UN and the cancel culture

Canceling Words To Control The Future

Canceling words isn’t about protecting sensitive or abused minorities. It’s about laying the foundation for a homogeneous, subservient, and dumbed-down society – by design.

Jan Wellmann

Mar 13


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“You are your word,” my father once told me after he caught me lying. We had just finished dinner. He gave me a brush and pointed at the dishes. He never mentioned my faux pas again.

“I am my word.” 

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I pondered what he meant while staring at the soap bubbles – even decades after I finished the dishes.  

I must explain something about my father. He inhaled words. He had books everywhere, including some 3,000 in his forest cabin. He built extra shelves that hung from the ceiling after he ran out of wall space. He read broadly, from fact to fiction, history to poetry, with a fondness for diversity. He sorted the books with a freakish obsession – as if he was trying to unscramble the fabric of human knowledge or purpose. 

One shelf would have books dealing with communism on the left, socialism in the middle, and capitalism on the right. The shades of the author’s ideology determined if a book would end up an inch here or there. Another shelf would represent the grey scale between tyranny and democracy. Then there was the slide from ancient energy medicine to modern medicine—and, of course, from peace to war. 

And so on. Rows after rows of history, cultures, and narratives, graded meticulously from left to right, from East to West, frozen in time, black on white.

By the time my father passed in 2013, it had become evident that his obsession with literary time capsules had a deeper purpose – whether he knew it or not.

Google had taken over the search algorithms, and people accessed mostly digital content. The search results and the definitions of words were suddenly malleable. And this was just the beginning.

Today, narratives are altered in real-time to influence collective belief systems, and certain words have become “toxic.” You could be toast for mentioning a color, gender, race, faculty, or disability in the wrong context because it might upset the sensibilities of someone – even if that someone is composed of an acronym.

Protecting minorities – whether gender or race-related – has become part of the prevailing narrative of an increasingly “woke” community. And as in many other media-propagated topics, the truth is precisely the opposite of the prevailing, media-dominated version – carefully constructed to bring us closer to our predetermined destiny.

Entrance/Leave of a 15 minute city and its hidden function.

The Future Wrapped Inside A Language Riddle

Only a few years ago, I would have had difficulty entertaining the idea that society’s significant events in the past century(ies) and the present – wars and major cultural shifts, for example – are engineered. Is there an invisible instance who holds the grand joystick and writes and enforces long-term plans for our planet? Sometimes we can get a glimpse of what comes next from public channels, an example being the pandemic plan from 2010


. We can also all read the agenda for 2030

2 , although, for some reason, few people take this seriously.

After April 2020, I began taking the plans more seriously. The planet decided to lock down in lockstep overnight – taking billions of people for a fantasy ride with almost no resistance – an astonishing planetary-wide synchronization of self-harm that chaos theory alone couldn’t explain. There had to be not just years but decades of preparation. 

Today I believe that for longer than anyone cares to fathom, we’ve been munching junk foods and entertainment inside Plato’s Cave, where the appearance of “free society” and “democracy” is a form of shadow puppetry designed to maximize our dopamine levels.

None of our supposed leaders and public figureheads – from political to corporate sectors – have an ultimate say regarding critical events.

They have limited jurisdiction to give the appearance of authority, but ultimately they are attached to a leash, just like Max, your neighbor’s German Shepherd. 

Once we accept that we never left the cave but were, in fact, just led deeper into its caverns with social algorithms, adult entertainment, processed foods, dumb-down chemicals, and a modern lifestyle that leads you from one distraction to another, the reason why language plays such a central role in the current theatre begins to make sense.

Compared to the medical policies hoisted on us for the past three years, the recent language tweaks may seem like a subtle attack. Still, language is the most fundamental and permanent driver of our belief systems. 

Take a dig at some recently canceled words and the official rationale for their cancelation (courtesy of AI).

1. “Master” and “slave,” canceled due to their association with slavery.

2. “Illegal alien or “illegal immigrant,” canceled due to their perceived dehumanizing nature.

3. “Whitelist” and “blacklist” were canceled due to their associations with race.

4. “Crazy,” “insane,” canceled for stigmatizing mental illness.

5. “Retarded,” was canceled due to its use as a derogatory term for people with intellectual disabilities.

6. “Illegal” or “llegals,” canceled due to their perceived dehumanizing nature.

7. “Eskimo,” canceled due to its derogatory connotations and inaccurate use as a catch-all term for Indigenous peoples in the Arctic.

8. “Thug,” canceled due to its association with racial stereotypes and violence.

9. “Illegal” or “alien” canceled due to the dehumanizing nature of the terms.

10. “Mankind” canceled due to its perceived gender exclusivity

11. “Gender reveal party,” canceled due to its reinforcement of the gender binary and potential harm to transgender and non-binary individuals.

12. “All lives matter,” canceled due to its perceived dismissal of the Black Lives Matter movement and the ongoing struggle for racial justice.

13. “Karen,” canceled due to its use as a sexist and ageist slur against women.

14. “Illegal vote,” canceled due to its perpetuation of baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

15. “Owner” canceled due to its association with slavery.

16. “Exotic,” canceled due to its fetishization and othering of non-white cultures.

17. “Man up” or “be a man,” canceled due to their perpetuation of harmful gender stereotypes.

18. “Illegal dumping,” canceled due to its association with dehumanizing and criminalizing those who engage in the practice.

19. “Ghetto,” canceled due to its association with poverty and black culture.

20. “Lame,” canceled due to its ableist connotations.

21. “Hysterical,” canceled due to its history of being used to dismiss female emotions and experiences.

22. “Retarded,” canceled due to its stigmatization of people with intellectual disabilities.

23. “Urban,” canceled due to its use as a euphemism for “black” or “non-white.”

24. “Illegal contact” or “illegal use of hands,” canceled due to their association with the criminalization of marginalized communities

25. “Preferred pronouns” and “deadname,” canceled due to their association with transphobia and misgendering.

26. “Illegal dumping,” canceled due to its association with racism and the targeting of low-income and minority communities.

27. “Black-on-black crime,” canceled due to its perpetuation of harmful racial stereotypes and misrepresentations of crime statistics.

28. “Cultural appropriation,” canceled due to its association with the exploitation and commodification of marginalized cultures.

29. “Illegal abortion,” was canceled due to its stigmatization and criminalization of women’s healthcare choices.

And so on.

What’s the common theme here? Is it about a genuine movement against discrimination, ableism, and social prejudices? Is there a giant office complex somewhere stacked with benevolent Oompa Loompas who diligently clean our language to make it less offensive for minorities out of their kindheartedness?

Or, is the real-time castration of language a carefully orchestrated endeavor to lay the communication standards for a fully centralized, controlled, globalized, and perfectly homogenized social order?

The targeted words represent clues to the puzzle.

Take the word “white,” which connotes a privileged race responsible for centuries of colonialism, wars, the extermination of indigenous people, and the annoying “I’m at the top of the food chain” attitude that has brought so much misery to other races and species. They deserve some heat, right? So much is clear, except for one thing. The cancellation of “white’ is not about historical justice or fairness but about the fact that due to their caucasian traits, whites would have the most challenging time accepting a shift to a totalitarian, homogeneous society.

The same goes for the word “male” – another unfairly privileged organism. Combine “male” with “white,” and you have a potential extremist terrorist candidate, especially if he is heterosexual, physically fit, and capable of independent thought. At the least, you will have toxic masculinity, which undermines and threatens gender equality and women’s rights. 

Ergo, the demotion of “manhood” and “mankind” and all man-this-or-that. Ergo, the all-invasive promotion of transgender rights


, pronoun richness, and non-binary realities, where men can give birth to babies and women can grow penises. Equal justice for all – even if it means hell for genders. 

What about the words around “migration” and “illegals”? As a European, I used to believe we owe the refugees a helping hand. Ten years later, I saw what happened to the streets that used to be the safest in the world and developed a suspicion that the migration floods might also be engineered. 

Perhaps the War On Terror, the one-sided bombardment of perfectly innocent countries for decades in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, et cetera, had a deeper purpose than just the obvious (oil). 

The destabilization of Europe as the second most important haven for Caucasians is a crucial step in the transition of the West to its destiny. What better way than mass migration?


 The USA has a similar opening of the floodgates at the Mexican border. Both continents are also looking at engineered food and energy crises and the beginning of hyperinflation. On top of that, the USA is reeling from a series of “mysterious” chemical spills and industrial “accidents” that undermine the meat and poultry industry.

The EU is also reeling from a proxy war with Russia (also engineered) and the shutdown of independent farming due to “climate change”


 based CO2 emission regulations (the science of which represents all but “scientific consensus”


All coincidental, of course. 

Take a stab at some of the other canceled words yourself. Can you see how they could grind against a hypothetical future where people must behave like ants with digital IDs to get their next supper? 

The attack on Asian populations is less severe, possibly because they are culturally more lenient towards collective societies. Hence, they are already ahead of the game in transitioning to the grey utopia.

A look at modern China,


 the country that our Western leaders and the WEF idolize for their strict Corona measures, offers a preview of the nightmare, featuring total surveillance and a social credit system where expressing the “wrong” words can restrict your freedom of movement or ability to pay for services or products. 

Read: China is the forerunner of a digitalized penitentiary – a behavioral experiment for totalitarian control systems in which language is a critical enabler. 

We in the West are next.

Why Language Matters

Language is an evolving, living thing that has integrated the human emotional spectrum for conflict and resolution, competition and cooperation, and the clashing and melting of cultures over millennia before taking on the complexity and tonality of modern expression. 

Any linguistician will tell you language breathes and feeds on diversity and variance. Historically, tyrannies attempted to control the tongue first and then the people. 

The reason is simple—words form realities.

if you cancel a word, the associated reality will vanish next.

The same goes for tonalities. Imagine words on a vector where “weak” stands on the left, “capable” is in the middle, and “strong” is on the right. Fill the in-between spaces with synonyms, then slowly eliminate words from the opposite ends. Subject a group of people to the deletion of words gradually, over decades, like frogs in simmering water, and observe what happens to their attitudes and behavior. 

I believe we are the guinea pigs in that experiment. 

An experiment so slow and persistent that we fail to notice how we’re increasingly landing in the grey area of our language. 

Between “dumb” and “smart.”

Between “ugly” and “beautiful.”

Between “slow” and “fast.”

Between “black” and “white.”

Between “male” and “female.”

Between “good” and “bad.”

Between “boy” and “girl.”

Between “love” and “hate.”

We move towards an in-between world, where language is bereft of diversity and tone, with flattened contrasts and shallow shades, with both beauty and the blemish clipped at the source.

“There are 144 sides to truth,” said Johan Boswinkel, a biophysicist who discovered the “language of light” (in the form of biophotons). 

What if you omit the sides – the various perspectives of perceiving reality?

That could be what the modern cancel culture is about – the clipping of truth – for the sake of a “better” future.  

A future where no one is left behind, and no one gets ahead, where everyone will feel treated equally with the same rights and social credits. Where individual, national, racial, sexual, gender and other forms of identity have become irrelevant. 

According to the history books of this future, we’ve always been a fully inclusive species, docile and cooperative, never warring or rebel-rousing.

That’s the shift we’re undergoing in our central nervous system – involuntarily – as we journey to the grey utopia. 

It’s a small price to pay in exchange for future, planetary-wide peace and control, a handful believes. 

Even if that sounds way too fantastical, remember that words are beacons. They generate an energy field that influences our environment and ourselves. 

That’s why “I am my word.” 



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