Earth, planet of slaves.

Planet Earth: Humans imprisoners on a Planet of Slaves.

We live in the post-truth age manipulated by false-hood politics and media untruthfulness. Without a strong sense of discernment for the truth, all of the lies, misrepresentations, subliminal programming, and propaganda constantly obfuscate, conflate, confabulate, and misguide the person who is not ‘as wise as a serpent.’

Whether its Lucifer, the father of lies, being cast down to the Earth by the Archangel Michael or the serpent whispering lies and falsehoods to Adam and Eve, we can find the battle between good and evil displayed throughout human history.

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5D #Starseeds #EndTimeMadnessAstar


Hello friends of the truth Ashtar intervening light unusual air objects is Ascension really happening
you bet it is it’s an evolutionary step for Earth and everything in the universe everything ascends to a higher vibrational Dimension when it reaches a certain frequency humans animals minerals trees Etc.

This process is called Ascension and we’re ascending to the Fifth Dimension every one of us right now
whether you consciously know it or not are choosing to ascend with this higher vibration or stay in this third dimensional State of Consciousness as we Ascend out of this 3D World we are finding out we are losing our memory this is because when reading to The Fifth Dimension knowing is the way we will operate meaning your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your intuition ability losing your memory is a positive happening it applies to all age groups never doubt your ability to know.

What’s right for you nothing is more reliable than your own inner guidance remember the goal of
negative energy is to further you away from source for Ascension to occur you must have completed what you came to earth to do what you need to do.

Lose all fear let go of all those barriers beliefs criticisms judgments negative thoughts unwanted emotions let go of control you will never feel more free this is when you find balance synchronicities will start popping up everywhere to show you’re on the right path you will start connecting with the right right people at the right time to help you along.

Your way trusting yourself your inner guidance will be your best bet you just need to be aware of it and
listen in recent times remarkable objects have been observed and downed in your skies the light Vehicles appear where there is great imbalance and many casualties.

Those in power were informed of the changes on Earth in a timely manner they were allowed to receive higher knowledge and therefore they now bear the responsibility in keeping Humanity safe and the task of informing everyone about the cosmic contact with the light Dimensions where the transition to a higher frequency is going to take place.

Many Cosmic sacred councils have met and decided after a long time that there is no change in the misguided approach on earth on the contrary the imbalance continues and man is still being exploited.

The light Dimensions have decided to change course and they are going to intervene the signal is green
once again many agreements have not been kept and have even been boycotted.

We have announced early that a great change is going to come from the great Universal Sun the way the Earthly governments treat the Earth can no longer be tolerated they exhaust everything for their own gain the wars that have Arisen.

Continue to be fueled by additional nuclear weapons that can have a very devastating effect we are alert and intervene immediately where things threaten to go wrong.

We will begin to convert the dark core and we will help those who are trapped in the web of manipulation.
Humanity is fully supported in this progression of evolution this coming months there will be an immense wave of cosmic light coming into the Earth so once again a very great purification is going to take place we will be massively present in your skies but often invisible because many are not yet aware of our presence we who come from the starlight descend from love when your governments start using all this as deceptions to put down extra fear.

We will withdraw and appear at another time.
Do know that timelines are flexible and that we are working through them disclosure making Universal contact public is very difficult there are still many agreements that are not being kept all this is now being turned around and is going to be expressed through a different way.

The intervention of the light is going to rise slowly but firmly and in this month there are many
activations ready that will have a great influence on the actions of those in power in great numbers.

We are ready and right beside us are the invisible links to help carry out this plan in the physical.

They are accomplishing much in the Earthly lines of connection first there will be a great wave of light that will wipe out the persistent lies The Mists that are currently being maintained will disappear second this wave will work its way into the collective consciousness of man creating a reset of new pure thoughts.

Third the invisible links on Earth are being prepared and put down we are working in many layers and drop by drop this is starting.

It is a very large undertaking which is being closely followed by the higher Dimensions.

Why is the light working in the invisible layer we are in the higher frequencies and these are often invisible to the gross material beings human beings.

Some of you can perceive or hear us because once the transition to a higher frequency is possible many can see us.

It is fear and pain that clouds everything in the mind many no longer believe in their own divine power and that is why we repeat again and again stay in love love energy and higher frequency.

The love energy forms a high frequency wave in the brain and this Finds Its Reflection In The Many trans
experiences through sleep.

The Starlight beings can come to you so that one can restore the energy in the higher Dimensions.

The physical body is then left behind and can be renewed through this energetic reset it often goes in
steps but that is usually sufficient.

Every living being has its own task to fulfill but in this great transition we may help from the light where there is too much opposition from a negative suction light Dimensions.

Many kinds of light dimensions are involved in the evolution of the Earth the light beings from Lura reside
in the hollow Earth the light beings from the water air and Sun the Angels the planetary light the staright and many others still unknown to man.

This Cosmic Awakening is resisted and therefore we approach many individually in dreams or during sacred Gatherings where the vibration is high and where we can bring you into a higher vibration.

Much is possible but this knowledge has been lost to man deep within your hearts is this knowledge and it is now time to start activating these light codes.
We of the Starlight sometimes called ashtar command Galactic Federation or otherwise always work
together and we are one together.

There is actually no distinction and the divisions are only ways of indicating and explaining this.
Man is also a part of this great whole and therefore we would like to restore contact.
It is not about designation but about perception every human being can sense when a connection is made with the living light. Many misleading thoughts about good good and evil may be released.

Ashtar energy; I would like to name one more thing for many thoughts that arise from the mind are transformed from a certain confusion mismatch creating misleading information

Thoughts From The Loving Heart need not be examined there lies a deep knowing that it is right.
There is no lower part of ashtar thoughts have arisen in the search for truth and in who ashtar is.
My energy consists of a very high love frequency and there is only one ashtar I work with.

My light brothers and sisters in the many light dimensions on assignment from the Great Divine source and in cooperation with the Christ in the lower vibration on Earth.
Our delegates of light are working on Earth often as human beings they can travel in frequency from high
to low and this is necessary to restore the light connection.

Usually they are not well understood and this task is what they may carry as humans we support them in this from and high light misunderstanding often leads to fear and rejection.
Especially now there is so much going on therefore feel good with the heart if it is right.
Star lights large or small can be felt and experienced through the heart as can our presence it makes you happy.

And light but some may be startled by the unfamiliar phenomenon they suddenly perceive once this happens we distance ourselves or become invisible.

We of the star light do not want to cause fear under any circumstances we come to you only from unconditional love

I greet the light in your heart

In today’s world we might say: Find the spiritual truth in your thinking, the beauty of the world in your heart, and add to them good deeds freely accomplished with love. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness, according to the Greeks, will grant you wings to fly into the higher realms of the archetypes where truth resides, pure and un-defiled.

 Douglas GabrielWhy is Evil in the World?

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Suffering is here to create the chance to become free of attachment to the outside world. Every challenge is another opportunity for the giftedness in each of us to unfold.

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