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Places of exile for uprooted citizens

J. Verschoor

In 2023, Utrecht wants to make urgent work of the Great Restart project to divide the city into four separate cores. Each core becomes the centerpiece of a so-called 15-minute city. This means that every destination within the core can be reached by bike or on foot within fifteen minutes. It’s about the supermarket, the doctor, the school. How the elderly and disabled should cope in the 15-minute city is unclear. But the government is in a hurry. She wants to quickly tie the city dwellers to their own neighborhood. They may only leave them, via control locks, if they are in possession of approval by the city council.

WEF/NWO Trying to sell the digital prison. just on of their step by step plan, another the not needed digital currency being the road to hell for you and me but not the elite.



The driving force behind the plan is PvdA mayor Sharon Dijksma. This woman belongs – together with Mark Rutte – to the dearest friends of Klaus Schwab of the WEF (World Economic Forum). Like Schwab, Dijksma wants citizens to give up their cars. According to her, that is desirable, to save the climate. Now, these figures are not about the climate at all. Their goal is endless control. Citizens with their own cars do not fit into this picture of the 15-minute cities designed by the WEF and rolled out in cities around the world. After Utrecht, it is the turn of other cities in the Netherlands.
General practitioner Renée Hoenderkamp gives as a vision: “This is terrifying. It’s what the globalists want. Enclosing people in small areas. Do not travel. Working from home. Corona laid the foundation. This is just the beginning of total control and inclusion of people. No gatherings, no freedom of movement, universal basic income and social credit system.” Professor De Ruiter, a well-known psychologist, puts it this way: “We have become a borderline country, people have a short fuse, they are emotional and impulsive.”

Cities have now been mutilated into ‘smart cities’, equipped with cameras on lampposts and on all street corners. All citizens are ‘smartly’ spied on, i.e. monitored fully automatically. The cameras work on the basis of facial recognition. For example, anyone who is seen by the authorities as a ‘terrorist’, ‘burden-packed’ or simply as a ‘critic of government policy’ must be arrested. The movements of each car are followed fully automatically. Anyone who drives around at a prohibited time or parks in an unauthorized place can count on sanctions, such as a driving ban.

Like all WEF actions, Dijksma’s plans are part of global coercive measures. Everywhere, work is being done on paralysis of mobility, in order to be able to increase ‘surveillance’. Recently, the university city of Oxford in England has approved measures that show sadistic traits. Citizens in Oxford will have to turn to the government to be allowed to travel more outside their own municipality than the maximum allowed two trips per month. The population will have to fight for ‘Ausweise’.

The whole of the Netherlands will experience the consequences of suppressing free mobility first-hand. Many years ago, Rutte handed the Netherlands over to the WEF as a favourite ‘testing ground’. Paralysing freedom of movement is one of the objectives. That is why so many key positions in the traffic sector have been given to D66-minded people. This applies to the ladies Rintel (chief of KLM), De Jager (chief of ANWB) and Thijssen (chief of VNO-NCW), as well as Wouter Koolmees (recently boss of the railways).
In December 2022, NS obtained permission to be the only one to use the ‘main network’ until the year 2035. This includes the most profitable routes. There is no longer any question of ‘market forces’ on the rails. Koolmees promptly placed an order of 600 million euros for the delivery of sixty double-decker trainsets, with which 30,000 passengers can be transported. The explanation is that these trains are designed to serve cities that have yet to be built. 1 million new homes are expected, which proves that Mark Rutte is now working hard to welcome hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and other newcomers.

In the future cities near the railway network, apartment buildings will be built in a hut. The asylum seekers and other residents of deliberately deformed new cities are subject to surveillance. The aggression and nuisance that are already characteristic of new neighborhoods will then take on even more dramatic forms. But it can be expected that politicians will look away stubbornly. There will be no space for parking cars; car ownership in the new neighborhoods may even be banned. The few permitted cars will encounter locks and bumps. The ‘car bullying’ is the new reality, maintained with digital control, leaving residents with no other choice than Wouter Koolmees’ double-decker buses.

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The chief executive of NS is the responsibility of a Supervisory Board, in which Paul Rosenmöller (GroenLinks) has served for twelve years. As a young trade union leader, this millionaire’s son wanted to ‘destroy’ companies. Why someone with such ideas could enter the railways is a mystery. Currently, rosenmüller is director of the Postcode Lottery, a mainstay of the Rutte regime and undemocratic NGOs. A second ‘link’ between the Postcode Lottery and the Supervisory Board of the NS is formed by the director of Natuurmonumenten; an NGO that receives fifteen million euros annually from the Postcode Lottery. For example, the NS has been politicized and made pliable for the extreme ideas that belong to the ghost towns of the ‘Great Reset’.
The ghost towns fit into a nightmare – called ‘Tri-State’; the undemocratic merger of the Netherlands with Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia. It was invented by the unknown planner Peter Savelberg. He lies to the people that ‘Tri-State’ will compete with the Tokyo metropolitan area (46 million inhabitants). This idea is amateurish to say the least; the cultural differences between the three countries involved are far too great.

Savelberg also believes in ‘hyperloops’ as an interconnection between cities in this ‘Tri-State’. The ‘hyperloop’ is a low air pressure transport system via tubes/tunnels, suitable for rocket-like cabins that advance at a speed of 300 to 1000 km per hour. It is a stillborn child; the ‘hyperloop’ is a technical impossibility. Savelberg claims that ‘Tri-State’ contributes to ‘sustainable development goal’ SDG 11 (inclusion and sustainable urban development). This SDG 11 is as muddled as another goal he pursues, namely the (unlivable) ‘Cities of Tomorrow’ devised by Klaus Schwab.

Savelberg’s dreams are dangerous, because they receive support from Mark Rutte and the IVBN (Association of Institutional Investors in Real Estate), a group of real estate developers.
The whole area of ‘Tri-State’ is urbanized, the farmers are chased away. The population in the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia already consists partly of ‘newcomers’. The influx of millions of new foreigners means disruption and disruption.

In the UK, Sweden and Denmark, a policy is followed aimed at removing criminal and nuisance asylum seekers. The people smugglers become even more interested in the Netherlands as the final destination for their customers. The suction effect of the Netherlands is further strengthened by the fact that Mark Rutte refuses to understand that a costly welfare state cannot exist without border controls. Klaus Schwab’s hold on the cabinet is apparently so strong that Wopke Hoekstra has to show up on 18 January 2023 – accompanied by the king – at a secret meeting of the WEF in Geneva, with the result that he has to cancel a planned meeting with the House of Representatives.

Everything points to Rutte’s intention to open the gates of the Netherlands as wide as possible. In 2018, Germany decided to scrap the right to family reunification for asylum seekers, a right introduced by Merkel without approval from the Bundestag. It became a priceless affair. Rutte, who has always prided himself on his cooperation with Angela Merkel, decided in 2018 not to follow the German example, and contrary to what he always claims, he has no intention of erecting a barrier against uncontrolled mass immigration.
In the future monster cities of the ‘Tri-State’, the chances of suitable work are minimal. This can only lead to aggression, of which a lot of tension in the cities is already a harbinger. In the Netherlands, a total of 117 explosions occurred in residential areas in 2022. The number of children under the age of 18 who were arrested in 2022 with weapons in their pockets was 1,700 – compared to three hundred in the previous year. Neighbor nuisance has become a national problem. Every municipality in the Netherlands is at risk. Recently there was talk of a planned destruction of Stroe, located on the western edge of the Veluwe, a peaceful, Christian village with 1,600 inhabitants, including many farmers. Everything would be sacrificed to make way for a monster city of 70,000 inhabitants. When the plan leaked out, the government got rid of it with the excuse that it was not meant to be.

Stroe may be spared, but Rutte’s evil eye can make a hell out of every pristine square kilometer of the Netherlands. There is a new Environment and Planning Act (2023), which allows the government to take away all farmland without ‘difficult’ procedures for the construction of new city districts.

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