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Mercola Website Shutdown — Why You May Be Next

Suppression and harassment of those who dissent against COVID tyranny has created an awakening. We simply can’t pick and choose approved speech.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

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mercola website shutdown


  • September 23, 2022, the Mercola website was cyberattacked and taken offline. The attack also destroyed our email servers and all our email accounts were lost including my primary email
  • Over the past two years, we’ve been censored and deplatformed by several social media companies at the request of the federal government. Banks have also shut down our accounts and canceled our credit cards, and PayPal has shut down the accounts of our business partners
  • Since August 2021, our reach has been primarily restricted to subscribers of our newsletter, and with this cyberattack, they tried to eliminate even this limited reach
  • Our website will temporarily operate through Substack, which will host our content for the first 48 hours free of charge. It is imperative that you sign up for a free subscription to my Substack to receive our daily newsletter
  • If you are a newsletter subscriber and you receive our newsletter through Gmail please use this as an opportunity to catalyze switching your primary email to ProtonMail.
  • Our online marketplace,, was restored after being offline for four days and is operational again
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Many of you are aware the Mercola website disappeared early Friday morning, September 23, 2022. This outage wasn’t scheduled, but we have been planning and preparing for the possibility that hackers might succeed in their attempts to take us down for some time now.   

The past few years have brought many challenges. Attacks have been ongoing for the past six years, but have really concentrated over the last two. Media, U.S. senators, attorneys general, federal agencies and Big Tech have all been used by the global cabal to illegally shut down our right to free speech.

In April 2021, two state attorneys general threatened social media companies with legal ramifications if they didn’t censor me, and in July that year President Biden himself demanded I be banned from all social media.

why am I deleting all content after 48 hours

By early August 2021, the free speech attacks had intensified to the point where the best choice available was to make articles viewable for free for only 48 hours. After that, they were transferred to a subscription platform (Substack) which provides legal protection of a private membership association.

As demanded by the White House, my reach on social media has since been throttled back to next to nothing. Still, that wasn’t enough. In February 2022, former National Institutes of Health director Dr. Francis Collins blamed me personally for the government’s inability to bring the COVID pandemic to a close. This despite the fact that I was by then heavily censored just about everywhere.

The only people, really, who saw my information were those who subscribed to my newsletter and received it by email. In this latest attack on my website, they tried to eliminate even that ability to share information.

The Global Cabal Plays Dirty

celebrating 25 years

The global cabal also have other ways to shut down opposition. A key strategy is to destroy you financially and prevent you from making a living. Before our website was successfully hacked and taken down, our bank accounts were closed and credit cards canceled. Our business partners have also had their PayPal accounts shut down. I discussed all of this in my 25th anniversary video (above).

The strategy to close financial accounts and/or withhold funds for months on end has been employed across the world,1 2 and proves many private companies are anything but independent and impartial service providers. The truth is, Big Tech has been weaponized to suppress dissent, and the global cabal is using it for all it’s worth.

It started with suppression and harassment of those who dissented against COVID tyranny. Then they started suppressing those with more conservative political views. The next target is anyone’s guess. It could be anything, really, which is why the right to free speech must be protected at all costs.

We simply cannot pick and choose “approved speech.” All speech must be equally protected. We must also ensure that private service companies cannot be used as weapons for totalitarian control, which is precisely how PayPal has been used.

PayPal’s Actions Prove It’s an Arm of the Deep State

As reported by Summit News:3

“Although PayPal has been banning conservatives and right-wingers for years, its recent move to terminate accounts operated by the Free Speech Union and other groups in the UK that opposed lockdowns and vaccine mandates has apparently been a step too far.

Following the controversy, dozens of Conservative Party MPs … signed an open letter to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Business Department demanding that PayPal be legally barred from imposing discriminatory practices.

The letter asserts that it is ‘hard to avoid construing PayPal’s actions as an orchestrated, politically motivated move to silence critical or dissenting views on these topics within the U.K.’ [The] London Times also published a powerful piece4 by Jawad Iqbal which highlighted the dangers of allowing PayPal to abuse such powers.

‘This is censorship by corporate diktat: the company sets its own rules and interprets them as it sees fit. It appears oblivious to the notion that it is wrong in principle to withdraw vital services from people because of their political views.

Would it be acceptable for a supermarket to refuse to serve a customer because of their politics or for a high street bank to refuse to make a payment to a company it deemed politically objectionable?’ asked Iqbal.

After questions were asked in Parliament about the issue, a new law could be on the cards that would put an end to PayPal’s crusade against dissident viewpoints.‘Conservative backbenchers are considering launching an amendment to upcoming financial legislation in the House of Commons that would ban companies from freezing campaigners’ accounts,’ reports the Telegraph.”

‘Iron Sharpens Iron’

We’re not giving up though. We see right through this coordinated agenda. A game of chess is being played out and our lives and future liberty are at stake. We simply cannot give up our rights and freedoms — for any reason — because they won’t stop there. They intend to take literally everything from us, all of us.

“Always remember that challenges are opportunities to become stronger as individuals and as a society. Standing up for a good cause — and there’s no better cause than freedom — actually makes you more powerful as it strengthens your resiliency.”

We have won many battles and are stronger and more enlightened by each one. Importantly, we’ve broken through the blinding fog of the COVID war together, which is why they’re upping the ante.

Always remember that challenges are opportunities to become stronger as individuals and as a society. Standing up for a good cause — and there’s no better cause than freedom — actually makes you more powerful.

Facing adversity head-on makes you more resilient as it forces you to think outside the box and come up with new and better solutions. And believe me, we have bigger and better solutions in the works to prevent these kinds of interruptions from happening in the future!

Temporary Solutions

While we work on restoring everything, our website will temporarily operate through Substack, which will host our content for the first 48 hours free of charge. It is imperative that you sign up for a free subscription to my Substack to receive our daily newsletter. Please also bookmark the website should you not receive our emails. 

You can find my Substack website at: More updates will be coming, so please be sure to subscribe to my Substack website or bookmark the page and visit daily. Our online marketplace was restored over the weekend and can be reached at

Still Using Gmail? Time to Switch!

google is a drug company and censors health news

If you’re still using Gmail, I urge you to reconsider, as Google is not only harvesting every word from every email you send and receive, they’re also censoring your inbox.

While about 50% of our subscribers are using Gmail accounts to receive our daily newsletter, the delivery rate for Gmail is HALF of other email providers, such as ProtonMail. I am certain that at some point in the not too distant future they will stop delivering ANY of our emails to Gmail accounts.

So, please understand if you are one of the 50% who are receiving our newsletter by email the time is NOW to opt out of Gmail as your primary email client. You can keep it for things that don’t matter or are irrelevant, but with anything that counts, like the vital information you receive in our newsletter, the time has come to opt out of Gmail.

It is just another clever censoring strategy they have at their disposal. So, if you’re using Gmail to receive our newsletter, please change it immediately. If you’re a subscriber, I strongly urge you to sign up to my Substack with another email account — and cancel your Gmail altogether.

ProtonMail is an excellent alternative. It provides end-to-end encryption to protect your content and other user data. Proton also provides an encrypted calendar, encrypted cloud storage and free VPN. Once is back online, then re-subscribe with your ProtonMail.

The Global Cabal Overplayed Their Hand

While the global cabal probably viewed the COVID pandemic as the ace up their sleeve — the event that would allow them to usher in The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (i.e., transhumanism and a post-human world) without too much trouble — it didn’t work out quite as they planned.

The authoritarian tactics have instead resulted in a worldwide awakening. More people than ever are now starting to realize that the world doesn’t operate the way we thought it did. Everything is rigged. There’s been an agenda at play for decades, and many of the things we embraced for their convenience and usefulness are now turning out to be clever traps to enslave and impoverish us against our will.

People are starting to realize that social engineering has been at work for a long time, and that data harvesting is not an innocent business venture. They’re starting to see just how the prison has been built up around us. It’s not completed yet, but the global cabal is closer than ever to their goal of controlling the global population. This is why we cannot give up or give in, no matter how many times they try to knock us down.

‘The Greater Good’ Hides a Great Evil

The fact that this cabal doesn’t have the safety and well-being of mankind as their primary motivation is now clearly self-evident. In recent months, more and more evidence has emerged allowing us to put the puzzle pieces of the COVID pandemic and its ultimate purpose together, and it’s not a pretty picture.

Between the SARS-CoV-2 bioweapon, the COVID shot bioweapon, the intentional lack of early treatment and the mistreatment in hospitals, the lockdowns, mask mandates and isolation requirements, and the subsequent mental health problems, loss of work and education, lack of medical care, suicides and drug overdoses, the decision makers in this COVID “war game” have injured and killed more people than any previous genocide in human history.

We’re literally living through the greatest crime against humanity the world has ever seen, and bioweapons research is an important factor that allowed for all of this to happen.

Evidence points to SARS-CoV-2 being the result of a lab leak, and that Dr. Anthony Fauci, Harvard researchers, China, the mainstream media, the World Health Organization and tech companies all worked together to cover it up. U.S. Right to Know recently published a detailed timeline of this cover-up.5

The Soul and Freedom of Humanity Is at Stake

I’ve repeatedly discussed the end goal of the global cabal, from various angles. While their strategies are manifold and complex, the end goal is rather simple. They intend to create a two-tiered society of have’s and have not’s. The top-tier will be augmented transhumanists who will control the world’s resources — and that includes the rest of us.

To them, you and I are not only ignorant and contemptible but a resource to be used and disposed of at will, and they don’t want a disposable resource to use up more valuable resources such as land, property, food, water and energy. The Green Agenda is all about restricting our ability to access resources and live free.

They intend to seize complete control over the world and implement tyrannical global slavery, and to do that, they have to silence any and all opposition. I’m just one of many. So far, they’ve not succeeded in silencing me, and many others are also not giving up but, rather, adapting and inventing new ways to communicate truth and share information.

No matter what they throw at us, we simply must stay the course and refuse to give up or resign ourselves to their slave system. Information is power, and no matter how small your reach, never stop sharing information, and never give in to their intimidation tactics. The future of humanity is at stake.

I am committed to continue to empower you with the truth about health and the global cabal’s threats to your health and liberty. But the only way I can do that is if you continue to receive our daily emails, so please be sure the email client you are using is not Gmail as there is a high likelihood you will not receive them in the future due to their censorship strategies.

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Why I’m Suing YouTube and Google

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • October 15, 2022



Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Pills Trigger Heart Damage

Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Pills Trigger Heart Damage

A Powerful Mob Behind State Medical Boards

A Powerful Mob Behind State Medical Boards


  • September 29, 2021, Google deleted my YouTube account for “violating community guidelines” they’d implemented that same morning
  • September 28, 2022, I filed a lawsuit against Google, YouTube and Alphabet Inc. for breach of contract. YouTube unilaterally amended the contract without notice, which is a violation of its own terms, and then used this last-minute amendment to remove my content
  • YouTube’s terms of service also include a “three strikes” policy, where users are supposed to be given three warnings and opportunities to remove content that violates the guidelines BEFORE being banned. I had no “strikes” against my channel on the day I was deplatformed and deleted
  • We’re also suing YouTube for unjust enrichment, as for the last 16 years, my video content, having generated in excess of 50 million views, has been of great financial benefit to YouTube, allowing them to increase advertising revenue on the site
  • November 8, 2021, I sued U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both in her official and personal capacities, for violating my First Amendment rights, as she tried to force to ban my book, “The Truth About COVID-19”

September 29, 2021, Google deleted my YouTube account for “violating community guidelines” — guidelines they’d implemented that very same morning. September 28, 2022, I filed a lawsuit1 against Google, YouTube and Alphabet Inc. for breach of contract.2

As detailed in my complaint, YouTube unilaterally amended the contract without notice, which is a violation of its own terms, and then used this last-minute amendment to remove my content, which went back to 2005, the same year YouTube was founded. At the time YouTube deleted my content, I had more than 300,000 subscribers, and my videos had collectively garnered more than 50 million views.

While I disagreed with YouTube’s censorship, when its “COVID-19 misinformation” policy was implemented back in April 2021, I carefully avoided posting any content on YouTube that might violate that guideline.

In fact, over 16 years on the platform, I never once received notice of any “strike” against my channel for violation of community guidelines.

Clear Breach of Contract

Then, on the morning of September 29, 2022, at 9 a.m. EDT, The Washington Post published an article titled “YouTube Is Banning Joseph Mercola and a Handful of Other Anti-Vaccine Activists.” According to the WaPo:

“YouTube is taking down several video channels associated with high-profile anti-vaccine activists including Joseph Mercola … As part of a new set of policies aimed at cutting down on anti-vaccine content on the Google-owned site.

YouTube will ban any videos that claim that commonly used vaccines approved by health authorities are ineffective or dangerous. The company previously blocked videos that made those claims about coronavirus vaccines, but not ones for other vaccines like those for measles or chickenpox.”

Six minutes AFTER the publication of that WaPo article, at 9.06 a.m. EDT, I received an email from YouTube informing me that my entire channel had been deplatformed and banned. They didn’t just take down old videos where I discussed vaccines. They took down my whole channel, including thousands of videos that were completely unrelated to vaccines.

So, as described in my complaint, the evidence suggests YouTube had considered this new guideline for some time — to not allow disparaging views against ANY approved vaccine — and they worked with a reporter from The WaPo to create that article ahead of time.

The WaPo article was then embargoed until the morning of September 29 in order to not allow me (or anyone else affected by this change) to review the new policy, take steps to bring my channel into compliance, or move my content to another platform. Instead, they simply deleted 16 years’ worth of intellectual property, without warning.

This is a clear violation of its own terms of service, which state that YouTube “will provide reasonable advance notice” of any changes to the terms of service, and that users will have “the opportunity to review them” and to remove content if they do not agree to the new terms.

Government, Media and Social Media Collude to Censor

The WaPo article coinciding with YouTube’s action is also a blatant illustration of how government, social media platforms and media collude and coordinate attacks to censor people and organizations with whom they do not agree, or who pose a threat to their propaganda narrative.

In a September 29, 2021, “News & Events” article posted by YouTube on its website, YouTube admitted they were “working closely with health authorities,” including “local and international health organizations” to come up with this new guideline.

YouTube Violated Its Own Three Strikes Policy

YouTube’s terms of service also include a “three strikes” policy, where users are supposed to be given three warnings and opportunities to remove content that violates the guidelines BEFORE being banned.

I had no “strikes” against my channel on the day I was deplatformed and deleted. The fact that YouTube had to use underhanded tactics to create an excuse to get rid of us only goes to show how compliant we had actually been all along.

YouTube Profited From the Content It Stole

I’m also suing YouTube for unjust enrichment, as for the last 16 years, my video content, having generated in excess of 50 million views, has been of great financial benefit to YouTube, allowing them to increase advertising revenue on the site.

Additionally, they’ve refused to allow me to retrieve any of this content, which they still have in their possession. So, YouTube has unjustly benefited at my expense.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Sued for First Amendment Violation

The YouTube lawsuit isn’t the only legal complaint we’ve filed to protect our rights in this new age of illegal censorship.

November 8, 2021, I, along with Ronnie Cummins, founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) and the coauthor of my best-selling book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” our publisher, Chelsea Green Publishing, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who wrote our foreword, also sued U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, both in her official and personal capacities, for violating our First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit was filed in response to Warren’s attempts to force to ban our book. In early September 2021, Warren sent a letter3 to Andy Jassy, chief executive officer of Amazon, demanding an “immediate review” of Amazon’s algorithms to weed out books peddling “COVID misinformation,” stressing that Amazon’s sale of such books was “potentially unlawful.”4,5,6

While she didn’t spell out what laws Amazon might be breaking, she appeared to be warning Jassy that the company may be held legally responsible for wrongful death and homicide by selling books that “misinform” readers about COVID-19, its treatment and COVID shots.

She singled out my book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” as a prime example of “highly-ranked and favorably-tagged books based on falsehoods about COVID-19 vaccines and cures” that she wanted banned. She wrote:7

“Dr. Mercola has been described as ‘the most influential spreader of coronavirus misinformation online. Not only was this book the top result when searching either ‘COVID-19’ or ‘vaccine’ in the categories of ‘All Departments’ and ‘Books’; it was tagged as a ‘Best Seller’ by Amazon and the ‘#1 Best Seller’ in the ‘Political Freedom’ category.

The book perpetuates dangerous conspiracies about COVID-19 and false and misleading information about vaccines. It asserts that vitamin C, vitamin D and quercetin … can prevent COVID-19 infection … And the book contends that vaccines cannot be trusted …”

Government Officials Cannot Legally Censor Anyone

As a government official, it is illegal for Warren to violate the U.S. Constitution, and pressuring private businesses to do it for her is not a legal workaround. As noted in our complaint:

“Once upon a time, the First Amendment was understood to guarantee that books challenging governmental orthodoxy could be sold without fear of governmental intimidation or reprisal.

Almost sixty years ago, in Bantam Books v. Sullivan, 372 U.S. 58 (1963), the Supreme Court held that state officials violated the First Amendment by sending letters to booksellers warning that the sale of certain named books was potentially unlawful.

The ‘vice’ in such letters and in the ‘veiled threat’ of legal repercussions they communicated, explained the Court, is that they allow government to achieve censorship while doing an end-run around the judiciary, ‘provid[ing] no safeguards whatever against the suppression of … constitutionally protected’ speech, thus effecting an unconstitutional ‘prior restraint.’

It made no difference that the officials who sent the letter lacked the ‘power to apply formal legal sanctions’ — i.e., that the officials did not themselves have the power to sanction or prosecute the booksellers in any way. Indeed this fact made the unconstitutionality more apparent.

The officials ‘are not law enforcement officers; they do not pretend that they are qualified to give or that they attempt to give distributors only fair legal advice … [T]hey acted … not to advise but to suppress.’

It also made no difference, the Court expressly found, that the letters were framed as mere ‘exhort[ation]’ or that the booksellers were in theory ‘free’ to ignore the letters, because the officials had ‘deliberately set about to achieve the suppression of publications deemed ‘objectionable’,’ and ‘people do not lightly disregard public officers’ veiled threats.’

Today, certain members of the United States Congress have apparently forgotten, or think they are above, the law set forth in Bantam Books.”

If We Lose Free Speech, We Lose Everything

There’s no doubt our book, “The Truth About COVID-19,” is constitutionally protected speech, and that Warren’s letter is calling on Amazon to suppress protected speech.

Yet, ever since the start of the pandemic, government has systematically sought to suppress the kind of information shared in our book, using the same tactic as Warren used against us here — warning internet-based companies that if they don’t censor these views, the full weight of the government’s wrath will be turned against them.

While lawsuits like these are time consuming and costly, they are necessary. Free speech is worth fighting for, because if we lose that, then we lose everything.

As discussed in “The Biggest Casualty of COVID-19,” individual rights have been repeatedly trampled and violated ever since the beginning of this pandemic, and it’s only going to get worse from here if we don’t fight back.

It’s now clear that we have only two choices: Freedom, or life under authoritarian rule. There’s no middle ground. As the old adage goes, “Give an inch and they’ll take a mile.” It’s true that the judicial system has in many ways been weaponized against us as well, but it is still our best chance at setting the record straight and reining in these egregious rights violations.

+ Sources and References


  1. 1A Powerful Mob Behind State Medical Boards
  2. 2How Cancer Deaths From the COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden
  3. 3Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Pills Trigger Heart Damage

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Do You Really Understand Your Risk of Dying From COVID?

Analysis by Dr. Joseph MercolaFact Checked

  • October 25, 2022



Randomized Double-Blind Study Shows Saffron Can Help ADHD

Randomized Double-Blind Study Shows Saffron Can Help ADHD

Dr. Meryl Nass Fights Back Against Unjust Attacks

Dr. Meryl Nass Fights Back Against Unjust Attacks

mortality risk covid


  • Polls taken in 2020 and 2021 revealed Americans were wildly confused and misinformed about their true risk of dying from COVID
  • Based on a new preprint analysis by professor John Ioannidis, there’s no reason for anyone to live in fear anymore, regardless of your age, as your risk of dying from COVID is — and always was — minuscule across the board
  • Before the COVID jabs were rolled out, if you were 19 or younger, your risk of dying of COVID was 0.0003%; only 3 per 1 million infected with COVID at this age ended up dying. Between ages 60 and 69, the infection fatality rate was 0.501%, i.e., 1 out of 200 infected died
  • Emerging evidence suggests the shots are causing immune deficiency in some people, thereby actually raising their risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 infection, even with the now-milder strains
  • The real-world risk of dying from COVID-19 based on published data from the Irish census bureau and the central statistics office for 2020 and 2021 is as follows: For people under 70, the death rate was 0.014%; under 50 years of age, it was 0.002%, which equates to a 1 in 50,000 risk, or about the same as dying from fire or smoke inhalation. Under 25 years of age, the mortality rate was 0.00018%, or 1 in 500,000 risk of dying from COVID

Do you really understand your risk of dying from COVID-19? According to The Hill,1 a poll taken in mid-August 2020 showed “Americans have a significant misunderstanding of the risk of death from COVID-19 when it comes to different age groups.”

On average, Americans were under the impression that people under the age of 44 made up about 30% of deaths, when the actual figure was less than 3%. At the time, 58% of those polled who were between the ages of 18 and 24 also said they feared “significant health consequences” were they to get infected, when in reality this age group accounted for a mere 0.1% of COVID deaths.

Similar stats were found in April 2021, when the Washington Examiner reported on polls showing “COVID-19 alarmism” had resulted in 18- to 24-year-olds being the “most anxious about resuming normal life — despite being by far the least at risk from COVID-19.”2

At the time, the reported death rate among this group was 0.006%, yet half reported being nervous about interacting socially. Meanwhile, in the highest-risk group, those 55 and older, only 31% were nervous about social interactions; 65% were not.

Has anything changed? Anecdotally, it seems mask wearers these days are primarily young (and seemingly healthy) people, while the majority of older individuals have embraced the freedom to breathe freely again.

Based on a new preprint analysis by professor John Ioannidis, there’s really no reason for anyone to live in fear anymore, regardless of your age, as your risk of dying from COVID is — and always was — minuscule across the board.

Pre-Jab Infection Fatality Rates

Ioannidis’ paper,3,4 posted on the preprint server medRxiv October 13, 2022, looked at pre-jab national seroprevalence studies to ascertain the age-stratified infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID-19 in people between the ages of birth and 69. As noted in the abstract:

“The infection fatality rate (IFR) of COVID-19 among non-elderly people in the absence of vaccination or prior infection is important to estimate accurately, since 94% of the global population is younger than 70 years and 86% is younger than 60 years.

In systematic searches in SeroTracker and PubMed … we identified 40 eligible national seroprevalence studies covering 38 countries with pre-vaccination seroprevalence data.

For 29 countries (24 high-income, 5 others), publicly available age-stratified COVID-19 death data and age-stratified seroprevalence information were available and were included in the primary analysis.”

Based on these data, the authors came up with the following median IFRs:

Birth to 19 years: 0.0003% = 3 out of 1,000,000 infected were dying20 to 29 years: 0.003% = 3 out of 100,000 infected were dying
30 to 39 years: 0.011% = 1.1 out of 10,000 infected were dying40 to 49 years: 0.035% = 3.5 out of 10,000 infected were dying
50 to 59 years: 0.129% = 1.3 out of 1,000 infected were dying60 to 69 years: 0.501% = 1 out of 200 infected were dying

COVID-19 pre-vaccination IFR non-elderly by ageSource: Ioannidis et al.5

Overall, the median IFR for all age groups combined (birth to 69 years) was 0.095%, with an interquartile range of 0.036 – 0.125%. Limiting the age range to between birth and 59, the median IFR was even lower, just 0.035%, with an interquartile range of 0.013 – 0.056%.

In other words, before the COVID jabs came along, out of 10,000 infected people under the age of 59, three died. Looking at the full age spread — birth to 69 — 7 in 10,000 infected individuals died. According to the authors:6

“At a global level, pre-vaccination IFR may have been as low as 0.03% and 0.07% for 0-59 and 0-69 year old people, respectively. These IFR estimates in non-elderly populations are lower than previous calculations had suggested … Large differences did exist between countries and may reflect differences in comorbidities and other factors.”

The graph below illustrates the ranging IFRs across populations in different countries.

ranging IFRs across populations in different countries

As reported by the Daily Skeptic,7 “The significantly higher values for the top seven [countries] suggest some of the difference may be an artifact of, for example, the way COVID-19 deaths are counted, particularly where excess death levels are similar …”

Wide variations in IFR between countries for the same age groups were also found, which they postulate may be due to:8,9

  • Data artifacts, such as inaccurate measures of seroprevalence or inaccurate recording of deaths
  •  Presence and severity of comorbidities — For example, in the U.S., obesity affects 41.9% of the population, compared to just 2% in Vietnam and 4% in India
  • Prevalence of frailty (number of elderly living in nursing homes)
  • Differences in health care management and societal support
  • Prevalence of drug problems

Pre-Jab COVID Survival Rates

Presenting this same data as COVID survival rates in the pre-jab era (i.e. 2020, before the rollout of the COVID shots) instead of fatality rates, you get the following:

Birth to 19 years: 99.9997% survival rate20 to 29 years: 99.997% survival rate
30 to 39 years: 99.989% survival rate40 to 49 years: 99.965% survival rate
50 to 59 years: 99.871% survival rate60 to 69 years: 99.499% survival rate

Now, these numbers were all prior to the COVID jabs. Emerging evidence suggests the shots are causing immune deficiency in some people, thereby actually raising their risk of dying from SARS-CoV-2 infection, even with the now milder strains.

Real-World Comparisons of Risk Using Irish Data

It’s important to understand that when you’re dealing with a risk that is but a fraction of a percent, the real-world hazard is so small it’s really pointless to worry about.

As a follow up to Ioannides’ new paper, Ivor Cummins, founder of, decided to review the real-world risk of dying from COVID-19 based on published data from the Irish census bureau and the central statistics office (CSO) for 2020 and 2021 (see video above10).

In other words, these data are based on actual deaths, not projections or estimates. He also compares it to the risk of suffering other causes of death, such as accidental poisoning or falling off a ladder. Here’s a summary of Cummins’ findings:

  • Under 70 years of age (i.e., ages birth through 69), 600 out of 4.4 million (0.014%) died of COVID. This equates to a 1 in 7,500 risk of dying from COVID, or approximately the same as your risk of death from accidental poisoning
  • In the 50 to 60 age group, 130 died out of 600,000 (0.022%), which equates to a 1 in 5,000 risk
  • Under 50 years of age, 70 died out of 3,4 million (0.002%), which equates to a 1 in 50,000 risk, or about the same as dying from fire or smoke inhalation
  • Under 25 years of age, fewer than five deaths were recorded in a population totaling 1.65 million. Since no number is specified, Cummins settled on three deaths to make his calculation, which gives us a mortality rate of 0.00018%. This equates to a 1 in 500,000 risk of dying from COVID if you’re under 25, or one-fourth the risk of dying from falling down stairs or off a ladder

Keep in mind that these deaths are not confirmed as being due to severe COVID infection. They’re people who died with a COVID positive PCR test, so the real-world risks are likely to be even lower if you’re healthy and have no comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes and preexisting heart disease.

In all, only 150 Irish people died from COVID during 2020 and 2021 who had no underlying health conditions contributing to their deaths, meaning they truly died from COVID and nothing else.

Lockdowns Cannot Account for Low Death Rates

Cummins has also published a draft paper titled “Evidence For and Against the Effectiveness of Lockdown Policies.”11 He points out that during 2020 and 2021, there was massive PCR positivity across the Irish population, so lockdowns were NOT the reason for why the death toll was so low.

People were testing positive in droves, even during lockdowns, yet very few were dying. The only reason that could be so is because the infection really wasn’t as lethal as they made it out to be.

People were testing positive in droves, even during lockdowns, yet very few were dying. The only reason that could be so is because the infection really wasn’t as lethal as they made it out to be.

Why Did so Many Die ‘With’ COVID?

As of early May 2022, the official COVID death toll in the U.S. was reported as 1 million, and 4 out of 10 Americans polled claimed they knew someone who died of COVID.12 But did they really die from COVID? That is the question. There’s ample evidence suggesting the vast majority of so-called “COVID deaths” were of three main categories:

1.People who died of other causes but had a positive COVID test within the last month — There were all sorts of incentives to mark non-COVID deaths down as COVID, from hospitals getting paid extra for each COVID patient13 to families getting funeral expenses paid (up to $9,000) for deceased family members who died from or with COVID.14,15

2.COVID patients were killed by incorrect and lethal “standard of care” treatment for COVID — It started with routine use of ventilators, which was quickly recognized as killing rather than curing patients. According to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) whistleblowers, 84.9% of Texans who were placed on ventilators died within 96 hours.16 Yet the practice continues to this day.

Then came routine use of remdesivir, a failed Ebola drug with extreme toxicity, and denying patients basic nutrition and fluids. There are countless horror stories of people who had no symptoms of COVID when entering the hospital but were placed on this death protocol simply because they tested positive on PCR, and subsequently died from the treatment.

Attorney Thomas Renz has calculated17 that hospitals, at a minimum, are making $100,000 extra per COVID patient provided they do not deviate from the standard of care protocol, which includes lethal remdesivir and lethal ventilation, and bars the use of life-saving options like hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, vitamin D or anything else shown to effectively treat the infection.

In short, every patient who has tested positive has had a massive bounty on their head, and hospitals have cashed in by overtreating and mistreating patients. It’s been estimated that 75% to 80% of all COVID deaths could have been prevented had early treatment with successful protocols not been vilified or outright banned.18

3.COVID (when it did play a significant role) primarily took out those already close to death, either because of their age or poor state of health — For example, as detailed in “The Truth Is Coming Out About COVID Deaths,” the average age of death in the U.K. from COVID in 2021 was 82.5 years. Compare that to the projected life expectancy in the U.K., which is 79 for men and 82.9 for women.19

Release Any Vestige of Fear

In closing, COVID-19 was never as dangerous as they made it out to be, and the virus has not gotten more lethal over time. It’s gotten milder. More infectious, yes, but milder, being near-indistinguishable to the common cold. So, please, if you’re still panicked about COVID, it’s time to stop. It’s safe to stop. It was a manufactured crisis from the start.

I encourage you to read Dr. Russell Blaylock’s article, “COVID Update: What Is the Truth?” published in the April 2022 issue of Surgical Neurology International. Here’s an extended excerpt from this excellent article in which he covers most if not all the basics:20

“The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies.

We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence …

Neither Anthony Fauci, the CDC, WHO nor any medical governmental establishment has ever offered any early treatment other than Tylenol, hydration and call an ambulance once you have difficulty breathing. This is unprecedented in the entire history of medical care as early treatment of infections is critical to saving lives and preventing severe complications.

Not only have these medical organizations and federal lapdogs not even suggested early treatment, they attacked anyone who attempted to initiate such treatment with all the weapons at their disposal — loss of license, removal of hospital privileges, shaming, destruction of reputations and even arrest …

Never in the history of American medicine have hospital administrators dictated to its physicians how they will practice medicine and what medications they can use.

The CDC has no authority to dictate to hospitals or doctors concerning medical treatments. Yet, most physicians complied without the slightest resistance … It should be an embarrassment to the medical profession that so many doctors mindlessly followed the deadly protocols.”

Big Money for the Hospitals

Blaylock continues addressing the only rational reasons for why hospitals were following clearly lethal protocols passed down from on-high by medically illiterate bureaucrats:

“The federal Care Act encouraged this human disaster by offering all US hospitals up to 39,000 dollars for each ICU patient they put on respirators, despite the fact that early on it was obvious that the respirators were a major cause of death …

In addition, the hospitals received 12,000 dollars for each patient that was admitted to the ICU — explaining, in my opinion and others, why all federal medical bureaucracies (CDC, FDA, NIAID, NIH, etc) did all in their power to prevent life-saving early treatments. Letting patients deteriorate to the point they needed hospitalization, meant big money for all hospitals …

It has been noted that billions in Federal COVID aid is being used by these hospital giants to acquire these financially endangered hospitals, further increasing the power of corporate medicine over physician independence …

One must also keep in mind that this event never satisfied the criteria for a pandemic. The World Health Organization changed the criteria to make this a pandemic …

The draconian measures established to contain this contrived ‘pandemic’ have never been shown to be successful, such as masking the public, lockdowns, and social distancing. A number of carefully done studies during previous flu seasons demonstrated that masks, of any kind, had never prevented the spread of the virus among the public …”

The Fact Check Scam

Blaylock also reviews how truth has been suppressed while falsehoods have flourished during these COVID years:

“The designers of this pandemic anticipated a pushback by the public and that major embarrassing questions would be asked. To prevent this, the controllers fed the media a number of tactics, one of the most commonly used was and is the ‘fact check’ scam …

When sources are in fact revealed they are invariably the corrupt CDC, WHO or Anthony Fauci or just their opinion. Here is a list of things that were labeled as ‘myths’ and ‘misinformation’ that were later proven to be true.

  • The asymptomatic vaccinated are spreading the virus equally as with unvaccinated symptomatic infected.
  • The vaccines cannot protect adequately against new variants, such as Delta and Omicron.
  • Natural immunity is far superior to vaccine immunity and is most likely lifelong.
  • Vaccine immunity not only wanes after several months, but all immune cells are impaired for prolonged periods, putting the vaccinated at a high risk of all infections and cancer.
  • COVID vaccines can cause a significant incidence of blood clots and other serious side effects.
  • The vaccine proponents will demand numerous boosters as each variant appears on the scene.
  • Fauci will insist on the COVID vaccine for small children and even babies.
  • Vaccine passports will be required to enter a business, fly in a plane, and use public transportation.
  • There will be internment camps for the unvaccinated (as in Australia, Austria and Canada).
  • The unvaccinated will be denied employment.
  • There are secret agreements between the government, elitist institutions, and vaccine makers.
  • Many hospitals were either empty or had low occupancy during the pandemic.
  • The spike protein from the vaccine enters the nucleus of the cell, altering cell DNA repair function.
  • Hundreds of thousands have been killed by the vaccines and many times more have been permanently damaged.
  • Early treatment could have saved the lives of most … who died.
  • Vaccine-induced myocarditis (which was denied initially) is a significant problem and clears over a short period.
  • Special deadly lots (batches) of these vaccines are mixed with the mass of other COVID-19 vaccines.”

Blaylock goes on to review COVID jab hazards, evidence of “hot lots,” the unprecedented lack of autopsies being done on people who die shortly post-jab, Pfizer’s deceptive trial practices, the shameful vilification of useful drugs, going even so far as to fabricate studies to make them look deadly, the dangers of the COVID jab during pregnancy, the skyrocketing excess mortality post-jab and much more.

It’s a fairly long article, but well worth reading through for a summary of where we’ve been — and where we’re headed.

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