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Sumer versus Dulce

As always, Truth is stranger than fiction. As well, Truth-or pieces of Truth revealed to any one of us-are part of a larger mosaic, and thus it is up to each of us to arrive at our own conclusions. It is the Truth that others are trying to share with us and vital to be known. Knowledge that when studied, leads to the realization that earth is a prison where people are trapped and that unless we study this knowledge will be controlled by evil and never get free.

Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. History of the humans is an important part of looking for what is going on and might repeat itself but the human history which is at least 2000000 years old is reduced to less than 10,000 years. You should ask yourselves why?

"What makes it here interesting in this regard is that we come across a list of similar genetic defects as we read the Sumerian texts about the creation of the Primitive Worker by Enki with the assistance of Ninmah.

Even more astonishing part by comparing Sitchin work with that of the published reports by the whistleblowers of Dulce and are almost the identical including their actions / behaviour.

The attempt to recombine the strands of hominid DNA with strands of Anunnaki DNA to create the new hybrid being was a process of trial and error, and the beings initially brought about sometimes lacked organs or limbs - or had too many of them....

According to WIKINUT,

a simular research has been going on for many years at the Dulce, New Mexico bio-genetics labs. Level 6 is known by employees as Nightmare Hall. It is said to hold the genetic labs at Dulce. Workers have reported seeing experimentation as follows: 

Multi-legged humans that look like half-human/half-octopus, reptilian-humans, furry creatures that have hands like humans and cries like a baby, a huge mixture of lizard-humans in cages, fish, seals, birds and mice that can barely be considered those species anymore, and winged-humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures.

Workers said they were told the creatures were hopelessly insane, and involved in high risk drug tests to cure insanity. They were told to never try to speak to them at all. At the beginning they believed that story. Finally in 1978 a small group of workers discovered the truth. It began the Dulce Wars. When the truth was evident that humans were being produced from abducted females, impregnated against there will, a secret resistance group formed. This did little though and over time they were assassinated or died under mysterious circumstances. In late 1979, there was a confrontation, primarily over weaponry and the majority of human scientists and military personnel were killed. The facility was closed for a while, but is currently active.


There are the old recorded stories about lulu meaning worker/slave created in Sumeria to relieve the old god from manual labour in search of minerals and raw material for magnets. They do need powerful magnets to power for the production of energy from vacuum and essential for there food production cycle, production and weaponry..

Most of use known the story as Adam and eve. The name God is given by humans and not the aliens present themselves and the result of there capabilities.

We do know now that the genetic experiments and person involved being EN.KI meaning lord of the earth.

EN.KI being a reptilian in nature but a humanoid appearance who is still alive to day.

The text called Enki and Ninmah: The Creation of Mankind, besides listing more dysfunctions (rigid hands, paralyzed feet, dripping semen) also depicted Enki as a caring god who, rather than destroying such deformed beings, found some useful life for them. Thus, when one outcome was a man with faulty eyesight, Enki taught him an art that did not require seeing - the art of singing and the playing of the lyre.

Others have suggested that some of the entities below Dulce are not of 'extraterrestrial' ORIGIN, and that they are actually descended from saurian or reptile beings such as the Velociraptors or Stenonychosaurus Equallus -- a 'serpentine' race or races similar to that hinted at in the third chapter of the book of Genesis?

The 'aliens' living in the dulce area consider themselves 'NATIVE TERRANS.'

When the alien got defeated in a space war, what was left of them sought refuge underground in localities like Dulce and have been controlling the world and humanity ever since. According to the publication on Roswell by MATILDA O'DONNELL MACELROY .

For additional and current information google under: Dulce base.

Destruction Annunaki space fleet

8,050 BCE — Destruction of the "Old Empire" home planet government in this galaxy. The inertia of the political, economic and cultural systems of the "Old Empire" will remain in place for some time to come.

6248 BCE -The beginning of active warfare between The Domain Space Command and the surviving remnants of the "Old Empire" space fleet in this solar system that lasted nearly 7,500 years.

3,450 - 3,100 BCE —The intervention into the affairs on Earth by the "Old Empire" operatives or "divine gods" was disrupted at this time by The Domain Forces. They were forced to replace themselves with human rulers. The aliens where forced to go in hidding.

The physical evidence suggests that all evidence of the intervention of The Domain or "Old Empire" Forces, or any other extraterrestrial activity, has been carefully "cleaned up", so as not to create suspicion.

3,172 BCE -Layout of the astronomical grid that joins the key mining sites and astronomical buildings of 'the gods' in the Andes Mountains such as Tiahuanaco, Cuzco, Quito, the cities of Ollantaytambu, Machu Picchu and Pachacamac for the mining of rare metals,

2,160 - 2040 BCE —One of the results of the intensifying battle between The Domain Forces and the "Old Empire" forces was that the control of the "divine rulers", was broken at this time.

They finally left Egypt and returned to the "heavens",

593 BCE -The Genesis story written by the Jewish people describe "angels" or "sons of god" mating with women of Earth, who bore them children. These were probably renegades from the "Old Empire". They may also have been space pirates or merchants from a system outside the galaxy who came to steal mineral resources, or smuggle drugs.

Their Genesis story also mentions that "Yahweh" designed biological bodies to live for 120 years on Earth.

Biological bodies on most "Sun Type 12, Class 7" planets are usually engineered to last for an average of about 150 years. Human bodies on Earth last only about one half as long. We suspect this is because the prison administrators have altered the biological material of human bodies on Earth to die more frequently so that the The human souls who inhabit them will recycle through the amnesia mechanism much more frequently.

1135 - 1230 AD

The Domain Expeditionary Force completed the annihilation of the remaining remnants of the "Old Empire" space fleet operating in the solar system around Earth. Unfortunately, their long established thought control operation remains largely intact.

In addition the earth without the protection of the space now being invaded by other colonist races some located and expanding at the bottom of the sea. None of them prepared to accept humans as civilized and intelligent but comparable to the way in which we see a cow or pig.

The Dulce complex itslf is a joint U.S. Government and Alien base. It was not the first one built with the Aliens, and others are located in Colorado, Nevada,

Arizona, Alaska, etc. The first three levels are under control of  the US government. (Cover).

Bassically, the manin and significant portion of Dulce and its surroundings ''the base'' is geared toward maintaining the survival of the alien population. The main focus of these facilities appears to be acquisition and processing of biological materials in order to assure a supply of DNA and other biological materials for production of both aliens and synthetic lifeforms.

The rapidly expanding world population is putting not only pressure on the earth but also these forces living in hiding.Their main way to control the number in population of humans by them is through the introduction of diseases which are genetic engineered in labs there and released into our communities.

Nature started the caverns.

The Draco [reptilian humanoids] used the caverns and tunnels for centuries. Later, through RAND Corporation plans, it was enlarged repeatedly. The original caverns included ice caves and sulphur springs that the 'aliens' found perfect for their needs. The Dulce caverns rival Carlsbad caverns in size.

Carlsbad caverns and especially the adjacent Lechuguilla caves are  'officially' among the largest and deepest in the world, with several 'leads'   that remain to be explored by professional speleologists - The references to the Dulce base here deal mainly with the upper levels, not the extreme lower levels which include the vast natural caverns and, some believe, very ancient tunnel systems as well. This would include the tunnels illuminated by phosphorus pentoxide which the alien grays avoid, and the origin of which is unknown.

The aliens did never did stop with genetically experimenting and to produce new warrior and slave races and continue even today. When you read the recorded history of summer and characterization of the gods and compare it with Dulce there is no escape of conclusions.

"These genetic ailments join a much longer list of bodily malfunctions and dysfunctions that effects in the nucleus of the DNA. As scientists unravel and understand the "genome" - the complete genetic code - of humans and its function that each gene performs (and as the other side of the coin, the ailments if it is absent or malfunctions) is steadily becoming known.

By not producing a certain protein or enzyme or other key bodily compound, the gene regulating that has been found to cause breast cancer, or hinder bone formation, deafness, loss of eyesight, heart disorders, the excessive gain of weight or the opposite thereof, and so on and on.

The garden of Eden;

The draco our gods were forced underground but never did give up0 on genetic research. Whele going underground they were still in in posesion of a lot of technology and knowledge.

The genetic manipulation what did lead to the creation of the human race did continue an dcurrently at a much higher pace.

Covertly, part of this research has been going on for many years at the Dulce, New Mexico bio-genetics labs.

When the truth was evident that humans were being produced from abducted females, impregnated against their will, a secret resistance group formed. This did little though and over time they were assassinated or died under mysterious circumstances. In late 1979, there was a confrontation, primarily over weaponry and the majority of human scientists working here and military personnel were killed.

Dulce seems to be a major ’through’ point for exterran and subterran reptilian activity, a central ’infiltration’ zone for surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction-implantation-mutilation agendas and also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, and so on. Dulce is absolutely SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES

by ’alien’ bases, and that Archuleta peak -- although apparently the central NEXUS of the entire underground network --is nevertheless just one part of an overall complex that some claim

is nearly the size of Manhattan!

That there are chambers a few hundred feet below the very town of Dulce itself that are part of level one of the facility. This close proximity may explain why it has usually been described as the ’Dulce Base’.

Apparently even with his high-security clearance, Thomas Castello was only familiar with one part of the overall mega-complex hat underlies the area. Whatever amount of activity is taking place there, different sources seem to indicate that the town of Dulce nevertheless lies over a major crossroads, convergence or ’intersection’ area of alien activity even though the ’core’ of alien activity has been extended to Los Alamos.


Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest seem now to be the MAJOR ’nest’ of Reptiloid/Gray forces in North America, although there is also a large number of ’dens’ scattered throughout the underground networks between" Dulce and Area 51.

At the Dulce Base treason is "ANYTHING that mentions the details of daily operations at this facility, when outside the confinement of the this base." When I first arrived, a "need to know" policy was in effect. The story the ’honchos’ told us was that "this is a Tri-Biotransfer Facility with Advanced Technology, doing advanced adventurous methodology for medical and mental gains."

Which is a fancy way of saying they do really risky things with human life just to see what would happen. If a medical cure happens, it will be heralded on the surface of the earth as a marvelous new cure, saying it was found after years of research at some well known medical lab. The real story of the cure is never explained.

After all, the Dulce Base IS A SECRET FACILITY! These people are very good at what they do. They do not tell the truth about the unfortunate people that end up in "Nightmare Hall." I worked with aliens. With that in mind, you should get the idea of the secrecy and the security at that place.


Eye witness; Thomas Castello, a former Dulce base security officer

Yes, I know this was not the usual hospital type job site, but in the beginning I ’bought’ the whole package. I was reminded daily by intercom, in the elevators, that "this site does high risk advanced medical and drug testing to cure insanity, please, never speak to the inmates, it can destroy years of work." I’m sensible, when doctors say don’t speak to them, who was I to destroy the delicate situation.But one man some how caught my eye. He repeatedly stated that he was George S---- and that he had been kidnapped and he was sure someone was searching for him. I don’t know why he sticks in my mind, I found I was remembering his face, thinking he sure didn’t look or sound insane, but many inmates said that. The next weekend I convinced a friend of mine, a cop, to run a check on the guy, saying I had a run in with him and was curious. 

I didn’t mention the base at all. It was a sickening feeling when the computer confirmed that George S. was missing. What’s worse, the cops thought he was just another guy that got tired of the daily grind and split. That was the beginning. Am I the one that blew the whistle? No. The next Monday, I searched for George, but he was gone.

There were no records that explained what happened to him. It was another security officer that came to me saying he and some lab workers wanted an off duty meeting at one of the tunnels, [off the record]. Curiosity took over and I said OK. That night, about nine men showed up. They said they knew they were risking me turning them in but they wanted to show me some things they thought I should see. One by one they showed records that proved many inmates were missing people.

There were newspaper clippings, and even photos that they had some how smuggled into the base. They hoped to smuggle them back out, without me turning them in to the honchos. I could see the fear in their faces as they spoke. One man stated he would rather lose his life by lying, than to lose his soul by not doing anything at all. It was that remark that turned the tide. I told them about George and the things I found out about him. After a few hours we pledged to attempt to expose the Dulce Base.





Human linkage and the animal world.

Garden of Eden

The inability to produce a human linkage, connecting humans to the ape and earth has failed, but is not as much published because of far reaching consequences. Reason; because the evolution as being claimed is a very slow process, the human form/being would need at least 100 million years to develop and due to the violent nature of planet earth impossible, can not be connected with the history of the earth.

Currently the counter for humans stand at 6 million years.

How about the last 40,000 years, humans appeared to undergo what we might call a transition to modern behavior.

Having swept northwards, he expanded through most of the globe by 13,000 years ago. After another 1,000 years we discovered agriculture, 6,000 years later he formed great civilizations with advanced astronomical knowledge, and here we are after another 6,000 years probing the depths of the Solar System!

How much would be know after continued development in 10 billion years time? We should be allowed to know who we are, where we did come from what is our

purpose on earth, why all this cheating, putting misleading information in the public domain.

When you look at language, the initial attempts had to be downgraded despite tremendous amount of effort and money spent. Chimps do nor did use language at all but only signs and responses in order to get rewards. The basic element for use of  any language like symbols, sentences,productivity, cultural transmission are and were absent.It is clear that animals communicate,but have no language.We are the only one until now and feeling lonely.

We are a troubled species, who simply does not know who he or she is, or what to do with himself, feeling different from other creatures, both superior

and inferior at the same time.

On the day that we as humanity and the general population comes to realise that we are no longer alone and in fact just one of many others the world will change. We also will see and realise how humanity has been sold and betrayed by his own people; for power and for money. This craving for power and money is an illness that has no end in itself and should be controlled.

Location Dulce_base.

In the early 1960's, a subterranean nuclear blast occurred about 30 miles southwest of Dulce, New Mexico, right off of U.S. 64. This nuclear blast was conducted under the umbrella of project Plowshare, and was named Gassbuggy.

It has recently been alleged that this particular subsurface nuclear blast was used to create a hollowed out chute or chimney for development of a substation for a super-secret tunnel system attached to an underground black book project base.

According to Thomas Castello, a former Dulce base security officer -- this particular under-world city is a highly secret base operated by humans as well as reptilian aliens and their worker cast, the commonly encountered grays.

It is here, apparently, that a multitude of experimentation projects are carried out. Primarily genetic experiments on kidnapped men, women, and children.

In addition there are a myriad of other specialty science projects taking place at the Dulce base including, but not limited to: Atomic manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio wiretapping, the list goes on...

Because of the fact that our flesh based bodies are not suited or suitable for/of  interstellar travel with the exception of a few planets within our vicinity, all these weird and strange things that do happen to be related with clandestine or secret activities and include genetic manipulations and activities leading/attemps to the creation of other intelligent lifeforms on earth.( Garden of Eden)

It is done on earth and no extraterrestrials involved here, only used to hide behind,a kind of smokescreen if you like. I am not saying that there no extraterrestrials but that is a different story..

They are probably trying to complete the Nazi dreams of creating a kind of superior race which should/will rule the earth and by now well advanced and a threat to the current population and even more so in the future.

(The Dulce base being one of them but there are probably more, most in locations deep underground, antarctic and sea.)

Ther new intelligent beings are technical (earth born) and some mostly hybrids being slowly released into society.

Quest for information/power by digital means.

Power play and betrayal.

This is a longer-than-thousand year lineage quest for power, control, influence, profit, and cultural control, without direct visibility. A quest for allegiance, spiritual control, and occupying the minds of the masses.

Now,with the appearing of the aliens the elite power players or the highest influential parties in Echelon wish to effect their singular most dear objective of getting into the cosmic power game beyond Earth. They do realise that we are now under some kind of quarantine because of what did happen in the past (from getting too far off planet, yet), and under embargo but underground it is bustling. Instead of dominating the earth and humans to conquer and dominate the universe trying to get to the outside of the laboratory bell.

The alleged link between the Third Reich of pre-World War II Germany and… EXTRATERRESTRIALS and their secret hideout in Antarctica?

Where are the disk-shaped flying objects (UFOs), driven by anti-gravitation forces,actually constructed?. Test pilots, engineers and investigators explain the Nazi program for space travel and contact with aliens.

Still other fringe researchers claim that the actual ruins of Atlantis have been found - and possibly reoccupied - under the Antarctic ice. Some say that Atlantis is located near one of the 70 or so warm water lakes that have been discovered miles beneath the Polar Ice Sheet, such as Lake Vostok near the Russian base at the Pole.

Many believe that most of the saucers originate from there but not all. Anti gravitation technique are more common and the USA has them to. Most of it has been known for the last 50 years but is suppressed information.. No democracy can function if you let someone manipulate or even worse control the information.. The supple ion of this-information is standard practice but after the end of the war should have been ended.

The problem, the addition to power and greed, government that spares the herd the horrible truth. For their own benefits and continuation of power and wealth, and it's people who have a philosophy of life where continue sly have to be chosen between bad things and situations and use that as an excuse to commit harmful acts on the dignity of life and the Earthly environment, all in the name of the survival of mankind (notice not 'humanity'). The different governments are well aware of the presence of aliens on earth and there are thousand of well placed people in government, military,etc who have seen them and will to take an oath on it but were told to shut of.

Project Mannequin


Top secret, for your eyes only.

Project Mannequin is a mind control and genetic manipulation program run by the National Security Agency (NSA). Although the NSA is officially the United States government, they run many covert "black" projects in many countries around the world.

The NSA is fast becoming the world's most powerful secret service and is currently taking over much of the global intelligence apparatus.

Because some people are more likely than other to inherit what we call para-normal qualities it has been difficult to locate them and most were selected from old families in which there was practice or prove linkage. With the digitalisation of the hospital records an dknowledge about the subject the locating of right people for abduction much easier it is not about catching terrorist.

I am trying to get this highly classified information to the public and exposing the people perpetuating the horrors of this medical /genetic project.  The disregard for human life and suffering compares with the Nazi scientists' genetic and mind control experimentation in World War II. The Nazi scientists had discovered that when an individual was traumatized and tortured, they developed almost superhuman abilities, such as huge pain tolerance, photographic memory, and PSI abilities.During the Second World War, the Nazis were involved in creating genetically enhanced soldiers and spies with Psyonic and psychic ability, such as telepathy and telekinesis. They were known as "Ubermen," which is German for supermen.

Much of the project involved being taken to the point of death and then revived. They were brought to the US under project paperclip.

Cathy O'Brien, in her book Trance Formation of America, calls some of the CIA programming centres "near death training centres." Bramley will teach you that members of The Brotherhood were in Germany and were part of the Nazi hell in World War II.

Project paperclip::

Operation Paperclip was the codename under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.

Of particular interest were scientists specialising in aerodynamics and rocketry (such as those involved in the V-1 and V-2 projects), chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. These scientists and their families were secretly brought to the United States, without State Department review and approval; their service for Hitler's Third Reich, NSDAP and SS memberships as well as the classification of many as war criminals or security threats also disqualified them from officially obtaining visas.

The majority of the scientists, numbering almost 500, were deployed at White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, Fort Bliss, Texas and Huntsville, Alabama. This in turn led to the foundation of NASA and the US ICBM program.

NSA now.

Although the NSA is officially the United States government, they run many covert "black" projects in many countries around the world. Different groups, cults, secret societies, legions, collectives, and even individuals are and have been fighting over the right to run this planet "their way" breaching other members rights and using violent means. This is happening on ''EVERY LEVEL'' and the NSA is no exception.

The lure for secrets, power, influence and evolutionary control, is the prime directive. Mind control is one of them, see diagram Dulce. 'The conventions of peace, love, and wisdom,' (which was attributed to the creation of our universe), sabotaged by, "War, terrorism and religion which are effective tool for political and social control over a large population. It can and is also be used to keep a people divided as well. Conflicts and turmoil cover earth's history like a rash. But very few even realize who started these wars, who is behind terrorism and for what purpose simply because we  are not looking at the world from the proper perspective,motive and outcome, it does not happen in isolation but geing deliberately created and supported.When you look at the NSA and it birth it is Nazi Germany you see. Its remembers me of The Cristal Night when Hitler who was democrated elected managed to take control by burning a monumental building blaming others at the right time.It did work and has been used all over the world over and over again. Known as the "The Hegelian Dialectic. Just a very simple technique commonly used to bring about a desired result. Most used within democraties because of ease with which large masses Population groups)can be manipulated.

It is a three step process as follows:...

Thesis - A problem is intentionally created

Antithesis - Opposition to the problem is created

Synthesis - The desired result is brought in as a solution

The people demanded something be done so New legislation is introduced with the people’s consent.The people who do not understand or care about these things are simply being deceived without even realising it.

The NSA is connected with terrorism, its growth, offering to help solve it at the same time with the objective or outcome a kind of new world order in which they do have the control (security).The NSA is now fast becoming the world's most powerful secret service and is currently taking over much of the global intelligence apparatus spying on anyone using modern media, from Merkel and all world leaders to the little people as you and me.Their growth would not have been possible without the growing threat of terror. The start of the war on terror by Bush and see what did happen or outcome of it.The NSA at the forefront. Already operating in many countries out of sight but highly present and forwarding information,socalled advising on counter measures, a trojan horse. Trying to establish a new world order.

Mind and mind control section located  within the alien controled part of the dulce base and possible relative importance.       

Trauma-based mind control and other physical induced mind effects including scarring.

Mind control technologies have been in place for a long time, some known as brainwashing and most popular trauma enhanced alterations.


The oldest form known is trauma based and main part of many rituals. Certain cultures, such as the Celtic people, practiced PSI phenomena for generations in ancient rituals. The ancient rites of Satanism were often used, and these rituals usually involved snakes. A common theme is coming up time and time again: being bitten by poisonous snakes in rituals to transmute the poison and enhance the immune system (American Indian shamans also practiced this). In programming centers or better called "near death training centers." the participants are literally being taken to the point of death and then revived. In fact no need to point out that not all will make it.

The topic of mind control is elaborate, multifaceted, and multi layered nor new. New is the use of implants and fibrations and multimedia. Technical developments make it possible to involve use and exploit the population of any advanced society without the people involved ever knowing.

The current technology grew out of experiments that the Nazis did start during World War II and intensified during the time of the Nazi concentration camps when a unlimited supply of children and adults were available for experimentation.

They discovered that if you could systematically traumatize an individual, particularly before the age of five, their mind would shatter into different parts, which the German called "alters." When the torture or terror becomes so intolerable, a person's mind will dissociate itself from the pain and the alter will be created. Easy to program and because of the absence of emotion turn the person into fearless and ruthless warriors, assassins, spies and used for terrorisme. Hard workers who will do any job without complains. Most of the good looking womens turned into sex slaves and spies of the elite.

Another discovery was that when an individual was traumatized and tortured, they developed almost superhuman abilities, such as huge pain tolerance, photographic memory, and PSI abilities which are important in the collection, classifying and gathering of information.Modern individuals of families with old bloodlines and traditions the most suitable and can much more easily be revived.

These mostly children from jewish families were use by the Nazi, to further refine and perfect Mengele mind control technologies. A substantial portion of these children, who were considered expendable, were intentionally slaughtered in front of (and by) the other children in order to traumatize the selected trainee into total compliance and submission.

The importance of the availability of a group of dedicated and un-detectable human robots placed inside the different communities of paramount importance when you wish to control these communities or take over. However they do differ from what we now known as hybrids and a different story altogether. Heinrich Himmler and the Special Projects unit of the SS ordered a Nazi research program into Northern European families. The families targeted for this research program were the ones who had practiced multi- generational rites of Freemasonry, occultism, and Satanism. There is an old link between the people involved in a number of secret religious sect and orders.

After the end of world war two the public was never really informed about it other than a brief mentioning about the inhumane medical experiments performed on camp prisoners, but no word was ever mentioned by the media and the TV documentaries of the mind control experiments and creation of human robots and slaves. Nor the secret that most of the perpetrators were moved into the US and did continue to work there.Many of these indicted for mass murder but allowed to leave for the US/New Mexico. These ruthless killers being with which are very sick did manage somehow to mislead their controllers and take over the whole operation. An interesting connection is the fact that the secret Nazi teams involved in the construction and operation of the underground bases below the mountains of Neu Schwabenland and elsewhere in Antarctica were called ULTRA teams. But ULTRA is also the code-name for the DULCE base! Also there seems to be a direct connection between the Dulce base and the Montauk base in Long Island -- which was/is reputedly jointly operated by the Draconian Reptilians, Orion Greys and the Bavarian Thule Society which had backed the Nazi agenda.Tens of thousands of young teenage boys were kidnapped and forced into a mind control training program called The Montauk Project starting around 1976.

Al Bielek was one of them,involved in many areas of this secret Montauk Project.

After slowly recovering his memories beginning in the late 1980's, he came to realize that there were at least 250,000 mind controlled "Montauk Boys' produced at 25 different facilities similar to the underground base at Montauk, Long Island. Many of these boys were to become 'sleepers', programmed to go into action at a later date when properly "triggered" to engage in some sort of destructive or disruptive conduct.

Other Montauk Boys were woven into the fabric of mainstream American life as: journalists, radio & TV personalities, businessmen, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, etc.

After the defeat of Germany and Japan the cold war did start. Dr. Joseph Mengele, Auschwitz notoriety was the principle developer of the trauma based Monarch Project and the CIA's MK Ultra mind control programs.

Mengele and an unofficial estimate is that 4,000 other high ranking Nazis were secretly moved into the United States and South America in the aftermath of World War II in this Operation designated Paperclip and not the official 500..

These killers, torturers, and mutilators of innocent human beings were kept discretely out of sight, but busy in U.S. underground military facilities which gradually became home to thousands upon thousands of kidnapped American children snatched off the streets and placed into iron bar cages stacked from floor to ceiling.However, these Nazi,s proved to be too much to their American hosts and did manage to turn events around, their masters became their servants and slaves. In addition,the scientist managed to get use of the flying saucers the US government took from germany after the war including the disk technology. A few hundred of flying disks which were operational being reported as UFOs by normal people but now being used for abduction purposes. It did increase the capacity to start abducting people and children from around the world. When you look at the interview with the whistleblowers of the Dulce base you do will find that now the prisoners are of all colours but also of all nationalities. At the same time groups were set up and funded to toward denying and ridicule this information. Many with government backing. All information internally became classified.During this time many strange documents were fed to the hungry public domain, by strange cloudy background characters like Bill Moore, Bill Hamilton and John Lear.A lot of disinformation was produced and published to cloud the subject.

To go back to the mind controlled victims; Certain selected children (at least the ones who survived the 'training') would become future mind controlled slaves who could be used for thousands of different jobs ranging anywhere from sexual slavery, to terror and assassinations. The fear needed to shatter their brain is now electronic and electric produced and no further need of torture and slaughtering of kill other humans, friends or family. A by product is brain scarring, by which certain parts of the brain are Electronic and electrical damaged, the body will repair it and as a result many people get smarter or at least get a fabulously memory which helps when programming computers. Its speed and efficiency of the mentioned process greatly improved and able to produce victims in large numbers. There have been other physical less destructive technologies like: Forcing someone eyes open and project a horror film to one Eye and a soft (family based film) in the other, it can be done at high speed, after that the person involved can be reprogrammed. Instead of targeting individual people it is much more beneficial to control leader including of State. There are some sign that some might be externally controlled like Putin, the Turkey president and others.. Reprogramming is now fast and easy and can be done in one day at the location, using modern technique nor much in term of equipment. Not more than most doctors do carry. Most people will remember Putin's absence last year for a couple of day's, cause nobody of us can know if he was sick or something more sinister was going on.Every technique is used for control, in the US it is corporate America, bank, pharmaceutical industry, defence just to name a few. The elected president has no real power but is just a figurehead working in the margin. In fact it is well documented. For mind control experiments young children are best, for reproduction and genetics around 20 years old.

As a result of digitization of patient information in the big hospitals it is now much easier for these organisation as the NSA or associated with, to selecting suitable people for mind control and other physical induced mind effects including scarring.

There were also older people in the nightmare hall of the dulce base, but they are used to extract emotional components present in their blood. When you do experience emotions a chemical process is involved and leaving a residue in your blood. For some alien races it is a drug and hard to get omdat reptiles do not have emotions like we do.

For the illustration of impact on a live mind control, please read by the book written by Brice Taylor.

Brice Taylor is the pseudonym for Susan Ford, one of the highest level MK Ultra mind controlled victims to ever come forward and reveal her story.

It took her nearly 13 years to recover the memories of the events that she reveals in her book, Thanks for The Memories (published in May 1999). Her memories began to return in sporadic fragments in 1985, following a car accident that threw her through the windshield of her car after hitting a tree.

It wasn't really an accident as much as a result of mind control programming which compelled her to commit suicide if she began to recover critical memories about her role as a top level NASA/CIA mind controlled 'asset' who was used as a sex slave and message (or drug) courier for every president from Kennedy to Clinton and was Henry Kissinger's personal secretary/human computer (file storage and retrieval) for over 19 years.

Her 'owner/handler' was comedian Bob Hope and she was 'loaned out' to many famous and well known entertainment personalities in order to oblige them to be beholding to and manipulated by Hope and his Illuminati pals so they could be used as "worker bees' to help usher in the Luciferian, New World Order.

Her book is probably the most revealing account to date of well known, national personalities in both politics and the entertainment industry who are involved in the handling, programming, control, manipulation, and abuse of Illuminati/government created human robots like Bruce or other, well known celebrity/mind control victims such as Barbara Streisand and Barbara Mandrell.

The book's Table of Contents alone will give you an idea of the incredible number of nationally known names that Brice had been involved with from childhood into adulthood as a mind controlled slave. Just one of by now more than 100.000 and being a conservative number. Many of these techniques are copied around the world and you find it in France, The UK, Russia, China to name a few.


The joint aliens/government base known as dulce uses magnetics for EVERYTHING! They use magnetics as the basic structure for their energy source. A reel Tesla world. Tesla was world's greatest inventor and include free energy from space. His inventions were stolen, boycotted by the big electric and telegraph companies, by the banks and finely poisoned.

The more you learn about magnetics, the better. The Human Race calls them 'magnets', the Aliens call them 'lodestar'. They have been harvesting lodestars [lodestones] for centuries. Not only that, they want ALL the magnetic power on Earth. The magnets are used to pull energy out of vacuum and work as an aerial.

They intend to continue harvesting that power, now and in the future. As long as we were only using magnetic power as an oddity, there was no problem. But in recent times, the human race has begun using magnetic power and finding more ways to utilize that commodity. There was a treaty made. In the original treaty, the human race (or those who supposedly 'represented' the human race, if you could call As people searched for another source for power, we turned to magnetics. The aliens wanted a new treaty. What could we offer? They chose land, underground mining rights, animals and humans for new experiments. The general public NEVER KNEW about the treaty. The governmental [Bavarian cultist] heads of the world chose another treaty in 1933. This time 'we' got high-tech knowledge in exchange.

So now, the more we use magnetics, the more they claim humans, and the lands of the U.S.A. We were 'sold' in exchange for magnets. If you doubt it, look around -- there are token companies that 'really' utilize magnetic power, but are depending on electric based or ceramic magnets, made from lodestar

Alternative energy or zere point energy.

Karl Haushofer founded before 1919 a second order, the "BROTHERS OF THE LIGHT", the later in the Vril Society" was renamed. In this united also 1917 from the German North resulting Templar startup "The gentlemen from the Black Stone" (DHVSS) and the black knight" of the Thule and SS-Elite "Black Sun" in order to make a comparison with the Thule Society to ensure that the difference could be the easiest way to capture, when one says that the Thule Society is the material and political matters was devoted and the Vril Society was essentially space oriented. But there remained but many points of contact between the Vril and Thule Society, such as Atlantis, Thule, the isle of the blessed" of the Gilgamesch, Verbindung between Germany and Mesopotamia, but also old shrines as the Extern Stones or the Mountain House of stronegg were subjects of common research.Member of Vril was Maria en the one who got as medium a Templar secret script in an language not known but the construction of flying machines.

Within the german SS was an department working on alternative energy and target to make Germany less depending on foreign oil, die SS-E-IV = ENTWICKLUNGSSTELLE IV DER SCHWARZEN SONNE.There is indeed some indication that the Germans were involved with extensive research into "Tesla" technology and weaponry and other exotic particle beam technology at the University of Heidelberg.

The paradoxes of quantum mechanics had also become known, leading Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen to posit "quantum loopholes" in relativity's own "velocity of light speed limit" for faster-than-light transference of information;

Under Hilgenberg's influence, Carl Friedrich Krafft took this "vorticular quantum mechanics" one step further, and posited atoms as essentially a geometric or topological construct of the aether that acted as "ether pumps", taking in or giving off energy based on the rotations of the various rings of dynamic aether around them. He developed this notion even further by positing various combinations of vorticular, rotating geometries as the basis for the then known subatomic particles. Krafft, whose views were totally eclipsed by war's end with the victory of the Allies - which likewise might be seen as a victory of relativity - was left to self- publish his works in this strange world of "nonlinear physics", which were duly and promptly ignored by the more conventionally minded linear physics of relativity and its proponents.

But is there any indication that all this theory about the vorticular and rotational aspect of a dynamic aether was ever pursued beyond the stage of theory? In any case, it is clear that Schauberger's ideas fit in quite well with the vorticular and dynamic aether ideas of the vacuum energy flux potential, or Zero Point Energy, apparently under theoretical development in Nazi Germany both by "orthodox" and by less mainstream scientists. As we shall see, there is every indication that these ideas themselves were put to the test.

One such device, the so-called Karl Schappeller Device, bears close scrutiny, since it bears resemblances to another device found by Nick Cook and described in his Hunt for Zero Point. This odd device is described by Henry Stevens as follows:

The Schappeller device is really composed of two separate units, the rotor and the stator. The stator is constructed as follows: its surface is round or ball-shaped, being composed of two half-shells of steel. These half-shells contain the internal structure and are air tight. Attached at each "pole" of each half-shell is an iron bar magnet, most of whose structure is internal.

This means that the bulk of the magnet is inside the steel ball, one opposite the other. There is a space between the two bar magnets at the very center of the sphere.

Insulation, a ceramic material, is placed on the inside of the steel ball leaving a hollow central area. Within this hollow area and around the space between the magnets are wound two internal coils. These originate at the bar magnet poles and each terminate at the center of the sphere with a connection leading out of the sphere to the rotor. These coils are composed of a hollow copper tube filled with a special and secret substance called the "electret".

Upon leaving the sphere the electret filled copper tubes are replaced by conventional copper wire.

An electrical connection is made from the outside surface of one pole to one pole of a special type of battery which is grounded at the other pole...This electret is a permanent magnet within the sphere... The actual

composition of Schappeller's electret remains a secret but another electret has been made by Professor Mototaro Eguchi.

It consists of carnauba wax and resin, perhaps also containing some beeswax. It was kept in a strong electrical field while baking slowly until it solidified.Before proceeding to how this device allegedly operated, it is important to note that this device bears strong resemblance in some respects to a device called "the Bell" uncovered by Nick Cook and his researches.The sum total of all these strange coils, spheres, and Bells will sound only familiar with devices alleged in two famous UFO crashes after the war.

For Schappeller the "neutral area", called the Bloch wall in a bar magnet, where the polarity is neither "north" nor "south", was of great interest and significance to Schapeller. In the Schappeller device it is noted that the empty area between the two magnets corresponds with this Bloch wall of neutrality. It is this "neutral area" that is the area electrically charged by grounding when the device is put into operation. The result is a "new kind" of magnetism, a glowing magnetism in which, according to Schappeller's interpreters, electricity is stationary and magnetism is radiated.At the Bloch Wall, "the point of zero magnetism, no spin and magnetic reversal, is the point, so Schappeller theorized, energy enters and is radiated, in the form of gravity.

Thus, according to one interpreter, gravity is a quadrupole (four poles, rather than two poles), 360 degree radiated push.But most astonishing about the little known Schappeller were his extraordinarily revolutionary, and prescient, views on thermodynamics, views that, in his day, would have had him roundly dismissed as a crackpot, but some 35 years later, became an exciting new area of physics and chemistry research. That area is non-equilibrium thermodynamics and systems kinetics.Schappeller had something to say about the Second Law of Thermodynamics. He said there was another and unknown thermodynamic cycle which runs opposite the Second Law. To name this idea we will call it "Reverse Thermodynamics". It is the reverse of the Second Law of Thermodynamics in that it leads to an increase in entropy. Not only is there an increase in order by there is an increase in cold! Schappeller....built his

spherical device primarily to demonstrate the principles behind this Reverse thermodynamics. It was not designed as a practical machine.Both Schappeller and Schauberger were implying a physics based, not on inanimate lifeless processes, the physics we have come to know, but on animate, creative processes hut Schappeller's views on Thermodynamics were truly revolutionary, and some decades ahead of their time, until Ilya Prigogine won the Nobel prize in chemistry precisely for his pioneering work on self-organizing principles evident in systems driven to a high state of nonequilibrium in 1977. The new paradigm, a breathtakingly simple, and yet far-reaching one, was simply that equilibrium had been replaced with non-equilibrium in physics, especially for systems analysis.

Called the Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source ol Power," B.I.O.S. Final Report no 1043, Item No. 31, Summer 1946, this report consisted of tests and findings on two strange circuits conducted at the University of Berlin between the World Wars under the auspices of none other than Dr. Schumann, discoverer of the Schumann resonance of the earth. A mere glance will explain why the device attracted the immediate attention of the German Navy, which classified it as a possible source of quiet and limitless energy for submarine propulsion.

It will be noted that this hexagonal construction of coils and magnets and two "rotating" sub-circuits has absolutely no source of power. Yet, to the mystified Coler and Dr. Schumann, it The report is reprinted by the Integrity research Institute, 1422 K Street NW, Suite 204, Washington, D.C. 20005.

nevertheless managed to produce, or better, transduce, power seemingly from nowhere.

Little is known how much farther the Germans took this device, or for that matter, how far the British took it for the two decades and a half after the war that they had to work on it until its declassification. What is unusual is that Dr. Schumann was involved with secret German research on "batteries" as late as 1943, and was subsequently brought to the United State as part of Operation Paperclip. It was this same Dr. Schumann who had noted in 1926

that Hans Coler's device exhibited "no fault, hoax, or fraud on the part of its inventor." Such "free energy" devices seemed to have come very early to the attention of the leadership of the Third Reich - witness the meeting between Hitler, Planck, and Schauberger - and more especially to the attentions of the SS. Devices involving pulsed Tesla coils, suspiciously similar to Tesla's own "Impulse Magnifying Transformer" were constructed.

Tesla and the socalled free energy.

According to Nikola Tesla, if you wish to understand the universe you do have to think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.The underlying nature of reality is that Everything is Energy. It’s not a concept. It’s not a theory. It’s reality.

See the use of magnets in Dulse base, being just one of many options, or sun is an electric sun and the surrounding plasma field allowing for transmission of electric energy in limitless amount.

Again everything is energy and we do not need coal, oil or nuc-plants at all, we are being fooled. Even Humans themselves are multidimensional beings of light (frequencies) and vibrations — Energy.

Free electricity.

It will be noted that this hexagonal construction of coils and magnets and two "rotating" sub-circuits has absolutely no source of power. Yet, to the mystified Coler and Dr. Schumann, it nevertheless managed to produce, or better, transduce, power seemingly from nowhere and later to be known or talking about as free energy. In reality there is no real free energy, but energy changes with a net result. .

We now do now everything is in movement even within solid structures. Movement is energy. However It is Tesla who did managed to get energy from vacuum and or ether. He tried to sell his invention but was boycotted.These fast expanding companies producing electricity, engines, installing wires and everything going with it did not want the free source of energy being outside their control. In addition it would have given man the capacity to travel in space by getting an energy source where ever he would go. Even today we are a very primitive race still burning fossil fuel without any need only to please these companies and others to allow to manipulate and squeeze us. When Tesla did realised his mistake and that no commercial business was going to involve themselves he changed course and started to develop low cost systems for transport of electricity, first through the earth and later through the air and vacuum.However the damage was done and to be left alone nor able to get any financing. His tower build for transmission of electric power through the air never to be completed and burned down at a later stage. He started to develop flying saucers but these flying disks would depend on transmission of electricity through the air and with, not having nor intended  independ generating capacity of currents. Without a functioning tower to do so could not be done. The same applies for his electric driven car which would have to be fueled on the way by picking-up the electricity from the surrounding air. No storage of fuel within the vehicle itself. Energy provide through the aeral.

Beamed power and cable-free transmission is tantalizing to many, but few realize that Nikola Tesla

beat everyone to the punch. Electricity provided to the user like radio waves.

Through it all, the compulsive, eccentric and often sensational Tesla provided

terrific sound bites for reporters, speaking frequently to the press about new,

futuristic ideas up to a few years before his death, when he became a recluse,

afraid of getting poisoned. Tesla died in 1943, broke and alone in a New York City hotel room.

The indications are that he was murdered and not as claimed past away by accident. It did

happen just before he was going to meet with the American president and had become a

liability to some of the mighty and powerful. Big business.


Aliens and food at Dulce base.

With all the different creatures present at the dulce-base feeding them not an easy job. At one stage some would go out at night and slaughter some cow or other animals taking their organs and blood.For most creature we do know more about the feeding habits but other like the Draco we do not.Even in biblical times the Draco or our god would shield themselves when and wherever possible it is not different in Dulce. They do eat in isolation. Different to the grey for example.

The aliens use the blood and body parts for formula to keep them alive [their food] and for use in the growing vats, and for the artificial wombs. Plasma and amniotic fluid are the two most vital ingredients for their lives. Also, the 'sap' of some plants can keep them alive for months.

Most of these plants are parasitic in nature, but red grapes and okra plants can also be added to the formula to keep them alive, if they have no 'regular' formula.

Cattle mutilations.

As the Terran Scientist learned about Longevity, (Secret of long life) the main basis for longevity was the capacity of human cells to recuperate. Anyone will grow old when their cells can't be restored and they start a process of deterioration and die. The secret of longevity is the restoration of the cells.


This can be done using:,

Altered Adrenalin,

Alterated Coradrenalin,

Cordrazyne or Cortropinex, (sometimes use only Formazinye and Hyronalinx, read "The Pulsar Project" for additional information on these and more drugs).

All of these drugs have a base in Adrenalin, which is produced in the human brain. During the 60's the scientists discovered that they can be synthesized from the medullary portion of the adrenal gland of the cattle. They need big quantities in order to synthesize a small portion of the mentioned drugs above.

Of course, human scientist try to discover new applications and new synthesized drugs for recuperation of the cells, especially brain cells, and restoration to the human tissues and increasing the psychic and physical human skills.

Groom and dulce war

Based on Thomas Castello assertion, and based on his overall revelations, as well as the revelations of others such as Robert Lazar, Phil Schneider, etc., the Dulce Wars were the result of at least five overlapping factors or scenarios which converged at more or less the same time or played into each other.

1)In addition a conflict of interest within MJ12 itself, and apparently involved the different security forces including the Delta Force, Black Berets, Air Force Blue Berets, Secret Service, FBI Division Five, CIA stormtroopers and Dulce Base security. 

2)Other factors which seem to have played into the Dulce Wars would include animosity towards the Greys for their slaughter of several scientists and security personnel in the Groom Wars below Area 51 three years earlier as described by, former MJ12 Special Studies Group agent Michael Wolf.

3)Accidental encounters between aliens and human construction workers and security forces near Dulce as described by Phil Schneider.

4)An attack on the Dulce base ’resistance’ that was apparently ordered by die-hard collaborators in deep-level intelligence as described by Thomas Castello.

An attempt to rescue several of our best scientists who had been captured by the aliens after they had discovered the "Grand Deception" involving a violation of the established treaties, that is the permanent abduction of thousands of humans to the Dulce and other bases for God only knows what purposes, as described by John Lear.

5)Another factor but minor,would involve a dispute over whether human security personnel could carry flash guns as opposed to machine guns.

The question left could it be that MJ12 / PI40 was unaware of these abductees, yet their superior agency the BLACK MONK / MAJIC agency was aware and had agreed to an actual exchange of human life for technology?

All of these were apparently contributing factors to the ’altercations’ which raged throughout the Dulce Base beginning in 1979. - .

Most of the treaties that the humanoids had made with the reptiloids ’down under’ have since been broken... especially following the Groom Wars of 1975 and the Dulce Wars of 1979, during which time much of the underground U.S. base networks [which were funded by American tax dollars by the way] were taken over by the Grays. The reptiloid-grey collectivists were more interested in expanding their empire and feeding their insatiable appetite for conquest than they were in making peace, although they agreed to peace treaties that they never intended to keep for ’Trojan horse’ manipulation purposes only.

Some sources have implied that the aliens took advantage of the chaos especially during the Dulce wars and commenced to invade and conquer several of the older underground colonies on earth. It was estimated by scientists that the alien culture was at least 50,000 years ahead of ours. Sometime after the government made the agreement with the aliens, they began to suspect that the aliens were abducting a larger number of people than reported to the NSC on the lists. The government wasn't so concerned about the animal mutilations, only the actions that involved humans. They also realized they had made an error in trusting the aliens and that they couldn't do anything about it - yet anyway.

A new, more disturbing rumour began to surface. It said that the government had already developed an antimatter weapon at Los Alamo National Laboratories, and would detonate it above the surface of the Earth, killing all life and destroying the atmosphere and water if the Reptilians would not help us get rid of the Greys.


The UFO question carries with it the baggage of centuries of speculation as to the very nature of who we are and how we got here. It calls into question conventionally accepted theories of evolution, and has the potential to unravel and invalidate many of our most herished beliefs in the supremacy of the human species on the evolutionary ladder.

By hidding/covering the presence of aliens a major concern of governments involved with alien visitors. This extensive cover-up of these stories by various governments and in the media and continueing today using the human race propensite for avoiding and/or denying uncomfortable information. Sadly to, the possibility of extraterrestrial life has highlighted the persistence of the various scientific establishments in cozening up to military money and perquisites at the expense of their science, their ethics, and in the end, their self-respect. Despite the existence of an alien culture making its presence known and felt, our dominant terrestrial institutions would make it appear as though we are alone in an otherwise lifeless universe.

Everyone plays a part in everyone else's mental, emotional, and physical awareness. This is all part of the divide and rule strategy so vital to ensuring that the herd will police itself. All the controllers have to do is pull the right strings at the right time and make their human puppets dance to the appropriate tune. This they do by dictating what is taught by what we bravely call "education" and what passes for "news" through the media they own. In this way dictate to the unthinking, unquestioning, herd what it should believe about itself, other people, life, history, and current events. Once you set the norms in society, there is no further need to control every journalist or reporter or government official.The media and the institutions take their "truth" from those same norms and therefore ridicule and condemn by reflex action anyone who offers another vision of reality.

It seems incredible that the fate of all beings of earth already have been decided without our knowledge or consent, due to the censorship and top secret classification of sensitive information by different governments.


When a few people wish to control and direct a mass of humanity, there are certain key structures that have to be in place. These are the same whether you are seeking to manipulate an individual, family, tribe, town, country, continent, or planet.

First you have to set the "norms", what is considered right and wrong, possible or impossible, sane or insane, good and bad. Most of the people will than automatically follow those norms without question because of the baa-baa mentality, which has prevailed within the collective human mind for the last 2000 of years. Second, you have to make life very unpleasant for those few who challenge your imposed "norms".

You have already conditioned that herd to accept your norms as reality and so, in their arrogance and ignorance, they then ridicule or condemn those with a different spin on life.This pressurizes them to conform and serves as a warning for those others in the herd who are also thinking of breaking away.

There is a Japanese saying that goes: Don't be a nail that stands out above the rest because that's the first one to get hit.


The flash gun as used in The Dulce Base by Thomas Edwin Castello.

The flash gun. It is an advanced beam weapon that can operate on three different phases. Phase one, like Star Trek, can stun and maybe kill, if the person has a weak heart. On phase two, it can levitate ANYTHING no matter what it weighs. Phase three is the SERIOUS BUSINESS mode. It can be used to paralyze anything that lives, animal, human, alien and plant. On the higher position on the same mode, it can create a TEMPORARY DEATH. I assure you, any doctor would certify that

person is dead, but their life essence lingers in some strange limbo, some kind of terrible state of non-death. In one to five hours the person will revive, slowly; first the bodily functions will begin, and in a few minutes, consciousness followed with full awareness. In that mode the alien scientists reprogram the human brain and plant false information.

When the person awakes, he 'recalls' the false information as information he gained through life experience. There is no way for a person to learn the truth. The human mind 'remembers' and believe completely the false data. If you attempt to inform them, they would laugh or get angry. They NEVER believe the truth. Their mind always forgets the experience of re-programming.

The flash gun is easy to operate. A two year old child could use it with one hand. It resembles a flashlight, with black glass conical inverted lens. On the side are three recessed knobs in three curved grooves. Each knob is sized differently. The closer the knob to the hand the less the strength. It's that simple. Each knob has three strengths also, with automatic stops at each position.

The strongest position will vaporize anything that lives. That mode is so powerful it will leave NO TRACE of what it vaporized.

In the manual it is first introduced as the ARMORLUX Weapon. After that, it is explained as the Flash Gun.

Everybody calls them Flash Guns, or more commonly "The Flash" or "my Flash" when talking about it.

Protection of the dulce base.

The weapon, besides the Flash Gun, mostly used is a form of sonic. Built in with each light fixture [and most camcorders] is a device that could render a man unconscious in seconds with nothing more than a silent tone. At Dulce there also are still and VCR cameras, eye print, hand print stations, weight monitors, lasers, ELF and EM equipment, heat sensors and motion detectors and quite a few other methods.

History germany 1943-1944;

The experiments in germany involved a large, elaborate atom- smashing apparatus, the main features of which were four "Spruehpole" (positive) and one "Fangpol" (negative), each about 6 m high. Liberated protons were conveyed through a quartz tube to the Spruehpole, from which they were "fired" at an object placed on a quartz plate up to 800 m distant. The result...in the complete disintegration of the object.

The first two experiments of this kind ... took place in Dec 43 and Jan 44. In one a 10 cm cube of steel (grade ST0012) was disintegrated within four-tenths of a second, The object in the second experiment was water, contained in a large quartz tube, tiled so that the "rays" would strike the largest possible surface. The water disappeared in two tenths of a second.The most spectacular experiment was conducted early April 1944, when some 75 rats were made to disappear in the same way. The experiment was photographed from the quartz-enclosed observation tower, and PW claims there was no trace of smoke or flame, nor did any ashes remain on the iron plate. His explanation of this apparent violation of the laws of physics is that the rats were somehow reduced to a gas, which was absorbed by the iron plate.

The German Death Rays. The Kraftstrahlkanone Schematic was Reproduced by Henry Stevens and critized for it. For these reasons, the weapon was usually dismissed as a flight of fancy,

This odd looking L-shaped weapon comprised some sort of crystal, then a series of hollow tubes, each focusing whatever beam was generated to a narrower and narrower point, until it emerged from a small hole, with allegedly deadly effectiveness, though limited range. What the crystal was, we do not know. What sort of beam was generated, we do not know, though the hollow tubes in declining ratios would seem to indicate that it was some sort of acoustic wave, though why a crystal would have been used is unclear. and Stevens critiqued for reproducing it.

However, with very recall experiments and advances in physics, we are now in a position to conjecture what the weapon may have been, and what principle the Germans may have discovered - decades early, to be sure - that may have been behind its operation. An experimental, and highly theoretical and mathematical paper entitled "On the Existence of Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs) of Arbitrary Speeds 0<v<oo in Nature," by Waldyr A Rodrigues Jr. and Jian-Yu Lu was published in October of 1997.

Investigating a class of Undistorted Waves, i.e., a class of waveforms that do not diminish in form or force over distance, they show that various solutions for these waves can be found within the standard equations for such waves.

According to Lt. Col. Tom Bearden (USAF, Ret.), that the Germans in late 1945 discovered that radar waves on such non-linear material resulted in the phenomenon of a superluminal, longitudinal "pressure" wave. In doing so, the Germans had brought the paradigms of physics far beyond the conventions of the "linear" physics that was being perfected in Allied laboratories, largely under the aegis of the Manhattan Project.

Investigating a class of Undistorted Waves, i.e., a class of waveforms that do not diminish in form or force over distance, they show that various solutions for these waves can be found within the standard equations for such waves. First noticing that solutions for Maxwell's equations in a waveguide had both subluminal and superluminal solutions, they went on to propose a simple method for generating and for measuring the velocities of such wave structures. The method was called "Finite Aperture Approximation," basically, a method of squeezing acoustic or longitudinal waves through a very small hole, and observing the waveform interference pattern that emerged on the other side, and calculating the velocity, not of the wave, but of the interference pattern itself. If one knows the radius of the aperture and the strength and frequency of the pulse being squeezed through it, one knows the approximate depth of the Finite Aperture Approximation resulting wave interference pattern.

I.e., the scalar homogeneous wave equation, the Klein-Gordon equation, the Maxwell equations, and the Dirac and Weyl equations have such solutions, even in the vacuum. (Rodriguez and Jian-yu, "On the Existence of Undistorted Progressive Waves (UPWs) of Arbitrary Speeds 0<v<oo in Nature," p. 1.

The results of experiments with at acoustic longitudinal pulses give us confidence that electromagnetic subluminal and superluminal waves may be physically launched with appropriate devices." Additionally, the authors of this unusual paper are "quite sure" that such a wave interference pattern "can be launched over a large distance." Then come the bombshells:If we take into account this feet together with the results of the acoustic experiments described conclude that subluminal electromagnetic pulses...and also superluminal X-waves can be launched with appropriate antennas using present technology ...



There are findings of airplane like structures all round the world. Not recognized by our archaeologists as such. All kind of planes including helicopters as such but most using anti-gravity propulsion. Many using mercury because of its heavy gravity and being a liquid at the same time. Instead of rotating disks the liquid  mercury  can be pumped around or stirred.

When you do look at the drawings of these ancient crafts which were also bell shaped.

The first drawing is from Egypt, which resembles a bird. Although archaeologists categorised it as a bird at first, people now have their doubts about it. The wings that are flat as well as a tail which is vertical rather than horizontal are the facts that tell us it’s actually a sculpture of an airplane.

A vimana is a word with several meanings ranging from temple or palace to mythological flying machines described in Sanskrit epics. References to these flying machines are commonplace in ancient Indian texts, even describing their use in warfare.A few years ago, the Chinese discovered some sanskrit documents in Lhasa, Tibet and sent them to the University of Chandrigarh to be translated. Dr. Ruth Reyna of the University said recently that the documents contain directions for building interstellar spaceships! These spaceships did use some form of mercury to overcome gravity.Keep in mind, this was 10,000+ years ago, centuries before air travel was thought to have been possible.

History is the very foundation of a civilization. Our history is covered it with a veil of dust and mud. It is time for us to clean that dust and rediscover the gold that lies within our legends, the golden part that lies within us ourselves. It is time to rewrite our history from scratch, to rewrite the true version; not something that was planted there purposely to deceive and mislead us. (Humanity) Why,by whom, how, but one thing is clear of all civilizations which have been on planet earth prior to us we sure are the dumbest. These manipulations, creating of divisions, setting us against each other, intimidation, persecution, and finely war. Working together and stopping these power hungry maniacs should be our first priority, it is a problem we do have to deal with, all of us. Do not let them starts war and mess the place up. Look around you and you do not have to look far.

So the Germans studying a number of disk or saucer design could not do without testing the mercury options.

Using mercury in anti gravity devices. (German research prior and during world war2).

With these thoughts in mind, we now approach what may be the most sensational experiment the Germans undertook during the War. The device itself was simply called, "The Bell", and its has shocked and dumbfounded many.

The attempts to create a six-dimensional solution to the Unified Field Theory that had eluded Dr. Einstein. The "Brotherhood of the Bell" was set-up with no other purpose than to suppress certain types of research, or at least, to keep it out of the public eye.

This "brotherhood of the Bell" during World War Two was set-up to shield  their most strange objects and research  a device that was known simply as "The Bell."

So sensitive and secret was this device, that when it was evacuated from its underground secret laboratory in Lower Silesia prior to the Russian occupation of the area, the SS shot the approximately 60 scientists - doubtless on Kammler's orders - that were involved with this strange object.

The Bell itself consisted apparently of two counter-rotating cylinders, and outside resembled a Bell in its general shape. (Vimana like) It stood approximately 12 to 15 feet high, and was approximately 9 to 12 feet in diameter.Into this device, an unknown purplish metallic-liquid looking substance known only as "Xerum 525" or "Serum 525" was poured, apparently to be mechanically rotated at high speed, and possibly electrically rotated as well, by the device. The

result was that organic objects placed within the field of the Bell swiftly decayed without putrefaction, decomposition into a black goo, and then finally, into dust, within a matter of hours, and not several weeks.

This field was so strong that on its first test all the technicians and scientists involved and present tere got himself killed. The bell to be operated for brief periods for one or two minutes at a time, and housing below ground in a room bricked and shielded with ceramic tiles, which were then covered in thick rubber mats. After each test, the mats were burned, and the room washed down by concentration camp inmates with brine. During it operation would consume high amounts of electricity and could have been problematic in use.

"Xerum 525?" which was stored in lead lined cylinders, "red mercury" or mercury antimonate oxide, or could have been or a radioactive isotope of mercury, or perhaps some other radioactive material suspended in solution.

Whatever the mysterious substance was, it seems clear that it was highly radioactive, and that the Germans were subjecting it to extremely high mechanical and electrical rotations to study the resulting field effects, which only qualify as "torsion" fields. These fields are thought by some contemporary physicists to have direct relevance to the study of gravity, and time as well. Close to the Bell's underground testing bunker the Germans had built a large concrete henge-like structure, in the pillars of which were high grade steel hooks, an obvious testing frame for what must have been an extremely powerful propulsion device.

More recently, allegations have surfaced concerning the neutron emitting properties of so-called "red mercury" or mercury antimonate oxide, supposedly a source for detonating thermonuclear warheads without the necessity for detonating an atom bomb, and a powerful conventional explosive in its own right. it is only recently that Putin has been boasting about the strategic and use of such a device on the battlefield, probably meaning Europe. His mind is set at destroying Europe and restore the former soviet Union at all cost. Europe is weak and defenceless could be best time to act now.

One of several who are trying to become the most powerful (or organisations) on earth regardless of cost to others and the own population.Sick and possessed in line with our current  history of leaders on planet earth.


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