Our genes

Humans & planet Earth

Our genes

The inability to produce a human linkage is not much published because of far reaching consequences. Because evolution as being claimed is very slow process, the human form/being would need at least 100 millioen years to develop and due to the violent nature of planet earth impossible. Currently the counter for humans stand at 6 millioen years. How about the last 40,000 years, humans appeared to undergo what we might call a transition to modern behavior. Having swept northwards, he expanded through most of the globe by 13,000 years ago. After another 1,000 years he discovered agriculture, 6,000 years later he formed great civilizations with advanced astronomical knowledge, and here we are after another 6,000 years probing the depths of the Solar System! How much would be know after continued development in 10 billion years time?

Our genes / manipulation:

The genetic code which is identical in all animals, plants and bacteria that have ever been studied.

The first and main important discovery of the genome project was that our genes were manipulated and our capacity and knowledge reduced and embedded with our DNA at least 20 parts now being contributed to aliens.




















Officially the mentioned genes found to be caused by an accidental mix-up with genes from bacteria.

The DNA cut was not removed of the human cells but left as kind of isolated parts. When you add them all up there is enough DNA in a cell to produce not 2 but 12 string helix.



Many of our mental disorders and dominating presence of stress / fear is the direct result of our bastard race status as result of genetic manipulations. Makes it easier to fool, manipulate and control.

The Strengthening of the reptilian brain part resulting in unpredictable animal behaviour lurking in our manipulated double helix DNA driving the caring brain part of the humans nuts. (Mammal brain)

Resulting in a large sub-consciousness and responcible for many primary responses to the extend that some claim that our subconcious is our body. The reptilian brain is part of the body based survival system and much older than our mammal brain but also limited in use by our senses. Three dimensional. It's big advance is the speed in which it can operate because it is pre programmed and relates to the build-in body survival mode.

It bypasses the big mammal brain thousand fold in speed and we rely on it for 95% of action and mostly without even thinking.

By careful constructing an environment in which speed of decision is very important, sustain

treats and create situations in which our survival looks at stake. Competition, conflict, war, scarcities of essential supplies, jobs, access to food and goods to name a few. Our mammal brain and it capacity bypassed and shut down. The three dimensional world created.


As it says in the old Sumerian texts:


"Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones,

but has the Spirit of the Elder gods breathed

into him. And his heart goes to the Ancient Ones, but his mind is

turned towards the Elder gods, and this is the

war which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for

the world is unnatural."


It's now a proven fact - the reptilian brain parts are running our life! Epigenetics, a new science has shown that our genes are in fact controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our environment and heave lead to the development of the so-called metagene factor in many humans.

In this respect that the Control of the human environment is even more important than politics and the ability to change it.

Not only in the material sense but also percetion as result of conflicts and war, also jobs, work, media important.

And who did set it up and is changing it?


Another even more startling aspect not mentioned is the fact that natural mutation of most illnesses on Earth are not possible ( time-scale) and therefore have to originate or are produced in laboratory and released into the communities or environment.


Already, through the process of gene therapy (re-sequencing and reintroducing an improved version of a patient's DNA), diabetes has been cured in dogs, lung cancer has been treated in rats, and human patients with terminal leukaemia have given a second chance at life suggesting the possibility that human biological immortality might be on the table.

The increase in speed with which we now can sequence, analyse and functionally edit cellular genomes" would be the exact area or focus necessary for achieving human biological immortality.

Than and at this time the Malthusian paradigm appears; its aims to achieving in the minds of billions around the planet - a paradigm that that humanity and especially the old could best be reduced by a self-euthanized humanity.


Burning the bridges behind the global elite as they

achieve biological immortality and resource

abundance, while denying it to the others.

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