for milk isn’t enough to actually inactivate the virus since this virus seems to handle heat surprisingly well.

And on top of that, raw milk has a number of antiviral properties and pasteurized milk does not contain.38

The “pasteurized milk at the store is safe, and raw milk is very unsafe and is filled with bird flu” messaging encourages consumers to continue supporting these MEGA CAFO dairy farmers, and discourages consumers from supporting smaller dairy farms raising cows in synchronicity with Mother Nature.

So no, avoiding raw milk won’t stop human spread. But it will encourage more of a centralized food system.

The FDA’s messaging to avoid consumption of raw milk and raw milk products do not appear to be based on scientific evidence, but instead seem to be stemming from the desire to protect the centralized dairy industry.

FDA and USDA will never do anything to compromise the dairy industry, as the dairy industry spends millions of dollars on lobbying each year to keep control.

Confinement Operations Aren’t Working

With the repeated “outbreaks” occurring in poultry flocks year after year, isn’t it obvious that the current industrial agriculture system IS NOT working?

Why aren’t government agencies discussing how diseases easily spread when animals are stuffed in buildings, overcrowded and locked in confinement? Can you imagine if you were stuffed into a home with thousands of people — wouldn’t it be hard not to get sick?

In CAFOs, animals are often regularly on antibiotics due to the close living conditions. Can a body with a wiped-out gut microbiome handle any amount of disease?

Mega confinement barns, extreme biosecurity, separation from nature, vaccinations and antibiotics — it doesn’t work! But it does help them maintain food control and is a profitable business model for big ag, big pharma, and big food companies.

The development of a vaccine and culling birds is much more profitable path for addressing bird flu relative to the natural immunity path.

What You Can Do

The solution is clear — stop supporting their system. Buy from farmers. Remember, the messaging and fearmongering around the bird flu is intentional, with the goal of developing even more food control. Everything through their centralized food system is “safe” — so you can trust the food at grocery stores is safe from HPAI. (So they say …)

Instead, the messaging should be “know where your food comes from, know your farmer and know how the animals are raised.” This discussion on food sourcing and knowing your food comes from is not profitable for industrial ag because they get $0 from that sale, so it isn’t brought up.

The centralization of the food system and shift in farming styles has been somewhat successful in benefiting the big corporations and maintaining food control, while hurting farmers. The size of farms has increased, while the number of farms has shrunk (opposite of what we want for low toxin, nutrient-dense food production.)

In fact, the number of small farms has decreased by over 72% in the last 90 years — in 1935 there were 6.8 million farms, and in 2023 there were 1.89 million farms.

“It is very hard as a farmer to be profitable in the conventional system, so more and more farms are going out of business. And many farms that are in business require an off the farm job to pay the bills.”

We are losing small scale farmers more and more each year, and they need your support to stay in business!

Moral of the story — whenever you can, buy directly from farmers, Cooperatives, or buyers’ clubs — these type of food systems support small-scale, toxin free farming. The prices may be more expensive, but farmers are paid a fair wage and produce higher quality food products.

Plus, with these type of transactions, the big agriculture companies get $0 of this sale, funneling less money into their system. And on top of that, remain grounded and maintain common sense as we head into the next round of bird flu fearmongering.

About the Author

Ashley Armstrong is the cofounder of Angel Acres Egg Co., which specializes in low-PUFA (polyunsaturated fat) eggs that are shipped to all 50 states (join waitlist here), and Nourish Cooperative, which ships low-PUFA pork, beef, cheese, A2 dairy and traditional sourdough to all 50 states. Waitlists will reopen shortly.

– Sources and References


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Prior to 2020, if you heard the term “lockdown” you might think of something that
happens in a prison — not in a free society. This mechanism of control has since
Planet Lockdown: A Documentary
Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola  Fact Checked
The film Planet Lockdown explores this unprecedented time in history, speaking with
epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and other experts to uncover the real motives behind
the increasing totalitarian control taking over the globe

Dr. Scott Jensen, a family doctor and former member of the Minnesota Senate, received
an email from the Department of Health that coached him to use COVID-19 as a
diagnosis incorrectly

The notion of asymptomatic spread turns virtually anyone you meet or encounter on the
street into the enemy or a threat, furthering fear and control

The artificially imposed state of incoherence that’s been enacted during the pandemic is
described as a torture tactic, designed to get people to submit to vaccine passports and
COVID-19 shots

Many of the experts in the film bring up the Nuremberg Code, which is being violated as
people are forced to get experimental shots

Civil disobedience, boycotting businesses that are requiring vaccine passports,
participating in rallies and fighting illegal mandates in court are ways that everyone can
get involved in protecting freedom.

become commonplace — not among prisoners but among the free — with repercussions that are only beginning to be understood.
The film Planet Lockdown explores this unprecedented time in history, speaking with epidemiologists, scientists, doctors and other experts to uncover the real motives behind the increasing totalitarian control taking over the globe. Already banned by Facebook and YouTube, the film starts at the beginning of the pandemic, when we were
told lockdowns were necessary to “flatten the curve.”

This was supposed to be a short-term, 15-day event in the U.S., but the narrative soon
changed to ongoing restrictions. As Michael Yeadon, Ph.D., a former vice-president and
chief scientific adviser of the drug company Pfizer and founder and CEO of the biotech
company Ziarco, now owned by Novartis, explained, people have historically quarantined the sick, but quarantining healthy people, as has occurred for the past two years, has noscientific backing or historic precedence.
“Given this virus represents, at most, a slightly bigger risk to the old and ill than seasonal
influenza, and a less risk, a smaller risk, to almost everyone else who’s younger and fit,”
Yeadon says, “it was never necessary for us to have done anything. We didn’t need to do
anything — lockdowns, masks, testing, vaccines even.”

Questionable Practices Urged for COVID-19 Diagnosis
Dr. Scott Jensen, a family doctor and former member of the Minnesota Senate, received
an email from the Department of Health that seemed to be coaching him to use COVID19 as a diagnosis in situations where he wouldn’t have previously used influenza or any other specific viral diagnosis without first testing for it. He said: “What struck me right away was I felt like I was being coached to go ahead and use COVID-19 without using the same standards of precision that I would for
other things. If I’m going to make a diagnosis, I believe as a physician I have an
obligation to use the tools available to me to nail it down with as much certainty
as possible.
And it seemed to me that the Department of Health, and the link to this CDC
document that said you could diagnose COVID-19 as a cause of death on a
death certificate … those two documents, in tandem, went against everything
that I had been taught or doing for the last 35 years.”
Even Dr. Ngozi Ezike, director of the Illinois Department of Health, is featured in the film
stating that even if you died of a clear alternate cause, if you had COVID-19 at the same
time, it would still be listed as a COVID death. “Everyone who is listed as a COVID death,
doesn’t mean that was the cause of the death,” she says.
In January 2020, the PCR test for COVID-19 came out, which allowed health officials to
define COVID-19 “cases.” If the test was positive, it counted as a case — it didn’t matter if
you have symptoms or not. Reiner Fuellmich, global fraud attorney, founder of the
Corona Investigative Committee, pointed out, “It’s never, in the history of mankind, in the
history of medicine, there’s never been testing of healthy people.”
Yeadon agrees that mass testing of people with no symptoms has no scientific basis.
Rather, he says, “It’s just a way to frighten people.” The rising “cases,” based on PCR
testing, is what built the crisis. But counting cases was only measuring the activity of
testing; the more that testing occurred, the more cases that were found.

‘Fear Everyone’ Became the Message
June 8, 2020, WHO director general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced that
asymptomatic people could transmit COVID-19. That same day, Maria Van Kerkhove,
WHO technical lead for the COVID-19 pandemic, made it very clear that people who have
COVID-19 without any symptoms “rarely” transmit the disease to others. In a dramatic
about-face, WHO then backtracked on the statement just one day later.
In the days that followed, media and health officials ramped up fear by claiming that you could be sickened by virtually anyone, even when they appeared to be healthy. “This idea that … you can be ill even though you have no symptoms and you can be a … virus threat to someone else even though you have no symptoms, that’s also invented in 2020,”

Yeadon says.
Alexandra Henrion-Caude, geneticist, former director of research with the French
National Institute of Health, is among those who have noticed something off from the
start. “I was very puzzled since the very beginning … I was alert to the fact that what we
were living was not quite right.”
She notes that the notion of asymptomatic spread is terrifying because it turns virtually
anyone you meet or encounter on the street into the enemy, because they could be
exposing you to SARS-CoV-2. “This is actually terrible because it denies the capacity of
a person to be a healthy person. Because if asymptomatic [spread] exists, then who is
healthy? No one.”
What’s more, the “proof” of asymptomatic spread is flawed and fraudulent. The New
England Journal of Medicine published an article suggesting the transmission of COVID19 is possible from an asymptomatic carrier in January 2020.
It was based on a 33-year-old businessman who had met with his business partner from
Shanghai, then developed a fever and productive cough. The next evening, he felt better
and went back to work January 27.
The writers reported the partner had been “well with no signs or symptoms of infection,
but had become ill on her flight back to China, where she tested positive for 2019-nCoV
on January 26.” From this case study, they theorized the virus could be transmitted from
asymptomatic carriers. An important point was left out, which is that the researchers did
not speak with the partner from Shanghai before publication.
However, Germany’s public health agency, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), did speak with
the woman on the phone, and she reported she did have symptoms while in Germany.
So she was not asymptomatic after all.

In a State of Incoherence, People Crave Normalcy The pandemic has twisted reality, leaving the public in a mental fog. “You’re regularly pledging obedience to things which are not logical,” Catherine Austin-Fitts, assistant secretary, Bush Sr. administration and investment adviser with Solari, Inc., says.

has changed definitions of herd immunity and pandemic, literally altering reality, and this is just one example.

Censorship and campaigns to discredit those who speak out against the narrative are additional control mechanisms that distort the truth. Bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan says the pandemic measures are very similar to Soviet times where he lived, in that there was only one narrative, and if you said there was another meaning, you were declared an enemy.
“When you had another opinion, they said, ‘You are a conspiracy group. You have a conspiracy theory. You have hate speech. This expression, hate speech, came from the communists.” It’s psychological manipulation, based on fear, which makes people act
totally irrational. The artificially imposed state of incoherence was even described by
Austin-Fitts as a torture tactic, designed to get people to submit to vaccine passports
and COVID-19 shots:

“Human beings crave coherence. And so if you can put them in a state of
incoherence they will literally do anything they can to get back to coherence. It’s
a typical torture tactic. ‘If you just do what I want, I will allow you to go back to a
state of coherence.’ So, if you just accept the [vaccine] passports, you’ll be free.
Or if you get the vaccination, you’ll just be free.”
Further, by declaring small businesses as “nonessential” during lockdowns, they get shut
down, while Amazon, Walmart and other big box stores can take over their market share.
A major transfer of wealth occurred away from small family-owned businesses to very
large, publicly owned businesses that benefited from the digital economy. In the
meantime, Austin-Fitts explains:
“The people on Main St. have to keep paying off their credit cards or their
mortgage, so they’re in a debt trap and they’re desperate to get cashflow to
cover their debts and expenses.
In the meantime, you have the Federal Reserve institute a form of quantitative
easing where they’re buying corporate bonds, and the guys who are taking up
the market share can basically finance — or their banks can — at 0% to 1%,
when everyone on Main St. is paying 16% to 17% to their credit cards, without
So basically now you’ve got them over a barrel and you can take away their
market share, and generally they can’t afford to do what they say because
they’re too busy trying to find money to feed their kids.”
New Control Systems Are Being Engineered
If a few people want to control many, how can you get the sheep into the slaughterhouse
without them realizing and resisting? “The perfect thing,” Austin-Fitts says, is invisible
enemies, like viruses. This ramps up fear so the public believes they need the
government to protect them. Another effective tactic is “divide and conquer,” and the
media plays an important role in this, dividing people over shots and masks, for

“What COVID-19 is,” Austin-Fitts explains, “is the institution of controls necessary to
convert the planet from the democratic process to technocracy. So what we’re watching
is a change in control and an engineering of new control systems. So think of this as a
coup d’état. It’s much more like a coup d’état than a virus.”
Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a former public health official and member of German parliament,
agrees, stating that pandemic responses have “nothing to do with hygiene. It has to do
with criminology.” The global injection campaign is another form of control, one that’s
forcing the public to receive experimental shots.

Many of the experts in the film bring up the Nuremberg Code, which spells out a set of
research ethics principles for human experimentation. This set of principles was
developed to ensure the medical horrors discovered during the Nuremberg trials at the
end of World War II would never take place again.

But in the current climate of extreme censorship, people are not being informed about
the full risks of the shots — which are only beginning to be uncovered. People are being
forced into the shots due to mandates and loss of jobs and personal freedoms, like the
ability to travel freely and attend business and social events.
In the End, Truth Will Win
A revolution is occurring, and the experts are hopeful that people will awaken to
common sense and resist the totalitarian control that is threatening to take over the
globe. Instead, society can be regenerated if people come together and fight back
against the encroachment on our liberties.

Civil disobedience, boycotting businesses that are requiring vaccine passports,
participating in rallies and fighting illegal mandates in court are ways that everyone can
get involved in protecting freedom. “If they want to make us a machine, if they want to
make us slaves, we say no,” Wodarg says. “… We don’t need you anymore, we are many …
we don’t have to be afraid of any pandemic.”

About the Director

I believe in bringing quality to my readers, which is why I wanted to share some
information about the filmmaker, James Patrick, from “Planet Lockdown.” Here is a
little more about him and what went in to making this film. Thank you James for
sharing with us.
What was your inspiration for making this film?
I was in Spain when the lockdowns started, studying a PHD in economics. I escaped
to southern France and a week later back to the states. I immediately saw the
lockdowns as an economic takedown of the middle class rather than a virus
mitigation strategy.

I looked into the academic reference of lockdown as a strategy and they were only
mentioned twice and strongly recommended against as the damages would be
worse than any benefit.
As an ancestor of Patrick Henry and passionate lover of human liberty, I was so
upset by the lockdowns and what they meant for our future, I needed to do
something about it. Within a few months I embarked on making a documentary film.
The situation developed so quickly I began putting the full interviews out and it
became an interview series as well.
I was able to get the best and brightest experts in the world to sit down and tell me
their story. It is a high level, intimate look at what happened these last two years,
from 2 weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve to Lockouts for the unvaccinated.
What do you hope people take away from the film?
The film takes the viewer on a journey through the whole COVID saga. The film and
the full interviews forms an educational body of work that helps the public
understand what is going on, how we got here, where are we and where this is
headed if we don’t put a stop to this. Enough damage has been done. We have to
make sure this never happens again or a lot worse things will happen.
Where do the proceeds to your film go?
Proceeds to the project go to cover the expenses of the film and ongoing interview
series. These include travel, equipment, and payment for cameramen, sound, edits,
audio technicians and web hosting expenses. We have done this project on a
shoestring budget and donations are critical to keeping this high quality content
coming to earn the public about what is happening and what is to come.
No other film project is addressing the situation from an international perspective,
which is required to have a full understanding of what is happening. This is a global
operation. We work with colleagues in UK, EU and Africa to capture the situation. We
are doing this project as a public service and it isn’t free. To date it has been driven
by people contributing their time unpaid, myself especially, so donations help covers
these out of pocket expenses incurred.
Click the button below to help support the filmmakers.
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Suppression of ivermectin in the West.

Invermectin and the Price of Life
by Justus R. Hope, MD Dec 13, 2021 Updated Dec 16, 2021
Sun Ng’s Recovery with Ivermectin
Sun Ng’s Recovery with Ivermectin

What is your life worth? More to the point, what is your loved one’s life worth? What value would you
place on your child, your mother, father, or spouse?

When the world experienced an average of nearly 15,000 COVID deaths per day, Dr. Andrew Hill decided
on the price of a human life. Dr. Hill made that calculation during a conversation with Dr. Tess Lawrie,
in January of 2021, during the peak of the Winter Surge.

In a zoom conversation between Dr. Tess Lawrie, nicknamed the “Conscience of Medicine,” and Dr. Andrew
Hill, then the most influential Ivermectin advocate in the world, Dr. Hill chose dollars over human lives.


Hill’s parent institution, the University of Liverpool, had just received a 40 million dollar donation
from UNITAID four days before Hill’s Ivermectin paper was published, and Dr. Hill’s conclusion was changed
180 degrees from his position just a few weeks earlier.

Andrew Hill admitted that his sponsors (UNITAID) pressured him to alter his conclusion. Hill explained,
“I think I’m in a very sensitive position here.”

Dr. Lawrie called Hill out. She stated, “Lots of people are in sensitive positions; they’re in hospital,
in ICUs dying, and they need this medicine.”

Lawrie criticized Hill, “This is what I don’t get, you know, because you’re not a clinician. You’re not
seeing people dying every day. And this medicine prevents deaths by 80%. So 80 percent of those people
who are dying today don’t need to die because there’s Ivermectin.”

Hill responded that the NIH would not agree to recommend IVM.

Dr. Tess Lawrie fired back, “Yeah, because the NIH is owned by the vaccine lobby…This is bad research.
So at this point, I am really, really worried about you.”

Hill answered, “Okay. Yeah. I mean, it’s a difficult situation.”

Lawrie responded, “No, you might be in a difficult situation. I’m not because I have no paymaster. I can
tell the truth…How can you deliberately try and mess up…you know? So, how long are you going to let
people carry on dying unnecessarily – up to you? What is the timeline you’ve allowed for this, then?”

Andrew Hill reacted, “Well, I think…I think that it goes to WHO and the NIH, and the FDA, and the EMEA.
And they’ve got to decide when they think enough is enough.”

Dr. Lawrie pointed out the obvious, “You’d rather…risk loads of people’s lives. Do you know if you and
I stood together on this, we could present a united front and we could get this thing. We could make it
happen. We could save lives; we could prevent people from getting infected. We could prevent the elderly
from dying…

I’m a doctor, and I’m going to save as many lives as I can. And I’m going to do that through getting the
message [out] on Ivermectin…Okay. Unfortunately, your work is going to impair that, and you seem to be
able to bear the burden of many, many deaths, which I cannot do.”

Dr. Lawrie demanded to know the identity of the unknown UNITAID author who changed Dr. Hill’s conclusions,
the person whose influence was to cause so many preventable deaths.

“So who is it in UNITAID, then? Who is giving you opinions on your evidence?”

Hill answered, “Well, it’s just the people there. I don’t…”

Dr. Lawrie pressed Hill, “Could you please give me a name of someone in UNITAID I could speak to, so that I can share my evidence and hope to try and persuade them to understand it?

Dr. Hill evaded, “Oh, I’ll have to think about who to, to offer you with a name…But I mean this is very
difficult because I’m, you know, I’ve got this role where I’m supposed to produce this paper and we’re in
a very difficult, delicate balance…Yeah, it’s a very strong lobby…”

The conversation concludes with Dr. Hill promising to do everything in his power to get Ivermectin
approved if she could give him six more weeks.

Dr. Lawrie, “So, how long do you think the stalemate will go on for?”

Dr. Hill, “From my side. Okay…I think end of February, we will be there in six weeks.”

Dr. Tess Lawrie, “How many people die every day?”

Dr. Andrew Hill, “Oh, sure. I mean, you know, 15,000 people a day.”

Dr. Tess Lawrie, “Fifteen thousand people a day times six weeks…Because at this rate, all other
countries are getting Ivermectin except the UK and the USA, because the UK and the USA and Europe
are owned by the vaccine lobby.”

Dr. Andrew Hill, “My goal is to get the drug approved and to do everything I can to get it approved
so that it reaches the maximum…”

Dr. Tess Lawrie, The Conscience of Medicine, concluded with this, “You’re not doing everything you can,
because everything you can would involve saying to those people who are paying you, ‘I can see this
prevents deaths. So I’m not going to support this conclusion anymore, and I’m going to tell the truth.’

Finally, Dr. Lawrie added, “Well, you’re not going to get it approved the way you’ve written that
conclusion. You’ve actually shot yourself in the foot, and you’ve shot us all in the foot. All of…
everybody trying to do something good. You have actually completely destroyed it…I don’t know how
you sleep at night, honestly.”

The fact that Dr. Andrew Hill allowed another person to change his paper’s conclusion has been known
for more than six months and was published in the book, Ivermectin for the World.

“However, he [Dr. Andrew Hill] was reigned in before more damage [to the vaccine lobby] was done:

He was invited to the NIH, along with Dr. Marik, probably to give the appearance of propriety.
He was given a gag order and told not to speak to any more press until The WHO made an official decision on Ivermectin. It turned out that this decision would go against the drug despite Dr. Hill’s findings.
Dr. Hill’s conclusion would be changed by someone else, and the rest is history.”

What was not known, until the transcript of the zoom conference between Dr. Hill and Dr. Lawrie was leaked, were the specifics of the quid pro quo. It turns out that the height of the COVID-19 Winter surge,
when about 15,000 people per day were dying, was precisely the same time as the zoom conference, held
on January 18, 2021. Moreover, it was days after Andrew Hill’s University of Liverpool took the $40
million payoff.

The transcript of this conference call appeared in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.s’ book, The Real Anthony Fauci,
and in this article published by “The Defender” newsletter:


World daily COVID deaths were averaging around 15,000 per day on January 18, 2021, and six weeks later
were averaging some 9,700. Currently, the world is seeing about 7,500 per day die.

80% of these or more could have been prevented with Ivermectin, a statement with which Dr. Hill would
likely agree.

Overall, since that fateful decision of Andy Hill to allow his sponsor to “change” his paper’s conclusion,
2.475 million people [11 months x 30 days per month x 7500 deaths per day] have died, 80% of them could have been saved had Ivermectin been approved. So precisely 1.98 million lives were lost as a result of the betrayal.

The price per life?

Forty million dollars was the value of the donation made to the University of Liverpool by UNITAID. This
sum comes out to 20 dollars and 20 cents per life. That is what we are all worth in the calculus of the
vaccine lobby.

UNITAID bills itself as a “global health agency” hosted by the World Health Organization and supported by the vaccine lobby.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation contributed hundreds of millions to UNITAID. In October, they
committed $120 million more to the new expensive Merck drug molnupiravir, a costly and genotoxic
competitor of Ivermectin.



Some experts say it will stimulate the emergence of viral mutants and worsen the pandemic.


If that prospect is not concerning enough, consider this: One dose of Remdesivir, a drug that does not
save lives, but one that is widely used on most United States ICU COVID cases, costs $3,100 per dose, or
to put it bluntly, one dose of Remdesivir is worth roughly 153 lives. Yet, the worst drug earned the FDA’s
approval while the best one, Ivermectin, was suppressed for money.

Ivermectin, a drug that has nearly eradicated River Blindness in much of the world, a safe drug already
given to humans in over 4 billion doses, can be purchased mail-order from India at 1,000 12mg tablets for
$163. That comes out to 16.3 cents per dose.

Dr. Alan Bain recently saved the life of 71-year-old Sun Ng thanks to a court order issued by Judge Paul
Fullerton. Following the hospital’s initial refusal, Ng’s family sued Edward-Elmhurst Health and Sun Ng
was administered the Ivermectin for five days. After the treatment, Ng “removed his breathing tube” and
was taken out of ICU.

Dr. Bain, unable to get a local pharmacy to fill the prescription for Ivermectin, obtained the mail-order
version and saved Ng’s life.



Thus, five 12 mg doses cost about 82 cents but are worth more than the 20 dollar value placed by the
vaccine lobby and Andrew Hill on a human life because pennies were all it took to purchase the Ivermectin
that saved Sun Ng.

Ivermectin has 27 randomized controlled studies involving tens of thousands of patients showing reduced
time to viral clearance, hastened recovery time, and reduced mortality. On the other hand, the vaccine
lobby’s choice, Remdesivir, was rejected by the WHO as a drug that failed to improve survival and other



One thousand doses of Ivermectin can be purchased online for $163. Yet, UNITAID paid $40 million to
change Dr. Hill’s conclusions to call for more studies [delaying Ivermectin approval], essentially
condemning millions of human beings to death from COVID-19. So while 82 cents may be the price of life, it seems that twenty pieces of silver remains the price of death.


Dr. Justus R. Hope, writer’s pseudonym, graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College where he was named a Lilly Scholar. He attended Baylor College of Medicine where he was awarded the M.D. degree. He completed a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at The University of California Irvine
Medical Center. He is board-certified and has taught at The University of California Davis Medical
Center in the departments of Family Practice and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. He has practiced
medicine for over 35 years and maintains a private practice in Northern California.

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