Our curiosity is aroused by a scene depicted on a rock carving found in the mountains of southern Elam. It depicts a seated deity holding a "laboratory" flask from which liquids are

flowing - a familiar depiction of Enki.

A Great Goddess is seated next to him, a pose that indicates that she was a co-worker rather than a spouse; she could be none other than Ninti, the Mother Goddess or Goddess of Birth.

The stage was set for the Deluge - the momentous event which was to wipe off the face of Earth not only the human race but all life upon the land and in the skies.

And the Deity saw that the wickedness of Man was great on the earth, and that every desire of his heart's thoughts was only evil, every day. And the Deity repented that He had made Man upon the earth, and His heart grieved.

And the Deity said: "I will destroy the Earthling whom I have created off the face of the earth."

The repeated use of the term flesh, both in the accusative verses and in the proclamations of judgment, suggest, of course, that the corruptions and violations had to do with the flesh. The Deity grieved over the evil "desire of Man's thoughts." Man, it would seem, having discovered sex, had become a sex maniac.

But one can hardly accept that the Deity would decide to wipe Mankind off the face of Earth simply because men made too much love to their wives. The Mesopotamian texts speak freely and eloquently of sex and lovemaking among the gods.

There are texts describing tender love between gods and their consorts; illicit love between a maiden and her lover; violent love (as when Enlil and Ninlil).

Attempt to terminate early mankind.


Thanks to Sitchin we do know a lot about the Annunaki who came to earth in search for minerals/resources as did others. Before the deluge they would walk the streets and very visible the rulers of earth. Babylon was known for there colorful processions to show/honor them. Someone not to be crossed otherwise punishment was not far.

Warlike and proud and became our gods as represented in the Bible/Koran.

Initially the mining itself  was done by there own people but a hard and boring job resulting in some mutiny.

The stories where registered or documented in Akkadian and it took a long time before we humans where able to read about it, the hard work of the Anunnaki, their mutiny, and the ensuing creation of the Primitive Worker, the epic relates how Man (as we also know from the biblical version) began to procreate and multiply. No need to dig for Akkadian tablets   because most museum had than stack somewhere in a cellars because they could not be read and of minor value. All  describing in some detail by Sitchin who despite his exceptional qualities y was subjected to harsh criticism for it. There are not where there any aliens on earth not in the past and certainly not now. A organized attempt to discrete and stop him which did never really ended.

The Annunaki are born telepathic brought the language with the pictures/symbols with them and teaches others read/understand to be able to communicate. The alphabet we used is not suited for use during telepathic communication. Our brain is much more picture oriented.

Attemps to terminate the genetic changed human race:

In time, Mankind began to upset Enlil.

The land extended, the people multiplied;

In the land like wild bulls they lay.

The god got disturbed by their conjugations;

The god Enlil heard their pronouncements, and said the great gods:

"Oppressive have become the pronouncements of Mankind;

Their conjugations deprive me of sleep." 

Enlil - once again cast as the prosecutor of Mankind - then ordered a punishment.

The Akkadian and Assyrian versions of the epic speak of "aches, dizziness, chills, fever" as well as "disease, sickness, plague, and pestilence" afflicting Mankind and its livestock following Enlil's call for punishment.

We would expect to read now of the coming Deluge. But not so. Surprisingly, Enlil an Anunnaki did not even mention a Deluge or any similar watery ordeal. Instead, he called for the decimation of Mankind through pestilence and illnesses. But Enlil's scheme did not work. The "one who was exceedingly wise" - Atra-Hasis - happened to be especially close to the god Enki.

Telling his own story in some of the versions, he says, "I am Atra-Hasis; I lived in the temple of Ea my lord." With "his mind alert to his Lord Enki," Atra-Hasis appealed to him to undo his brother Enlil's plan: "Ea, O Lord, Mankind groans; the anger of the gods consumes the land. Yet it is thou who hast created us! Let there cease the aches, the dizziness, the chills, the fever!" Until more pieces of the broken-off tablets are found, we shall not know what Enki's advice was. 

He said of something, "... let there appear in the land." Whatever it was, it worked and medicine appeared. Soon thereafter, Enlil complained bitterly to the gods that "the people have not diminished; they are more numerous than before!" He then proceeded to outline the extermination of Mankind through starvation by weather control.

"Let supplies be cut off from the people; in their bellies, let fruit and vegetables be wanting!" The famine was to be achieved through natural forces, by a lack of rain and failing irrigation, sickness of animal and crops. Let the rains of the rain god be withheld from above; Below, let the waters not rise from their sources. Let the wind blow and parch the ground; Let the clouds thicken, but hold back the downpour.(use of scalar waves)

rapidly expanding world population is now putting again not only pressure on the earth but also these forces living in hiding. A significant portion of Dulce and its surroundings ''the base'' is geared toward maintaining the survival of the  alien population. The main focus of these facilities appears to be acquisition and processing of biological materials in order to assure a supply of DNA and other biological materials for production of both aliens and synthetic life forms. Their main way to control the number in population of humans by them is through the introduction of diseases which are genetic engineered in labs there and then released into our communities.Nor will there be a happy ending. Due to the introduction of advanced tunneling machines there territory has been expanding rapidly and the ability to use human females to grow and expand their population greatly. We are now back at the early stages in which the decision was taken to remove the genetically chanced human race but failed.

I German expedition in Antarctica found the so-called Ilat tablets in a sarcophagi near the entrance to the inner world there. The  ILAT-LITUM tablets brought to Berlin and translated into German by Tibetan monks during Nazi Germany and technical information to construct a disk/time machine and build in Germany the vril9odin were included. Part of these translation kept by the Thule organization later released into the public domain.

I documents the period of arrival on earth and some information in respect of return.It did prove not only Sitchin to be basically right but now we have a more or less total picture if genuine.


When the Annunaki arrived living on  a planet called Aldebaran and when they did arrive found earth already inhabited. The ancients a reptilian race and humans. They decided to take planet earth by force and using thermo nuclear devices, fir rays and other devices. 

So much dust was send into the shy that for nine days you could not see the sun nor starts i any location on earth.

The reptilian civilization was decimated and went underground and these entrances than sealed by the Annunaki's. No recorded information about the human population present and now is assumed that it where the Neanderthals and most must have been killed. Even the Annunaki themselves could not stay on earth only the trained and equipped fighter named Seth.

Now we have reached the part of creation of humans to become slaves and to work in the different mines.

They captured a human and removed part of the DNA to replace it with parts taken out of an Annunaki DNA

After all the top was not that happy with the new race and more special the fast breeding and reproduction. The Annunaki with approximately 35,000 years and we humans 60-70 years. 35,000 bases on the kings lists as found in Sumer.

As mentioned about two attempts where made to terminate the new human race and failed. Than the deluge came and the decision made to keep it an secret for the humans which would now drawn. EA did inform indirectly Noad who did build the ark to save both humans, wild life, plants and seed.

The humans who did live in peace with the technical more advanced reptilian civilization before and where offered refugee and allowed to enter some hidden entrance and saved this way but out of sight of the Annunaki or our gods from the bible. Crossbreeding did happen and a new race appeared called the Lemurians which where strong rand smarter than there parent or the reptilians themselves.

The Annunaki as mention by Matilda represent the Old Empire came under attack by another civilization which call themselves the domain and controls now about 1/5 of the present universe, beaten the Annunaki in the following space war. The more godly part had left before that did happen and the others left went underground but not before cleaning the place and remove any trace pointing to them.

For example a faro was until than an Annunaki but now became a human the first one called men. They did not give up control but start using local loyal human servant to take and direct important functions on earth and later became known as royal bloodlines terrorizing the earth population and the start of the dark ages. 

The remaining Annunaki gods having a  problems reproducing an with the dignities gone and on the run decided to catch a reptilian of high standing to produce the seamen. All worked well but the offspring proved to by bigger, faster and smarter than others and  after a time communicating with the command instructed to decided that offspring.  The mother managed to clone theme prior to the decision and they killed the wrong one.

So now we have five  different races on earth being humanity in the role of slaves with 3 pro-cent of Annunaki DNA, Pure breed Annunaki, pure breed Reptilian, Human/reptilian mix and Annunaki/Reptilian mix.

The human have a very short lifespan but dominate in reproduction/numbers.

It is for that reason the a democracy is not acceptable to them and being sabotaged and  our

leaders corrupted.

But we are not at the end of the story, during its nuclear testing from atomair weapons in New Mexico attention was draw to it because it use is monitored through space.  Concordance parties where send from nearby civilizations to investigate but some of there crafts where lost due to wetter condition and hit by lightning. The relatively short cut enough to bring the disk traveling at high speed down.

There was on survivor and taken to the military head quarter there for interrogation. It was a telepathic entity and had no mouth. During the transport from the crash site to the headquarter the flight nurse present able to connect. The army started to bring in specialist from over the world like India/Israel to no avail. The nurse however managed to exchange thoughts and after some practice able to communicate, Matilda and Irish from origin.

The name she came up with for the Alien was Airl.

Airl had been to this parts of the universe over the last 100,000 years to observe and prepare for a possible invasion. They where at war with the Annunaki because of violations of the life force/ spirits. The battle was have and both parties lost a relative large number of ships. When their ships where destroyed a 3000 man task force was placed in the Himalayas to observe and safeguard earth. Than calamity struck and the task force was wiped out by  a Annunaki's force and did disappear completely. 

Airl and a group of other where send to investigate and discovered that there members had incarnated into both human bodies but also some whales and dolphins. Have the same souls structure as humans.

Normally the life force present would have returned to base and be equipped with new bodies. They did discover that earth is an prison and the spirits or life force prior to incarnation get there memory erased, to be replaced with a new sumier identity, told for example to incarnate, that they are the only civilization in the universe, no alien or other than animal live, to forget where they came from and return to the light after passing. This has been ongoing for several thousand years and over time the extraction of earth resourced did grow and grow. Criminals rightfully or not after being sentenced ship her to increase the number of slaves.

When you belong to another civilization and look at our earth you see a massive workforce happily digging and mining causing damage to the environment and nature. Overpopulation nor that we are slaves, our memories erased and not a clue what we are doing. Worse the Alien fractions paying in fed issued worthless dollars and the product sold in the universe for hard galactic credits. That it is not our chose but result of eraser of memories.

High Technical civilizations depend on it for there existence on all kind of resources like the one now mined here. After the are removed they are permanently gone. Depriving earth of future income we need to barter and for our children. There have several attempts to blame us a humans for what is happening while it are in fact Aliens and there secret organization pushing this agenda.

Who would be in his right mind destroy happily his own future. How can someone blame us for what is happening but the call for intervention is growing. What is a nasty trick and a clandestine operation to be legitimize and after that  the memory erosion necessary under as under these circumstances as acceptable in order to protect earth and this part of the universe.

It is in the interest of these parties to extract as much resources as possible as long as they can and leave us an empty earth and no future for our kids.